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  1. The Zenyte Team is looking for skilled individuals that are familiar with the following platforms, and programs. You directly represent the Zenyte community, what you do in your videos effects the community as a whole. Interested in becoming an Official Zenyte YouTuber? Contact anyone on the Media QA Team, and we'll be glad to speak to you, or fill out an application below. @Life Requirements At least 50+ Subscribers on your platform, and at least 25 views per video or stream YouTube knowledge (For video creators) OBS / Streamlabs knowledge Mixer Knowledge (For Streamers) Sony Vegas/Adobe After Effects / Other Video Editing software Content we're looking for Series (Ironman, Rags to riches, etc) Player Killing in Wilderness (Clips, pure builds, clans, farming, etc) QA Test server sneak peaks for upcoming content Available Positions Zenyte Affiliate Program Users in program: Ziniy (Mixer Channel) Faggetman (YouTube Channel) Newgate (YouTube Channel) Shifu (YouTube Channel) Zenyte Partnership Program Users in program: Murdex (Mixer Channel) Affiliate Program Partnership Program In-game name: YouTube Channel: Are you interested in Streaming, or creating videos: Any relevant information: All videos for submission will go through the Media QA Team, ensuring the quality of the content we're uploading on our channel. You will abide by all Zenyte rules, on and off stream, no exceptions. Rewards will be based off the quality of video, and how many you upload per week. 100 credits per week is the cap. You are free to upload your videos to your channel, 24 hours after, the video is uploaded onto the Zenyte YouTube. You will not upload any other server videos while in an agreement with Zenyte. The Media QA Team reserves all rights to deny your video for upload on the Zenyte channel, if this happens we will simply tell you to revise it, or whatever the case may be. In order to be eligible for the incentives, your video must be longer than 4 minutes (Affiliate) or 5 minutes (Partnership), after render time. Any items given to our Partnered YouTubers for giveaways or events that are not used, will be given back to an Administrator, or your account will be terminated indefinably.
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