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  1. ELYSIUM is a Pvm/Pvp/Social/Skilling/Raiding clan founded by @Zev. Our goal as a clan is to create a welcoming and exciting community full of like-minded players who want to be a part of something and help their friends reach end game content alongside them. We have a very solid community with our own private discord, and events almost daily ranging from activities such as Discord giveaways, pvm events, skilling events, rev pk trips, etc. Our community is continuously growing and currently at 30+ members at the time of typing this. Additionally, there is no skill level requirement in order to join us and if you are new to the game your fellow clan-mates will be more than happy to help you learn Zenyte. Discord - No mic is required but you need this for further announcement about clan or events. Willing to help other clan mates. Not a member of any other clans to prevent conflict. Willing to attend clan event. Name: (hobbies, where you from, etc.) Ign: (Please list your alts too) Favorite Activities: (So you can find other clan mates that have same interest as you.
  2. Hey guys hope you enjoy this bossing guide! Let me know what else you would like to see!
  3. Here is my guide for Crazy Archaeologist! I hope you enjoy it!
  4. Join the "TFS" friends chat today The Fookers is a friendly Clan Chat dabbling in PVM,PVP and multiple events arranged daily basics or weekends. We accept all members Iron-men/PvMers/PvPers/Noobs I will be attempting to create events for all members with other rivals This Clan is only created so that Zenyte Members connect with each other and become more friendly. Announcing opening the Clan Chat I'll be hosting a lot of giveaways within the first 2 weeks. (Dragon Claws giveaway 24-hours) 19/09/2020 - 19:25 **to claim any reward you'll have to comment below first and also be in the FC/Discord** My end goal is for New players to meet other players via this clan chat/discord. https://discord.gg/vnYtKDy
  5. Hey guys here is my video of loot from 100 Vorkath. This should give an accurate representation of what you can expect on this wonderful server!
  6. Hey guys this is probably the worst Zulrah kill you will ever see. I am learning the boss and looking for any help you would be able to offer! Please respond on youtube or on here and let me know how I can improve! Also let me know what content you would like to see in the future on our channel. Don't be afraid to like and subscribe!
  7. Hellloooo Everyone! It comes with great pleasure that we; Irons CC- Dannnnyboy, Nikican, Jay D, Zenletics & Convulsion - AsianDaddy, MissyMikel, Candle, Mew2 Are planning on organising our very First Clan Bingo Event Irons CC vs Convulsion!!! ** I will be updating this as more information is released and through out the Event duration for everybody to follow, support and cheer on both CC's *** DETAILS; - This Event will compose of either 1 big team or 2 teams from each of the CC's competing against each other in a race to complete the following Bingo Card. - The Event will run between Friday 3rd July 00:00 until LATEST Sunday 19th July 23:59 Server Time. - Event Finishes when Irons CC OR Convulsion achieve 3 BINGO Lines (which is 6 Sequential Tiles in a row Vertically, Horizontally or Diagonally).......... OR - If no CC has achieved BINGO by Sunday 19th July 23:59 Server Time - The CC who has completed the most tiles WINS the Event. Participation; -To Enter the event, You MUST be a ranked member within Irons CC or Convulsion. - You MUST be registered on Discord as ALL Item drops/achievements MUST be Screenshot'd and Uploaded on the Nominated Bingo Discord Channel to be valid. - To Enter the Event there will be a $10 Bond Entry Fee (Which MUST be payed/collected before the Event Begins - Please Speak to your CC Staff for Collection) - There will only be 1 Winning Team - Irons CC OR Convulsion - The Winning CC will be rewarded with ALL Entry Bonds to distribute across their participants evenly - The Biggest Reward though......Is Being Crowned the 1st Clan Bingo Event Winner!!! RULES; 1. All Participants must be registered on the joint discord bingo channel 2. All Items/Achievements MUST be screenshot and posted under the #bingo-posts channel on joint discord. The Screenshots must capture the following information; - Global Announcements of drop (If no Global announcement - Please Capture Loot Tracker) - The following phrase typed in chat box " Pvm clan bingo #Team irons OR #Team Convulsion " - Please capture the Server Date & Time of the drop/achievement - This is to ensure the drops are valid and within the Event Timeline - (Example pictures provided on discord) Any missed Screenshots OR not capturing all the above WILL NOT be valid 3. All participants in this Bingo event are under a Strict Truce with each other in terms of pking/crashing each other. - Under no circumstance anyone participating will be allowed to attack/kill each other inside the wilderness or crash each other at non-instanced boss/pvm areas. - Anyone caught breaking or disobeying this rule will be kicked off the event immediately!!! - Screenshots must be provided of anyone breaking the rule. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TEAMS; Convulsion ; 1. Candle 2. AsianDaddy 3. Missymikel 4. Mew2 5. Ziniy 6. Hide 7. Lost Zombie 8. Nissan 9. Forux 10. Gracieloves2 11. Luis5breu 12. FranklyFrank 13. Vanguards 14. Great Chaos 15. Slimshady 16. Dead Ruler 17. Hcim Btw 18. Splasher Irons CC; 1. Dannnnyboy 2. Jay D 3. Nikican 4. Zenletics 5. Masochist 6. Slothlife 7. YSL 8. Lynx Irons 9. UIM Woolo 10. Fe Baz 11. 2020 12. Mitith 13. Dic2big 14. Scottishken 15. Acre 16. 