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Jerrypeter - Introduction

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Hello lovely Zenyte members, the name's jerrypeter and honestly, I'm just as surprised as you to be posting here!

I’ve been on the server since 2019 and always had a keen goal on helping the community further, so joining the staff team as a Junior Moderator is a great privilege.

Been playing Runescape since 2002 no thanks to my dad but loved almost every part of its history. Been gaming since I was young, sports in my blood and now working in an industry and role I never thought I would be.

Huge fan of the NFL, specifically the Buccaneers. Being a UK resident (yes, I am a tea & crumpet eating boy) it’s rather rare to find others than have similar interests so anyone who is keen on that, feel free to pick my brain and visa versa.

Anything I can do for you in-game, please don’t hesitate to ask me. I know a HCIM btw so I won’t risk my life, but I will help wherever I can!

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