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  1. Hellooo! This moneymaking guide is for newcomers or those who want to make extra money when they're not PVM'ing. I'll make it simple and concise. Reminder: Vote. Did you vote today? Do ::vote in game for 100k (150k with 2fa enabled + clue scroll). Then type ::claim or visit the Wise Old Man to claim your voting rewards. Although profits usually fluctuate based on Grand Exchange rates, I've found these methods are the most consistent money makers. 1. Blood Runes (1.1m+/hour) 2. Thieving Tzhaar (1.4mil+ /hour) 3. Fishing Karambwan, Then Cooking it (900k+/hour) 4. Thieving Elves (800k/hour) Should I make a Part II? Good Luck! -Gracieloves2
  2. Altar 1. Run North of the Home teleport into the Achievement Hall, in the Northeastern side there will be stairs, the altar is on the second floor. Chaos Temple Altar (Level 38 Wilderness) There is a 50% chance when offering a bone on this Altar that it will not be consumed. 1. Run from Edgeville ditch Northwest, past the Forgotten Cemetery. 2. Use the level 71 magic spell, Arceuus "Cemetery" Teleport, and run slightly Northwest. Dragon bones/Superior Dragon bones to 99 at Chaos Temple Altar is the most efficient way, however you can be PK'ed. Bones Method: amount of exp per method (bones to 99) Standard bones Bones Bury: 225 exp (57,930) Altar: 394 exp (33,082) Chaos Temple Altar: 788 exp (16,541) Burnt Bury: 225 exp (57,930) Altar: 394 exp (33,082) Chaos Temple Altar: 788 exp (16,541) Wolf Bury: 225 exp (57,930) Altar: 394 exp (33,082) Chaos Temple Altar: 788 exp (16,541) Bat Bury: 250 exp (52,137) Altar: 438 exp (29,758) Chaos Temple Altar: 875 exp (16,541) Big Bury: 750 exp (17,379) Altar: 1,313 exp (9,927) Chaos Temple Altar: 2,625 exp (4,965) Dagannoth Bury: 6,250 exp (2,085) Altar: 10,938 exp (1,191) Chaos Temple Altar: 21,875 exp (595) Draconic bones Baby dragon Bury: 1,500 exp (8,689) Altar: 2,625 exp (4,965) Chaos Temple Altar: 5,250 exp (2,482) Dragon Bury: 3,600 exp (3,620) Altar: 6,300 exp (2,068) Chaos Temple Altar: 12,600 exp (1,034) Drake Bury: 4,000 exp (3,258) Altar: 7,000 exp (1,862) Chaos Temple Altar: 14,000 exp (931) Hydra Bury: 5,500 exp (2,369) Altar: 9,625 exp (1,354) Chaos Temple Altar: 19,250 exp (677) Lava dragon Bury: 4,250 exp (3,066) Altar: 7,437 exp (1,752) Chaos Temple Altar: 14,875 exp (876) Wyrm Bury: 2,500 exp (5,213) Altar: 4,375 exp (2,979) Chaos Temple Altar: 8,750 exp (1,489) Wyvern Bury: 3,600 exp (3,620) Altar: 6,300 exp (2,068) Chaos Temple Altar: 12,600 exp (1,034) Superior dragon (Requires 70 Prayer) Bury: 7,500 exp (1,639) Altar: 13,125 exp (936) Chaos Temple Altar: 26,250 exp (468) Ogre bones Jogre) Bury: 750 exp (17,379) Altar: 1,312 exp (9,934) Chaos Temple Altar: 2,625 exp (4,965) Zogre Bury: 1,125 exp (11,586) Altar: 1,969 exp (6,619) Chaos Temple Altar: 3,937 exp (3,310) Raurg Bury: 4,800 exp (2,715) Altar: 12,250 exp (1,064) Chaos Temple Altar: 16,800 exp (775) Ourg Bury: 7,000 exp (1,862) Altar: 12,250 exp (1,064) Chaos Temple Altar: 24,500 exp (532)
  3. ELYSIUM is a Pvm/Pvp/Social/Skilling/Raiding clan founded by @Zev. Our goal as a clan is to create a welcoming and exciting community full of like-minded players who want to be a part of something and help their friends reach end game content alongside them. We have a very solid community with our own private discord, and events almost daily ranging from activities such as Discord giveaways, pvm events, skilling events, rev pk trips, etc. Our community is continuously growing and currently at 30+ members at the time of typing this. Additionally, there is no skill level requirement in order to join us and if you are new to the game your fellow clan-mates will be more than happy to help you learn Zenyte. Discord - No mic is required but you need this for further announcement about clan or events. Willing to help other clan mates. Not a member of any other clans to prevent conflict. Willing to attend clan event. Name: (hobbies, where you from, etc.) Ign: (Please list your alts too) Favorite Activities: (So you can find other clan mates that have same interest as you.