3n V 3 N Q M 17. Nandrolone 18. Jut ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Convulsion Bingo Card Convulsion Item/Achievement log; -Franklyfrank received KBD Heads (Tile unique 1/3) -Vanguards received Ancestral Robe Top (Tile unique 1/3) - Forux received Arcane Prayer Scroll (Tile unique 2/3) - Forux received Olm Pet (Completed 'Any Boss Pet' Tile) -Slimshady received KQ heads (Tile Unique 2/3) -Slimshady received Serp Visage (Tile unique 1/4) - Missymikel received uncut onyx (Tile unique 2/4) - Vanguards received Evil Chicken piece (Tile completed) - Missymikel received Tanz Fang (Tile Unique 3/4) - Splasher received Dragon Pickaxe (Tile unique 1/3) - Franklyfrank received Twisted...….Buckler (Tile completed) - Vanguards received Pegasian Crystal (Tile unique 1/4) - Vanguards received Eternal Crystal (Tile unique 2/4) - Candle received Zenyte Shard (Tile unique 1/4) - Great Chaos received bruma torch (Tile unique 1/7) - Great Chaos received Pyro top (Tile unique 2/7 - Great Chaos received warm gloves (Tile unique 3/7) - Mew2 received INFERNO CAPE (Tile completed) - Splasher received Chaos elemental pet (Tile completed) - AsianDaddy received Zenyte Shard (Tile unique 2/4) - Gracieloves2 received Bandos Boots (Tile unique 1/4) - Splasher received Dragonic Visage (Tile Completed) - Forux received Occult Necklace (Tile Completed) - Splasher received Viggora Chainmace (Tile Completed) - Hide received Zenyte Shard (Tile unique 3/4) - Vanguards received Armady Hilt (Tile unique 1/4) - Vanguards received Armadyl Chestplate (Tile unique 2/4) - AsianDaddy received Magic Fang (Tile completed) - Vanguards received Armadyl helmet (Tile unique 3/4) - Franklyfrank received Armadyl Crossbow (Tile unique 1/4) - Gracieloves2 received Zamarok Spear (Tile unique 2/4) - Forux received Blessed Zammy d'hide chest (Tile unique 1/2) - Mew2 received Tangleroot skilling Pet (Tile Completed) - Vanguards received Primordial Crystal (Tile unique 3/4) - Hide received Zenyte Shard (Tile completed) - Vanguards received Armadyl Chainskirt (Tile Completed) - Dead Ruler received Rocky skilling pet (Tile Completed) - Gracieloves2 received Dragon Limbs (Tile Completed) - Forux received Bottomless Compost bucket (Tile Completed) - - - - - Convulsion 1st Bingo Line Completed - Lost Zombie received Saradomin Hilt (Tile unique 3/4) - FranklyFrank received Zamarok Hilt (Tile Completed) - FranklyFrank received Vorkath Head (Tile Completed) - - - - - Convulsion 2nd Bingo Line Completed - Splasher received Ranger Boots (Tile unique 1/2) - Forux received 3rd age Helmet (Tile unique 1/2) - Forux received Robin hood hat (Tile Completed) - - - - - - Convulsion 3rd Bingo Line Completed - - - Convulsion Win ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Irons CC Bingo Card Irons CC Item/Achievement Log; -Dic2Big received Zamarok Blessed d'hide Chest (Tile Unique 1/2) -Dic2Big received Robin Hood hat (Tile Unique 1/2) -2020 received Dark Bow (Tile Uniqe1/2) - Jut received Zulrah Boss Pet (Completed 'Any Boss Pet Tile') - Slothlife received Zamarok Spear (Tile Unique 1/4) - Dic2Big received Smouldering Stone (Tile unique 1/4) -Dannnnyboy received Eternal crystal (Tile unique 2/4) - Dic2big received Primordial Crystal (Tile unique 3/4) - Masochist received Bruma Torch (Tile unique 1/7) - Masochist received Warm gloves (Tile unique 2/7) - Scottishken received Zenyte Shard (Tile Unique 1/4) - 2020 received Abyssal Whip (Completed Tile 2/2) -YSL received Dharok Platelegs (Tile Unique 1/4) -Nandrolone received Dharok Platebody (Tile unique 2/4) - Lynx Iron received Dharok helm (Tile unique 3/4) -YSL received Dharok axe (Tile completed 4/4) - Dannnnyboy received warm hood (Tile unique 3/7) - YSL received uncut onyx (Tile unique 1/4) - Acre received vorkath head (Tile unique 1/3) - Acre received Skeletal Visage (Tile Completed) - 2020 received Magic Fang (Tile unique 2/4) - Uim Woolo received Giant Squirrel skilling pet (Tile Completed) - Jut received Kraken Tent (Tile unique 1/2) - Masochist received Pyro Top (Tile Unique 4/7) - 2020 received Serp visage (Tile unique 3/4) - Dic2big received Tyrannical Ring (Tile unique 1/3) - 3n V 3 N Q M received Ancestral Robe Hat (Tile unique 1/3) - 3n V 3 N Q M received Bandos Chestplate (Tile unique 1/4) - YSL received Dragon Axe (Tile unique 1/6) - YSL received Berserker Ring (Tile unique 2/6) - YSL received Seers Ring (Tile unique 3/6) - Acre received Chaos elemental pet (Tile completed) - Nikican received Kalphite Queen heads (Tile unique 2/3) - Dannnnyboy received KBD heads (Tile Complete) - Dannnnyboy received Zenyte Shard (Tile unique 2/4) - Lynx Iron received Tanz fang (Tile completed) - Uim Woolo received Treasonous Ring (Tile unique 2/3) - Slothlife received Hydra Leather (Tile unique 1/6) - Nikican received Dinhs Bulwark (Tile unique 2/3) - YSL received Archer ring (Tile unique 4/6) - YSL received Warrior ring (Tile unique 5/6) - Nandrolone received Dexterous Prayer Scroll (Tile completed) - Acre received Dragon pickaxe (Tile completed) - YSL received Pegasian Crystal (Tile completed) - Dannnnyboy received Zamarok Chaps (Tile Completed) - - - - - - - Irons CC 1st Bingo Line - Complete - Acre received Full Trident (Tile Completed) - Slothlife received Hydra Eye (Tile unique 2/6) - Jut received Zenyte Shard (Tile unique 3/4) - Uim Woolo received Zenyte Shard (Tile Completed) - - - - - - Irons CC 2nd Bingo Line - Complete - Dic2big received Ring of Life (Tile Completed) -Uim Woolo received Phoenix Pet (Tile unique 5/7) - Dic2big received Pyro Boots (Tile unique 6/7) - Uim woolo received Pyro legs (Tile Completed) - 2020 received Armadyl Crossbow (Tile unique 2/4) - Lynx Iron received Occult Necklace (Tile Completed) - Jut received Armadyl Hilt (Tile unique 1/4) - Dannnnyboy received Hydra Tail (Tile unique 3/6) - Nandrolone received Saradomin Hilt (Tile unique 3/4)
  8. Hey guys! Here is my bossing guide on Vorkath, it's pretty in-depth. If you enjoyed it please leave a comment and feel free to subscribe to my youtube channel. I will be posting hopefully every Monday and Thursday. Let me know what you want to see next!
