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Future Events/Rewards

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Hello Everyone, i'm making this thread just to see you guys got some ideas for the future events, which events you would like to see in the future?

We (The Staff/Events Team) trying our best to find new events that we can do for you! 

So if you have any suggestion about any event (pvm , pvp , skilling , etc,,,) feel free to write it down below! 

Make sure to use this template: 

1) Event Name: 

2) Type:

3) Details about the event:

4) Notes:


Also Which type of rewards you would like see beside the Event Tickets?


Thank you. 




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1) Event Name: Christmas event

2) Type: mini quest 

3) Details about the event:a mini quest for Christmas, fun and entertaining. 

4) Notes: after mini quest you receive full evil Santa suit


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