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Update log 28/11/2021 - Wilderness Changes 

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November 2021 - Wilderness Changes 


Resource Area.png

Wilderness Resource Area
The Wilderness Resource Area has been re-worked and you will now be required to have at least the medium wilderness diary completed in order to gain entry. However you will note that all of the resources that you gather inside of this area such as ores, logs and dark crabs will be mined/chopped or fished in their noted form.

Chest (object).png

Rogue's Chest 
The Rogue's Chest has been reworked in level 54 wilderness and you will notice that the items obtained will have a much stronger  balance between the amount of risk and reward. This will be ideal for ironman and other players when obtaining resources however as a Hardcore Ironman are you willing to risk it all?



Wilderness Merchant 
A Wilderness Merchant has been stranded on his way to the Grand Exchange from deep in the wilderness. He is not willing to sell you items however he would like to buy some of your useless junk.  Perhaps you have some items laying around in your bank that may interest the Wayward Merchant


Molanisk Slayer
 A new shipment of Slayer Bells have arrived in the Slayer Master shops and they can be used to lure a Molanisk off the wall. If you would like to take on this challenge please visit them by going to the fairy ring "AJQ" but remember that you will need a light source!

- You will now be able to obtain a Holy Grail from killing the "Rabbit" boss
- Twisted Ancestral Recolor Kit has had a price adjustment and can now be arched for a considerable amount. 
- Jewelry enchantment has been corrected 
- A bug has been fixed in terms of imbuing and (I) items
- Adjusted the range strength bonus to Odium ward to the correct bonus
- Added broadcasts for every 50M XP Milestones (So 50m, 100m, 150m, and 200m)
- Added Haystack and Hay bale functions
- Added Mistag and Kazgar into their respected cave area to allow faster travel through the Dorgeshuun Mines.
- Changed the drop rate of dragon pickaxe back to the original rate for all NPCs
- Adjusted the cannon function near Revenants and Demonic/Tortured gorillas (will not be possible)
- Changed the Revenant spawns around and added a few more. 
- Golden party hat has been added
- Golden santa hat has been added
- Completed the Phase I of Vezik (Theatre of Blood)



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Thats pretty cool

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Nice job as always! Thank you Matt & Grant & Itzdeath

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Awesome update, thankyou! Just one thing though, rabbit drops the wrong item. It should be crystal grail not holy grail. 

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Thanks guys. Keep it going. 

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