  9. The Zenyte Team is looking for skilled individuals that are familiar with the following platforms, and programs. You directly represent the Zenyte community, what you do in your videos effects the community as a whole. Interested in becoming an Official Zenyte YouTuber? Contact anyone on the Media QA Team, and we'll be glad to speak to you, or fill out an application below. @Life Requirements At least 50+ Subscribers on your platform, and at least 25 views per video or stream YouTube knowledge (For video creators) OBS / Streamlabs knowledge Mixer Knowledge (For Streamers) Sony Vegas/Adobe After Effects / Other Video Editing software Content we're looking for Series (Ironman, Rags to riches, etc) Player Killing in Wilderness (Clips, pure builds, clans, farming, etc) QA Test server sneak peaks for upcoming content Available Positions Zenyte Affiliate Program Users in program: Ziniy (Mixer Channel) Newgate (YouTube Channel) Shifu (YouTube Channel) Zenyte Partnership Program Users in program: Murdex (Mixer Channel) Affiliate Program Partnership Program In-game name: YouTube Channel: Are you interested in Streaming, or creating videos: Any relevant information: All videos for submission will go through the Media QA Team, ensuring the quality of the content we're uploading on our channel. You will abide by all Zenyte rules, on and off stream, no exceptions. Rewards will be based off the quality of video, and how many you upload per week. 100 credits per week is the cap. You are free to upload your videos to your channel, 24 hours after, the video is uploaded onto the Zenyte YouTube. You will not upload any other server videos while in an agreement with Zenyte. The Media QA Team reserves all rights to deny your video for upload on the Zenyte channel, if this happens we will simply tell you to revise it, or whatever the case may be. In order to be eligible for the incentives, your video must be longer than 4 minutes (Affiliate) or 5 minutes (Partnership), after render time. Any items given to our Partnered YouTubers for giveaways or events that are not used, will be given back to an Administrator, or your account will be terminated indefinably.
  10. INFAMOUS Infamous pvm was started because @snuffer thought Zenyte was in need of a PVM clan of trust worthy pvmers that actually do nothing but GWD, RAIDS,CORP you get the point. IF you are a ACTIVE player and love to PVM like we do. PM ONE OF US if I'am not on try @Likeavoss @ALLAHHH Hope we see you soon! *(Application)* 1. How many hours a day do you play? 2. Are you in any other CLANS? 3. Do you have Discord?(no mic needed) 4. Are you experienced in pvming? 5. What is you favorite boss? 6. How did you hear about us? CC: infpvm (*•.¸(`*•.¸(`*•.¸Requirements¸.•*´)¸.•*´)¸.•*) 126 Combat 2000 Total Level Dragon Defender OR Fire Cape OR Inferno Cape God Cape (i) Bandos Godsword OR Dragon Warhammer Void Range OR Armadyl Set Void Melee OR Bandos Set Abyssal Tentacle or Dhl Toxic Blowpipe Toxic Trident Berserker ring (i) OR Brimstone Ring Amulet of Fury OR Amulet of Torture
  11. Hey guys my name is Snake5225. I hope you enjoy my Kraken guide! My brother Squishy324 and I started a youtube channel for Zenyte guides make sure to click the link and subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwG74-t0FcoJKze4OEdapQw/
  12. I've made a lot of guides over the years so I thought I would start making them for Zenyte as well. Here is my guide on zulrah, hope it helps!
