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Found 8 results

  1. The Zenyte Team is looking for skilled individuals that are familiar with the following platforms, and programs. You directly represent the Zenyte community, what you do in your videos effects the community as a whole. Interested in becoming an Official Zenyte YouTuber? Contact anyone on the Media QA Team, and we'll be glad to speak to you, or fill out an application below. @Life Requirements At least 50+ Subscribers on your platform, and at least 25 views per video or stream YouTube knowledge (For video creators) OBS / Streamlabs knowledge Mixer Knowledge (For Streamers) Sony Vegas/Adobe After Effects / Other Video Editing software Content we're looking for Series (Ironman, Rags to riches, etc) Player Killing in Wilderness (Clips, pure builds, clans, farming, etc) QA Test server sneak peaks for upcoming content Available Positions Zenyte Affiliate Program Users in program: Ziniy (Mixer Channel) Faggetman (YouTube Channel) Newgate (YouTube Channel) Shifu (YouTube Channel) Zenyte Partnership Program Users in program: Murdex (Mixer Channel) Affiliate Program Partnership Program In-game name: YouTube Channel: Are you interested in Streaming, or creating videos: Any relevant information: All videos for submission will go through the Media QA Team, ensuring the quality of the content we're uploading on our channel. You will abide by all Zenyte rules, on and off stream, no exceptions. Rewards will be based off the quality of video, and how many you upload per week. 100 credits per week is the cap. You are free to upload your videos to your channel, 24 hours after, the video is uploaded onto the Zenyte YouTube. You will not upload any other server videos while in an agreement with Zenyte. The Media QA Team reserves all rights to deny your video for upload on the Zenyte channel, if this happens we will simply tell you to revise it, or whatever the case may be. In order to be eligible for the incentives, your video must be longer than 4 minutes (Affiliate) or 5 minutes (Partnership), after render time. Any items given to our Partnered YouTubers for giveaways or events that are not used, will be given back to an Administrator, or your account will be terminated indefinably.
  2. Welcome to Maxing™ ! We are a public skilling group who aims for maxing stats and make fat stacks Please read the official rules for CC: 1. No Asking for money/items 2. you can speak freely and openly. just do not bully others 3. do not ask for clan ranks. they're earned up to captain for obtaining 99s To earn ranks in the cc and earn rewards from Camelot IG for achieving 99s. (rewards do not include ones you previously got) ranks and Rewards 1. 5-99s = corporal and 100k 2. 10-99s = sergeant and 200k 3. 15-99s = lieutenant and 350k 4. 22-99s(max) captain and 500k (please note that when you officially join the cc you will need to show Camelot or Tar or Griffin IG your 99 skill cape's for skill documenting. and to be in cc for more than 1 week to gain rewards as its a safety measure from people coming and leaving) giveaway section Giveaways are weekly and they're drop party's. every Friday at 10pm Pacific standard Time. extra info 1. We are starting out a public cc bank if anyone is interested donating to the cc for drop party'sand tools for newcomers for the cc, and if you need supplies as in, tools, food, armour, runes, or potions just ask Camelot. Feel free to ask Camelot, Tat or Griffin IG for cc donations. 2. We are planning on making a YouTube channel for the cc to give content to the players of Zenyte as there is not much to see for tutorials and guide's for Zenyte on YouTube. as in skilling guides, pvm guides, money making guides etc. And that's about it if you've join welcome to the skilling community!! get skilling
  3. If you haven't already you can familiarize yourself with how Chambers of Xeric works here With the release of raids here on Zenyte, we'd like to introduce a few competitions for everyone to get into. Below are a list of competitions and the rewards for completing them. They're all 'first to' competitions, so first person(s) to complete them will receive the rewards as stated. Good luck and have fun to everyone!
  4. Hiya everyone, I'm back with a second video as requested if you wanted any questions you wish to either know about me or what I know about zenyte please leave a comment below the video or on the forums so for the next video I can answer them at the opening thank you for all the feedback on the last episode guys meant a lot to me as I'm new to this whole recording thing aha thank you, also I'm always looking for a good chat in-game so when I'm online shoot me a message add me at: Polysemypvm and if i'm not online you can always leave me a PM on here looking bright for the future of the series as were beginning to get a pace going along the videos will become more intriguing once we go a long hopefully and I develop with it. got a long way to go so catch you in the game guys! prepare for the next video! Edit: Sorry about the buggy part about the video at the start it turns out having the configuration tab on the client open when recording bugs it out a lil Zenyte - Noob to PVM Legend (#2) - Time to get Real!
  5. Hello all. I have killed 250 Chaos Druids for my Road to max series Chaos Druids Can be found behind the spirit tree at Spawn, Down the ladder will be edge Dung Follow the Path, Till you Find the Gate, Go North a small amount then go east and you will be at Chaos Druids. After killing 250 of them i ended up with this.
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