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Thank you Zenyte staff

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I asked Carl if this was fine and I got the green light so here we are..

I'd like to thank everyone that is part of the Zenyte staff team doing your best in order to support the server & our players.

This is why I'm going to reward a few of you (if your name isn't here it doesn't mean I don't appreciate your work, I just thought some people may need this more than others..)

The following staff members are going to be rewarded:

Piplup: $50 [I know you just joined the staff team & I'd like to motivate you with something]

Iron Phillip $50 thank you for being kind & active

Cresinkel $50 thank you for being helpful & active

Iron Aussie $100 thank you for the work you do & sorry about your status

$100 Archaic (to whatever account he wants) this man has been giving so much away so it's time he gets something given back!

Burninlove $150 thank you for always being respectful & I wish this shall bring you some motivation to kill Zilyana! 

You have my permission to remove (50,50,50,100,100,150=$500) from the account "Ashihama" and give the correct amount to each of the winners.

Thank you everyone & happy new year!


Edit: 0 credits, just $ towards donator rank.

Edited by CIA
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