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Looking for clue items

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Edit: I am no longer looking for clue items as I completed my collection, see here

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Clan icon - Completionist.png David  - Main account, hunting pets!

Current pets: Puppadile.png.c0aea4508af01339138df195e0690856.png Pet_penance_queen.png.31d2f23f3218d686219d0fcb5989d1bc.png Tangleroot.png.cabf6a582d9b71d661fb94b078323d26.png Rocky.png.caaa6260fc15a50d68b33e37457363a9.png Rock_golem.png.9cedec43099c2029bc56fe5386c839f9.png Beaver.png.ab8ab6d50ae4048fc4b86d95666f65af.png Baby_chinchompa_(gold).png.dee9775471eb22a5dd58b65b34401a04.png Tzrek-jad.png.46e63d8340050aab9b346d130bd26cb4.png Skotos.png.baf7532501af94e06a94260620eb8031.png Pet_dagannoth_rex.png.7096ae9a9b7938a6ffe6e1f707ca9429.png Rift_guardian_(fire).png.6e8941fd3a28372810c75da048456109.png Pet chaos elemental.png

Vengeance Other.png Tauriiel - Maxed alt and my bank of clue uniques                                      

Ironman chat badge.png Ironman coming soon 

Scizor_cristal.gif.588969f8f744e88a1eb248ac1ba26939.gifImagen de Cyndaquil en Pokémon CristalImagen de Ampharos en Pokémon CristalImagen de Umbreon variocolor en Pokémon CristalImagen de Espeon en Pokémon CristalImagen de Steelix en Pokémon CristalImagen de Suicune en Pokémon CristalImagen de Ho-Oh en Pokémon CristalImagen de Celebi en Pokémon CristalImagen de Gengar en Pokémon CristalImagen de Mew en Pokémon Cristal


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