  13. Hi there, and welcome to the Vendetta clan-chat. Here at the Vendetta, we hope to develop a clan-chat & discord server which is versatile enough to match everybodies needs. We are looking to provide a place for people to chat, hang out, do things in-game together, while not having any specific account build requirements or any limitations in-game stopping people from having fun within the clan. I have joined up with previous members from another very popular social clan, and together, we hope to provide fun events, get-togethers, and giveaways for everybody to enjoy. We are also only seeking players who can remain with a mature attitude, anyone who trolls consistently, targets people for bullying, or has a horrible attitude will be removed from the clan. System Change: We will be doing our best to monitor players, promote people as deserved, do weekly events both skilling & pvm, and try to always have things going on for the clan to enjoy. Ranks will not be given based only off of the time in the clan, see below for further information. How to Join: If you are interested in joining the Vendetta Team, all we ask is that you post on this forum, join the clan-chat, and let us know you have posted on the forum. This will ensure that your join date never gets missed, and that your name changes will be up-to-date no matter what. This makes it easiest for me, as well as others, to keep track of who is joining & when. At the same time, if you ever wish to leave us, please also post here or edit your original post saying that you have left. It's as simple as that, if you wish to include any information about yourself, your playstyle, etc, we would love to hear that as well. Thank you for joining and we hope you have a great stay! Please see below for added information! The Clan Rules: Zenyte Rules Apply: This is a very simple concept, if you're caught breaking the Zenyte rules you will be removed from the clan-chat. We don't want any unfair advantages or discrepancies in-game. Respectful & Mature: Here at Vendetta, we are going to be running on a respect & maturity base for attitude. This means you are not allowed to troll others, bully others, disrespect others, etc. On that note, we will be avoiding topics which cause heated arguments. These can be things like the LGBTQ discussions, politics, human rights, etc. If you can have these conversations without arguing, that's fine. If you're asked to stop, you stop. Boss Trip Fairness: This is also a very simple rule. You take someone on a trip? You split it 50/50, 33/33/33, 25/25/25/25, etc. No boss drops should have any items or loot held from anyone regardless of their stats, time in the boss room, etc. This means if you're halfway through a trip and your friend joins - find out the total amount and have 2 splits, or include your friend in it all. At the same time, if you have a group going and someone has to teleport out due to lack of supplies and then you get a drop 1-3 kills later, the person who ran out of supplies will still get a split on the unique drop. These means all need to be discussed before going into the boss room. The above are set Guidelines to prevent major issues. DISCORD: We will have an active Discord with events, giveaways, music bot, member ranks, and many other things. This will be implemented in the near future, stay tuned! EVENTS: All of our events are clan exclusive. SLAUGHTERING SATURDAYS: Every Saturday, for the whole day, we will be killing bosses as a clan. This means any boss, any time, with anyone in the clan-chat. FASHIONSCAPE FRIDAY: Every Friday, at approximately 21:00 in-game, we will try to host a FashionScape Friday event. At these events, prizes are given out for hide & seek games, as well as for fashionable outfits. GIVEAWAYS: Giveaways are the one and only way to make a clan donation. Clan donations will be done through giveaways, which will be in the form of events, or drop parties, hosted by anybody at any given-time, offered to support other clan members. Here at the Casual Cave, no ranked member will ever accept a donation. Donations are only to be done through giveaways. Giveaways support how clan members helping other clan members motto. DONATIONS: This clan does not accept donations to individual players. Donations are done through giveaways, by anyone, for everyone. See the above section "giveaways". The only thing that donations will get you here is a donation rank, which will be a specific color name on Discord. Lots of clans thrive from donations, we thrive as a community from donations through giveaways. You will get recognition for donations, but that's all. Application: Username: Discord Tag: Timezone?: Tell us a bit about yourself?: Favorite activity?: How active are you in-game and forums?: If you were referred by someone, who was it:
  14. Interested in small but very active community helping eachother ? ----------------Dreamerz-------------- 1. Daily raids with new & experienced players 2. PVM Teams & masses 3. Maxing / Skilling groups 4. Weekly clan treasury spread among members 5. Fun & Risk Pking on weekends 6. Clan ranks earned through loyalty that give better benefits 7. Chill & laid back but Very Active. JOIN TODAY! Capping at 40 members! Add me on discord OG#5000 Provide the following (below or via discord) TIMEZONE: AVERAGE PLAYTIME WEEKLY: AVERAGE PLAYTIME WEEKENDS: IGN'S: FAVORITE ACTIVITY: PK CLAN (If you're in one):
  15. Customer, and Service Provider Security Statement: Upon applying for Danny's Zulrah Services, you are agreeing to the following. 1. You will not make false claims against Danny in any way shape or form or further services will be denied. 2. You are entrusting Danny to play on your account for Zulrah, and Zulrah only. 3. You are agreeing for the entirety of your services to be live streamed, and saved. 4. You will pay for your services in advance. Zenyte GP, or Zenyte Bonds are accepted as payment. 5. You will change your password upon completion of services. If you decide to back out during services you will NOT BE REFUNDED by Danny, or Staff Members. Service Provider: First of all, I would like to thank you for stopping by Danny's Zulrah Services (DZS). My name is Danny, you may know me in game as Murdex, Wet Poosey, or No Respawns. I have been playing OSRS since '05, and Zenyte since the weekend of 22 November 2019. I am bringing you my knowledge, and possibly gear to complete the achievement diary, grind for a set KC, or hourly grind. I will average 25-30 kills an hour with medium scaled gear. Account Requirements: Regular mains: 75+ Attack (Trident of the swamp) 75+ Defence, 75+ Ranged, 40+ Prayer, 75+ Magic, 60+ HP, 76 Agility. Pure accounts: 75 Attack (If Trident of the Swamp) 1-45+ Defence, 90+ Ranged, 40+ Prayer, 90+ Magic, 60+ HP, 76 Agility. Ironman: Same as above, Plus supplies. 1x Prayer pot dose per kill. 1x Range potion dose per 3 kills. 9x Shark, 9x Karambwan's per 2 kills (1x Anglerfish per 2-3 kills if available). 