  4. Interested in small but very active community helping eachother ? ----------------Dreamerz-------------- 1. Daily raids with new & experienced players 2. PVM Teams & masses 3. Maxing / Skilling groups 4. Weekly clan treasury spread among members 5. Fun & Risk Pking on weekends 6. Clan ranks earned through loyalty that give better benefits 7. Chill & laid back but Very Active. JOIN TODAY! Capping at 40 members! Add me on discord OG#5000 Provide the following (below or via discord) TIMEZONE: AVERAGE PLAYTIME WEEKLY: AVERAGE PLAYTIME WEEKENDS: IGN'S: FAVORITE ACTIVITY: PK CLAN (If you're in one):
  5. Official Pet Guide / Rates Last Updated: 10/31/2019 - 15:28 AM {+2 GMT} IMPORTANT There is a Formula of calculating the Drop Rate of Skilling Pets. The formula for Zenyte is as following: 5x mode = 1/25m XP 10x mode = 1/50m XP 25x mode = 1/125m XP LATEST / UPCOMING - UPDATES - Added/Updated (Title) Images, Topic Layout, and Formatting - Added more "Skilling Pets", and "Boss Pets has now been added to this topic as well" - Added the categories "Raids", and "Fight Cave" (Some still doesn't have a drop rate because this isn't sure yet) - Updated "Skilling/Boss", notices some typo's as well as some corrections to the way how some get dropped (Thanks to: Echo) - After suggestion of: Chop, I have delete the following Pets: Herbi, Abbssal Orphan, Skotos, Baby Vanguard, Lil' Zik and the Fight Cave Pets. Coming soon: I'm currently working on adding more Pets, and more accurate drop rates as well the way how they get dropped, stay tuned! - This pet will be added soon when more info is available: Wurmy (Donator Rank Pet) All suggestion are welcome in the comments or through PM! Thank you for reading this guide and I hope you could make good use out of it.Please feel free to give feedback through PM / Forum to make this guide even better!
  6. Hey guys. Hope you are all doing well. I am an osrs player who recently shifted to zenyte and I'm on the road to 99 in all skills. I am offering skilling services in most skills (yes, even agility!) at some of the best rates you can find. Prices will depend on your skill, xp multiplier and amount of xp/levels required, inbox me your exact situation and requirements and i will give you a quote. Lastly, if your skill requires raw materials (like ores for smithing, ingredients for herblore etc) then you will be required to have them ready in your bank. Looking forward to working with you all, please feel free to send me your queries! Note: I am in Australia so time zones make it such that i can skill your accounts while you sleep, just relax and let me do all the work! As for security, I guarantee full safety of your account and items, however, if you have something very expensive or are just generally uncomfortable then you could transfer your item(s) to an alt account till I'm done.
