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Update Log 15/05/2022 - Champion Cape, Gnomish Firelighter, Bare handed skilling and More!

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May 2022 - Champion Cape, Gnomish Firelighter, Bare handed skilling and More!


Champion's Cape


You can get this cape by turning in all 10 champion scrolls to Larxus, who is located in the basement of the Champions' Guild. You can get there by going through the trapdoor in the Champions' Guild. Whenever someone does acquire this cape it will be broadcasted.

All 10 champion scrolls are dropped at a rate of 1/2500 from the respective monsters, you can find which monsters drop each scroll with the command ::drops.

The list of champion scrolls is: Earth Warrior, Lesser Demon, Goblin, Giant, Ghoul, Jogre, Zombie, Skeleton, Imp and Hobgoblin.


Gnomish Firelighter



The gnomish firelighter functions as a storage container to put your fire lighters in, to save on bank spaces for people who keep the firelighters from clue scrolls.

This item comes from medium clue scrolls, with this addition the collection log page for medium clue scrolls can now be finished.



Bare-Handed Skilling



You can now bare hand fish Tuna, Swordfish and Shark.

The required levels for each are as follows:
55 Fishing and 35 Strength
Swordfish: 70 Fishing and 50 Strength
Shark: 96 Fishing and 76 Strength

This method of catching fish is in no way slower than with the normal tools, dragon and crystal harpoons on the other hand are still faster of course. This method gives strength experience like in osrs, ideal for strength pures.



You can now bare-hand catch bats in the Chambers of Xeric if you are 99 hunter.
All the bat types give points in the raid, counting towards your total bat points cap as it does in osrs. If you cooked them yourself you get lower points than if you get them from other people, also like in osrs.


Mining gloves


All mining gloves now have their intended functionality, the gloves give a chance to not deplete an ore with the following rates:

Mining gloves:
Silver ore: 50%
Coal ore: 40%
Gold ore: 33.33%

Superior mining gloves:
Mithril ore: 25%
Adamantite ore: 16.67%
Runite ore: 12.5%

Expert mining gloves:
Silver ore: 50%
Coal ore: 40%
Gold ore: 33.33%

Mithril ore: 25%
Adamantite ore: 16.67%
Runite ore: 12.5%
Amethyst: 25%


Other Changes:

  • Sacrificial boat, the boat to zulrah instance, now has a Quick-Board option

  • Vote store now contains enhanced ice gloves instead of the normal ice gloves

  • Holy wraps from elite clue scrolls are now broadcasted

  • A typo in the Gilded d'hide vambs broadcast was fixed

  • Dagannoth kings and Callisto can now be spawned quicker by admins for future events

  • Amulet of blood fury has seen a quality of life update concerning its placeholder behavior in the bank

  • Amulet of blood fury now heals people that are using spear-type weapons

  • Amulet of blood fury no longer heals 1 hitpoint on missed attacks

  • During fishing you can now obtain the big bass, big swordfish and big shark for collection log purposes. 1/1000 rate from their respective fishing methods

  • The lunar spell "Bake Pie" now works for dragonfruit pies

  • Bosses assigned by Ellen now have a drop for 5 noted crystal keys, the rates for which can be found in ::drops

  • Woodcutting shrine now has a counter for how many bird eggs you have offered

  • God bird pets from offering bird eggs are now broadcasted and can not be duplicates

  • Collection log entries are fixed for items from the chest of the gods, evil chicken pieces, the eternal glory and all 3 mining gloves

  • Callisto and Vet'ion now drop their dark crabs and super restores drops together like intended

  • You can now store barrows sets that have not been damaged yet in the master clue STASH unit at the barrows chest

  • Drop rates for certain drops have changed, a list of which follows:

    • Zenyte shard, from 1/300 to 1/225

    • Hydra claw, from 1/750 to 1/650

    • Dragon warhammer, from 1/2500 to 1/2000

    • Zulrah's mutagens, from 1/9830 per roll to 1/5000 per roll

    • Cockatrice head, from 1/1460 to 1/1000

    • Bronze boots, from 1/1050 to 1/128

    • Black boots, from 1/173 to 1/128

  • Zenyte 4
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Big thank you to Cresinkel for doing this & to Matt for allowing this <3!

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