1x Antipoison(4) of any kind per 2 kills (or Serpentine helmet) 1x Ring of recoil per 3 kills recommended. Best mage gear, and ranged gear you own to include runes, bolts, arrows, darts, and scales if BP, Toxic staff, or Serp helm is used. HCIM: Request at your own risk, same requirements as Ironman. I do offer a service guarantee, if you have 99 Def, 99 Ranged, 40+ Prayer, 99 Magic, 99 HP, 76 Agility. I WILL NOT DIE in Zulrah, unless DDoS or Server lag. (Will be recorded) If the .1% chance that I die to my own accord you will be offered a full refund as you pay with a bond. Pricing: Customer's Gear/ Supplies/ Refer to Ironman requirements 150K Zenyte GP per kill up to 50 KC 115K Zenyte GP per kill up to 100 KC 2x $10 Zenyte Bond/ 25M Zenyte GP up to 5 hours -Straight 3x $10 Zenyte Bond/ 35M Zenyte GP up to 8 hours -Straight 6x $10 Zenyte Bond/ 70M Zenyte GP up to 15 hours -Straight 8x $10 Zenyte Bond/ 100M Zenyte GP up to 24 hours -Straight Danny's Gear/ Supplies 250K Zenyte GP per kill up to 50 KC 215K Zenyte GP per kill up to 100 KC 3x $10 Zenyte Bond/ 35M Zenyte GP up to 5 hours -Straight 5x $10 Zenyte Bond/ 60M Zenyte GP up to 8 hours -Straight 9x $10 Zenyte Bond/ 100M Zenyte GP up to 15 hours -Straight 1x $100 & 3x $10 Zenyte Bond/ 150M Zenyte GP up to 24 hours -Straight Teaching: 60 minute block of instruction via private stream/ discord voice call 5M Zenyte GP By filling out a Services Application you are agreeing to the Privacy Security Statement and the following: No payments will be made from alt's or for another Zenyte Player. No Zenyte staff or myself will be harrassed about services. No double booking. No refunds if no rare's or pets are received during your session. Services Application Discord name (Case sensitive): IGN: Account type (normal, IM, HCIM, UIM): Main or Pure: Defence Level: Ranged Level: Prayer Level: Magic Level: Hitpoints Level: Agility Level(or Zulrah teleport aquired): Package: Danny's gear/ supplies or Customer's gear/supplies:
  16. The Ultimate LizardMan Shaman/DWH Guide (No Cannon) ** updated post xeric patch** Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you my experience (of over 5k kc dry -.-) of how to kill Shamans at a rate of ~90-100 an hour singleway, with no cannon! I use this method because it is very quick and efficient, and saves a lot on resources. Anyway let's get into it! The Setup: This is the optimal setup for my method. as you can see full shayzien is a must! it keeps the damage to a minimum. Furthermore the Ava's assembler saves on ammunition, which you will need a ton of over thousands of kills. Thirdly the fury, archer's ring, and blessing are super easy to get, one requiring money (even on Ironman) and the other a few hours grind at DKs. The blessing helps when prayer flicking to maintain slightly longer without losing any points. Finally, the Blowpipe is really a must. though it is optional and you can replace it with a Crystal Bow or Crystal Bow (I) for slightly lower rates if you cannot afford or have been unlucky at Zulrah The Inventory: The Inventory Setup is basic. You want half decent food (you can see my budget wine from 99 cooking :p). You also want a couple Antipoisons, Home Teles, a Xeric's Talisman (Optional) and bonecrusher (Optional). You can also bring a rune pouch (optional) for high alching if you desire. Getting There: To get to the shaman caves you want to use either a Fairy ring (Code DJR) and run south through the Shayzien area, then west through the swamps to the cave or Use Xeric's Talisman ( choose Xeric's Lookout) then run due west to the Caves. The Caves in OSRS are task only, however on Zenyte you can kill there even off task! Beautiful! The Caves: When you enter the caves you will see a large open room connected to 4 smaller ones. Each of the 4 smaller rooms has 2 Lizardman Shamans in it. It doesn't matter which you choose as they are all the same size etc. It is good to note that they will not attack you if you leave the room, HOWEVER! they can have agro on you if you enter and leave one of the smaller rooms and can spawn the purple familiars that can explode and kill you. even if you aren't in one of the smaller rooms. (I died while afking in the main hall once to this) Once you pick a room it's time to move on to actually killing the shamans and pray for a DWH!!! The Fight: When you enter the room you will be immediately attack by 1 of the lizardman shamans You want to immediately activate Protect From Range and start attacking back on Rapid setting for your weapon. (make sure auto retaliate is off!) You want to make sure to STAY ALONG THE WALL as this negates the jump attack and you can comfortably kill them without taking any damage. You also want to make sure to move when you see the purple familiars spawn, immediately! (THEY HAVE CHANGED WITH UPDATE TO BE ALMOST IMMEDIATE!) making sure to STAY ALONG THE WALL. otherwise you risk a jump attack and if the 3 purple familiars are near you when they explode (5x5 square attack) they will deal up to 10 damage each! OPTIONAL BUT HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!: learn to prayer flick range! this will extend trips and increase kills per hour greatly! **This has changed post xeric patch to be on the top of the animation instead of the end** so prayer flick when you see the projectile landing or slightly before to account for the next hit. (Think Zulrah or jad if you have done those) Furthermore (optional) but recommended is to remember to use the special attack on the blowpipe to recover your health BEFORE using food. as this will also extend trips. If you don't have a blowpipe bring a Magic Short Bow (I) and use the special attack for it for higher DPS, switching back to Crystal Bow or Crystal Bow (I) for regular attacks. Recharging Prayer: Recharging Prayer is extremely fast at this location as you don't have to teleport home and back. Instead you simply run North from the Caves to the Altar in the swamps then run back. It is here that the AntiPoison potions are extremely necessary, since the Lizardman Brutes may attack you and poison you. You don't need to Pray Range as they rarely hit. Wrapping it Up: The only thing left to cover is when you run out of food/Inventory space simply teleport home with a teleport tab, bank, restock, and repeat! congrats! You are on your way to getting your DWH! Hopefully faster than my grind has been I wish you all good RNG and hopefully you get something out of my guide. If you have any comments or questions let me know below or ingame (username Lestat) Also thanks to imggmi.com for making uploading images super easy. The format is simple and was easy to resize etc. (In case anyone is looking for a good image URL creator)
