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Found 4 results

  1. Hello my Fellow Zenyte Gamers! With the recent Dev-Blog announcing the start on ToB (visit the thread here), we've decided to host yet another Logo Competition! This time, we're looking for a new logo with a "Theatre of Blood" vibe to it! Prizes: Winner will receive $50 via PayPal or $75 in Store Credits! GFX Forum Award Logo will be featured on our client when the ToB update goes live Guidelines: All submissions MUST be submitted via this thread by June 18th 11:00PM GMT (Server Time) Logo submission MUST follow the Theatre of Blood Theme All submissions MUST be created by the submitter, if found using someone else's idea/work, you will forfeit the competition You are able to enter up to 3 designs All submissions will be sent via a "reply" on this thread Persuading others to vote for your submission is strictly prohibited and will disqualify you from receiving rewards Submission Format: Logo for reference
  2. Thank you all for participating in Octobers VOTM Event. The top winner of this month, is: @Jose($50 Bond)* Randomized Top 10 Voters +--------------+-------------+ | username | total_votes | +--------------+-------------+ | Jose | 237 | | Hide | 221 | | Joshybby | 195 | | One | 195 | | Zincify | 191 | | GosuX | 177 | | ohm | 174 | | Tunah | 174 | | 2nah | 174 | | Skills | 164 | +--------------+-------------+ The random 3 winners of this month, are: @ohm($10 Bond) @2nah($10 Bond) @One($10 Bond)* Please contact an Administrator for your rewards!
  3. If you haven't already you can familiarize yourself with how Chambers of Xeric works here With the release of raids here on Zenyte, we'd like to introduce a few competitions for everyone to get into. Below are a list of competitions and the rewards for completing them. They're all 'first to' competitions, so first person(s) to complete them will receive the rewards as stated. Good luck and have fun to everyone!
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