  17. Welcome to Maxing™ ! We are a public skilling group who aims for maxing stats and make fat stacks Please read the official rules for CC: 1. No Asking for money/items 2. you can speak freely and openly. just do not bully others 3. do not ask for clan ranks. they're earned up to captain for obtaining 99s To earn ranks in the cc and earn rewards from Camelot IG for achieving 99s. (rewards do not include ones you previously got) ranks and Rewards 1. 5-99s = corporal and 100k 2. 10-99s = sergeant and 200k 3. 15-99s = lieutenant and 350k 4. 22-99s(max) captain and 500k (please note that when you officially join the cc you will need to show Camelot or Tar or Griffin IG your 99 skill cape's for skill documenting. and to be in cc for more than 1 week to gain rewards as its a safety measure from people coming and leaving) giveaway section Giveaways are weekly and they're drop party's. every Friday at 10pm Pacific standard Time. extra info 1. We are starting out a public cc bank if anyone is interested donating to the cc for drop party'sand tools for newcomers for the cc, and if you need supplies as in, tools, food, armour, runes, or potions just ask Camelot. Feel free to ask Camelot, Tat or Griffin IG for cc donations. 2. We are planning on making a YouTube channel for the cc to give content to the players of Zenyte as there is not much to see for tutorials and guide's for Zenyte on YouTube. as in skilling guides, pvm guides, money making guides etc. And that's about it if you've join welcome to the skilling community!! get skilling
  18. Overview ____________________________________________________________________ Well, fuck me I'm making a guide. K'ril Tsutsaroth is by far the easiest God Wars boss out of the four. This is due to the fact that he is the only one out of the four that doesn't have the ability to hit all players currently in the room. It's not my intention to do a complete guide but rather talk about our strategy pertaining to this boss that has helped me extend my trips. Gear Set up ____________________________________________________________________ I don't have access to ideal equipment, and I don't expect any of my readers to. For the tank, you must have a decent range defense. NOTE: The tank MUST have protection from poison! [K'ril's poison can tick for 16hp] Melee tank example Guthan's alternative Ranged example The DUO strategy In the screen cap below you'll note some marked tiles and numbers next to K'ril and his minions. Red numbers for the tank, Green for the dps. Tank responsibilities [Protect from Melee]: Stand in the middle of the room Attack K'ril before he can make an attack on your duo to grab his aggro. Make sure Tstanon Karlak is attacking you, if not attack him once. Kill Zakl'n Gritch. Then you may move on to the boss or the melee minion, then the boss. DPS responsibilities [Protect from Magic] Pick a corner Kill Balfrug Kreeyath. Help kill Zakl'n Gritch if he's still alive. Help kill K'ril or Tstanon Karlak depending on what your tank is targeting. [Do NOT attack K'ril if the tank is not hitting him.] Why should you consider this strategy? I've killed K'ril 260 times so far, along the way I've seen people die because they pulled aggro off the tank, I've watched trips get cut short cause rng rolled one too many successful hits and someone is out of supplies. I've had amazing duo/trio trips, and I've cringed at some of the people that end up with me. I'm simply trying to pass along what I've learned from tanking this boss. The primary detriments to a tank in this situation is Balfrug Kreeyath, and Zakl'n Gritch. In most cases the duo ends up tanking mage and range for the tank. However this hurts your partner's supplies. This is why trio parties are favored for this boss because nobody is getting hit off-prayer. The goal of this strategy is to mitigate the amount of off-prayer hits the players take during the kills. With a good range defense, the tank won't take much damage from Zakl'n Gritch, and then zero damage once Zakl'n Gritch has died. Meanwhile the dps takes no damage fighting Balfrug Kreeyath with protect from magic, and doesn't even need to protect pray while helping the tank kill the rest as long as the dps doesn't pull aggro. The food drops you get throughout the trip will easily sustain both players while racking up kills. The less damage you take, the more prayer pots you can bring. Special thanks to: Wind Walker [My OG duo for all things bossy who helped refine this strategy] Orion [If you found this guide helpful, consider checking out topic 2455. Orion is a great community of fun loving folks. It's how I met Wind Walker]
  19. ---PURE NATION --- cc We are a 1 defence PVP & PVM clan with lots of benefits. Organized professionally with a 30 man roster - EVENTS WEEKLY (Bossing, Pking, give aways) - Brotherhood & (sisterhood) looking to help each other & become the strongest clan possible controlling the wilderness - Millions of GP & items in giveaways weekly! Hosted by OG - Clan loyalty earns special benefits & Discord Ranks - FOUNDED in NOVEMBER , 2019. YOUTUBE CHANNEL COMING SOON... APPLY ASAP, PM 1 of the following players if you fit the criteria below: OG PURE LEAF PURE NATION DUTCH PURE 1. Have no more than 1 defence, must have have 30+ combat lvl minimum 2. Have a discord or make one 3. Must be active minimum 4+ hours a WEEK (not alot at all) 4. Willing to help spread good vibes and make Zenyte a even better place 6. Have 1 non pure acc 5. Respond why you would like to be a part of our clan & time zone
  20. Welcome to the Phereus clan topic! Phereus is an up-and-coming clan looking for fresh blood to share great experiences with on Zenyte. We're primarily a PVM community, focused on building excellent teams for upcoming Chambers of Xerics , Theatre of Blood, Corporeal Beast and all the other group bosses. Our members are very experienced, so you'll find yourself in the right place if you need help or advice on the many aspects of Zenyte's bossing. We also host frequent giveaways, PK trips, duo slayer tasks and skilling events, as well as Discord for a place to relax and enjoy some friendly banter. If you're looking for a close-knit group to hang out with and get those mega drops. Then you should probably fill out an application below. Recruitment: OPEN Rules - No toxicity - Respect all clan members - No spamming - No Pking other clan members - No Begging - No clan hopping - All drops are FFA unless everyone in the team agrees to split - Don't gamble clan members - Most importantly, Follow Zenyte's rules. Requirements Atleast 10 hours of playtime Discord is mandatory 85+ in combat stats Must be active *These requirements might change in the future Application If you're interested in joining our clan. Please fill out the format below: Username: Playtime: Timezone: Discord Tag: Do you agree to being non-toxic?: What are your goal(s) on Zenyte?: Reason for joining?: Owner(s) @Arkz @Three @Bongzilla Administrator(s) @908 Veteran(s) @Laxus @XoXo @Aritus @Sassafras @Hc AHK Whales @GO2SL3EP @diary @Endeavor @Joke @Maxx @SCORPIA PET @ZE/ @splasher @3rdeyeopener @AsuMain @BL4CKB0Y @Bojanna @Dyoh @genie @HC Raider @High Class @Joachim @L S D @Mine Rocks @Natural @Solo Elite @Xo/ @X5 @zulrah fan92 @Hallodu @Whoaz @Joey RS @Joey @Wanheda @El Loco @Thermoil
  21. Tired of getting pk'd? Join up with me to stop this nonsense, together we will fight these pk players and give protection to players to safely slay in the wilderness. Join my cc "Vinnytest" for more info on ranks and what we offer.
  22. Skip the beginning of the guide and go to "4. Gear/inventory setup and main farming spot location" if you're already established or not an iron man. 1. Starting from scratch: Buy a staff of fire, 1,000 mind and 2,000 air runes from Edalf for a total of 13,560 gp. We will be casting fire strike on Revenant Imps and Revenant Goblins untill Bracelet of ethereum drops. Buy a Royal seed pod for 30,000 bounty points (Trade Emblem trader behind slayer master Krystilia). Make sure to right click the pod > configure > tp destination: Edgeville. I wouldn't recommend other teleports since seed pod has unlimited charges, always protects on death and is an instant teleport when clicked (no dialogue box/confirmation box). 2. How to get there: Zenyte portal -> Category: Wilderness -> Wilderness canoe pond. It will teleport you next to the small water lake, run up and left to reach the level 40 wilderness cave entrance. 3. Setup for farming the first bracelet: Red path: 1 imp and 1 goblin Yellow path: wouldn't recommend, the path is where everyone runs in and out of the cave and there's only one low level imp here. I you don't have 75 agility to use the 2 shortcuts on the red path, go to the yellow x and run past the revenant dragon (purple x). Dragon is the strongest revenant in the cave, if you're going this way bring some food, every other revenant in the area will also focus you. They attack using magic and ranged and will adapt based on what overhead protection prayer you're using. edit: if you're higher health/have pray mage go down on the yellow path through the dragon area to the red x. After getting to the red x spot: Stand on the 3 marked tiles and attack the Imp and Goblin, one attack to get them to focus you, they will walk down to the 1 marked tile and you can safely loot the drops. If a pker comes, run down to 30 and seed pod out. This is the hardest and most grindy part of the whole process. You need a bracelet to become immune to revenant attacks and to be able to run deeper into the cave without getting comboed out by all the revenants since it's a multi combat area. After the first bracelet, you can attack higher combat level revs, they will drop bracelets very often. I don't think it's worth attacking revenant pyrefiend in this spot, his magic defense is higher and he resists a fair bit of the damage + you have to run deeper in to tag him, his first attack can freeze you in place where the dragon can attack you. It's safer to go for the imp/goblin. Bracelet of ethereum: Loses 1 charge every time a revenant hits you. You will slowly lose the charges since revs will hit you more than the amount of ethereum they drop. Disasemble a few bracelets you get after, charge your main one and check the charges from time to time. Enable automatic ethereum collection on the bracelet. The bracelet and the thereum in it is also always dropped on death. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. Gear/inventory setup and main farming spot location: Your best weapon (whip or dragon scimitar recommended), salve amulet (40 slayer pts: trade Krystilia), charged Bracelet of ethereum. Grab a skull (Emblem Trader behind Krystilia). Make sure to bring a prayer potion/super restore, if you get attacked restore your prayer so you don't get smited for your weapon. Super attack/strength and looting bag optional. main spot: Attack Revenant Ork and Revenant Dark beast. Dark beast is the one im currently attacking on the screenshot and Ork respawns in the U shaped wall above me. With the right stats and gear (99combat stats,dscim or whip,salve amulet,pots) you can alternate between these 2 spawns with no downtime. (if they die quicker and the other one hasn't respawned, attack the low level goblin for a quick kill) Plugins: Enable "Player Indicators" and check "draw tiles under player" + "Draw names on minimap" + "Highlight non clan members" as you can see on the screenshot, this makes it super easy to see the people running around, if you see anyone running towards you just teleport out and come back without any loot. Also if you're in the Zenyte cc, it's better to leave it because then the colour of the players in the same cc will be purple and they won't be highlighted. Another useful plugin is "Tile indicators", you can mark the 30+ wilderness border by shift right clicking the ground (gray line in the screenshot above) If you run into a PKer at the cave entrance, hop in and out of the entrance, make sure to mind game them and click out, in, out and then stay out and log, or the oter way around. They will most likely try to predict your clicks and go back in, while you stay out and log. You can then scout untill they leave to log back. If you run into a PKer further inside, between the entrance and the rev cave you can just log and scout or wait a bit before logging back. This becomes a non issue after you get your first bracelet as ironman or have 89 agility. 89 agility route (best): Category: Wilderness -> Forinthry dungeon. It will teleport you next to the lvl 17 wilderness cave entrance, go in and run up through Hellhounds>Green dragons>Greater demons, first, second and third room on the red path. Hop over the 89 shortcut and you will be directly in the main spot. You are always below 30 wilderness and can teleport out at any time. This path makes farming revs extremely safe and only dangerous when you're not paying attention. 5. If you're going to kill lots of revs, you should be skulled -> drop table with and without skull (source) As you can see it's not worth killing them without a skull, If you're killing higher level revs, average 1/200 to hit the good drop table then you roll 0-13 for a valuable drop, instead of the chance to roll 13+ on top of an already low chance to get the good drop table roll. Most of the money comes from the ancient statues, when you get one you can trade it in for gp at the emblem trader. From what i've seen he's always above ankous, directly left from the level 40 wilderness entrance. 6. Ways PKers will try to kill you, from most dangerous to least, and how they can be avoided: 1. logging in under you, on the spot you're currently at, quick reaction speed and teleport, your mouse should always be on the seed pod, if you suddenly see red text on the screen, teleport. Keep in mind you will see their character earlier than they see yours. When you log in, the account appears in game about half a second earlier for people that are already logged in. This and the time they take to cast teleblock is your chance to teleport out. 2. players running in in pvm gear and killing revenants for a while, don't get too comfortable around them since they can teleblock you for their friend who is a PKer or they might attack you. This is why if someone is too close to you, hug the corners so they have to path awkwardly if they want to TB and bank after a decent drop. 3. running in through the cave, casting teleblock on you. If you see someone running towards you, teleport out. If you don't have much loot on you and they're in pvm gear you can stay and see if they're there to kill revs. However if you see any mage gear pieces, always teleport. 4. Using the 89 agility shortcut. The agility shortcut has a long animation, if you see someone jumping across, teleport out. Even if they complete the shortcut there is still a small delay before they can cast anything (about 1 second after they land on the other side) so it shouldn't be a problem to escape from. If you get caught, have protect item on quick prayer and use a dose of super restore/prayer potion so you don't get smited for your weapon. In all my time at revs (about 2200 kills so far) I only died once when I started because a pker appeared on my screen and teleblocked me. This is because they logged in under me -> don't get too comfortable here even if you don't see anyone for a few hours. 7. Loot: Rune/dragon: alched, good chunk of gp is from alchables here Runite ore/bars + onyx bolt tips: Make onyx bolts, enchant them, then alch them for 9k gp each. Every onyx bolt tip drop is worth 45-90k - very common drop, adds up quickly. Ancient statues: turn in at the emblem trader, bulk of the gp comes from these. Bracelets of ethereum: Alch surplus bracelets for 43k gp each. Always keep a few in the bank if you die and lose your charged one. Black dragonhide: Craft dragonhide bodies and alch them for 8k gp each. Magic logs: fletch Magic longbow (u) and alch them for 768 gp each. (pickpocket elves for nature runes). Dragonstones: craft dragonstone bracelets and alch them for 11,500 gp each (enchant them into combat bracelets for 12,600 gp each). Other stuff is good supplies - super restores, manta rays, adamant for darts/diamond bolts, planks for when construction comes out etc... If you don't alch while skilling/don't want to alch, go over to the bandit camp general store and bulk sell your noted items at high alchemy price. Scouting (if you don't have 89 agility or just want an extra layer of protection): Make a fresh lvl 3 alt, park it at the main entrance and position it above you so you can see anyone who goes in and out the cave. Alternatively you can make the same alt account but drop/trade 2 bracelets to it, disasemble one into 250 ether and equip it, and park it more inside the cave to see all the activity in the cave. The view distance is low so your reaction time might not be fast enough, in that case you want to use an alt scout both to give yourself more time to react and some peace of mind. If the cave is packed and there's PKers camping it, try at different times/avoid peak time. From my experience there is a spike in activity when the US players log in. If you share your time zone with the US, try in the morning or later in the evening. I'm from central europe and 6 hours behind the US, so your rev cave experience can differ. A few pics of the loot you can expect to get from revs: (I wasn't using the loot tracker plugin for most of my kills, first image I got lucky with the statue drops and the other 2 are average loot from revs which you can always expect) TLDR: get 89 agility, whip/dscim, skull up, tp to Forinthry Dungeon, use agility shortcut, when you see a pker teleport out + bank valuables, repeat. Good luck
  23. Last week the community voted for PVM updates (View the poll here). In response to the overwhelming percentage that contributed, we've opened another poll that requires your attention! Last weeks poll was a general consensus, with PVM updates having the most weight, we'd like you to vote again on which PVM content you'd like to see next! Please keep in mind, if a piece of content doesn't win, it does NOT mean we will simply skip over it, it will be worked on; but at the priority of what the community wants content worked on.
  24. With our upcoming Chambers of Xeric update, we'd like to receive more community input on what content you would like to see come into the game. This poll is based on a generic need for what content the community would like, based off of the information below.* Player vs Monster updates May include the following: Skotizo, Konar Slayer Master & Karuulum Dungeon, Alchemical Hydra, Inferno, Abyssal Sire, Forthos Dungeon, etc. Skilling updates May include the following: Construction, Hunter imps (& Puro-Puro), Aerial fishing, Miscellania, Blast Mine, Giant Seaweed Farming & Sandstorm grinder, etc. Player vs Player updates May include the following: Bounty hunter/Targeting system, Clan Wars, etc. Event oriented updates May include the following: Player Tournaments, Bossing events, hide and seeks, etc. Once this poll closes, we'll take the most voted category, and create a new poll for what content in that category will be worked on first! *If you're concerned about the omission of Clue Scrolls from the above, don't worry – these will be worked on post-raids no matter the outcome of this poll.
  25. Hello everyone, My in-game name is Bojanna and im a PvM type of person. In-game i play for the clan Phereus and my long-term goal is to achieve one of the first Twisted Bow's ingame. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In this topic i will post updates about my short-term goals and show the community my way to my long term goal. I think every PvM player with goals should showcase his adventures , atleast to me it would be very intresting. Current Gear Setups: Void setup (Melee , Range , Mage ) Ahrim's Set - Karil's Set Trident Whip Fury Slayer Helm (i) Dragon Defender Fire Cape Working On: Toxic Blowpipe Zenyte Shard's (3) Tentacle Armadyl Crossbow Zamorakian Hasta Current stats:
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