  7. 1945

    Weird Flex

    Day 9 after Treasure Trails update.. I hope I can safely say I'm the first player with a full iron (g) set Oh. & If you were wondering who this wonderful lad howling amongst the gushing geyser.. His name is Donaudampfschiffahrtsgesellschaftskapitän & Yes that's a real german word. Lmao
  8. Welcome to Maxing™ ! We are a public skilling group who aims for maxing stats and make fat stacks Please read the official rules for CC: 1. No Asking for money/items 2. you can speak freely and openly. just do not bully others 3. do not ask for clan ranks. they're earned up to captain for obtaining 99s To earn ranks in the cc and earn rewards from Camelot IG for achieving 99s. (rewards do not include ones you previously got) ranks and Rewards 1. 5-99s = corporal and 100k 2. 10-99s = sergeant and 200k 3. 15-99s = lieutenant and 350k 4. 22-99s(max) captain and 500k (please note that when you officially join the cc you will need to show Camelot or Tar or Griffin IG your 99 skill cape's for skill documenting. and to be in cc for more than 1 week to gain rewards as its a safety measure from people coming and leaving) giveaway section Giveaways are weekly and they're drop party's. every Friday at 10pm Pacific standard Time. extra info 1. We are starting out a public cc bank if anyone is interested donating to the cc for drop party'sand tools for newcomers for the cc, and if you need supplies as in, tools, food, armour, runes, or potions just ask Camelot. Feel free to ask Camelot, Tat or Griffin IG for cc donations. 2. We are planning on making a YouTube channel for the cc to give content to the players of Zenyte as there is not much to see for tutorials and guide's for Zenyte on YouTube. as in skilling guides, pvm guides, money making guides etc. And that's about it if you've join welcome to the skilling community!! get skilling
  9. Hello all! This will be a short guide to maxing herblore on any exp rate, while being Ironman friendly. Let’s make it sweet and concise: Requirements: 90+ thieving ~3 hours pickpocketing Master farmer with full rogue equipped (on x25... multiply for your exp rate) 87 magic 90+ farming Ectophial magic Secateurs Recommended: Rune pouch Morytania hard diary for double fungi morytania Elite Diary for the extra herb patch 99 Farming Ardougne Elite Diary 99 Agility + ~400 mog worth of amylase Full graceful 500k+ GP for Zahur to make Unfinished potions (just saves a lot of time) Okay now to the beef: Efficient potions to make: Super Restore : Snapdraggon + Red Spider’s eggs —— get the red spiders eggs from Edgeville dungeon with a loot bag. Easy 1k+ an hour there. —— Optional: Make into Sanfew potions for bonus exp. Antifire Potion: Lantadyme + Dragon scale dust —— collect blue dragon scales from taverley dungeon using the dungeon Tele at home > agility shortcut > glory/home Tele. Pray melee and bring an Antifire shield of some kind. —— HIGHLY RECOMMENDED: Turn into extended or super Antifire with either lava shards or ground superior dragon bones. I recommend extended as you can get multiple shards per lava dragon scale/infernal eel. This will double exp per Lantadyme and get you decent potions for sale or for the future. Superenergy to Stamina: Avantoe + Mort Myre fungi + Amylase —— MAIN EXP MAKER! —— Collect mort Myre fungi from Canifis swamps with a silver sickle (b) you can buy at home. Cast bloom while in the middle of three logs. Get double fungi if Morytania hard diary is complete (almost a necessity). Bank at home. Easy 1k+ an hour. —— Use amylase to make stamina pots. Close to 200 exp x (exp rate) per 3 dose potion made! Super Attack Potion: Irit + Eye of newt —— easiest potion to get the second ingredient for + decent 100x(exp rate) experience per potion. —— but eye of newt packs in taverley (cheap and takes 15 seconds) Zamorak Brew: Torstol + Jangerberries —— Farm Jangerberries with seeds from masterfarmer pickpockets while doing herb runs. Prayer Potion: Ranarr + Snapegrass —— Not Great exp. However you will have plenty of seeds from master farmer pickpockets and they are useful for PVM/selling. Might as well farm them. Do last after the others. —— Farm snapegrass with Waterbirth island teleport > collect > bank at home/with crafting cape/glory etc. repeat. Easy 1k an hour doing this method. The 6 Herb Run: —— easy for beginners —— No requirements for patches —— no spellbook swapping/extra runes other than those for fertile soil spell! Don’t stress out! —— The route: Farming Guild- (home Tele or Farming cape) Ectophial - then run west Ardougne patch - (Ardy cloak 4 or portal city teleport) Hosidius Patch - Sand crab Tele under training. Run NE. Draynor patch - Draynor city Tele. Run NW to farm. Near south fallador city wall. Catherby patch - Camelot Tele @ home. Run east. The 8 Herb run: —— Same as above + 2 extra —— need practically 99 magic —— need morytania elite diary done/Fremmenik hard diary done —— The route: same as above plus + Spellbook swap Arceeus > Tele to Trollheim > disease free patch Spellbook swap Arceeus > harmony island teleport —— extra herbs per run but higher initial requirements. (Full set of barrows for iron is no cake walk to get) Summary Pickpocket Master farmer for seeds to plant for the potions stated above > do herb runs > collect the secondary ingredients in the meantime > make potions and get that 99!! Hope you guys found the guide helpful and a decent foothold for getting started with Herblore in Zenyte. Especially for the Ironmen (like myself) who have to get all the ingredients themselves. If you have any questions PM me or leave a comment. Thanks
  10. Hi all! Here's a quick guide for those that may still be harpooning sharks strictly for food. This guide will likely benefit the following players: - Ironmen -Ultimate Ironmen!!! UIM's largely benefit from this food source because as we will see later in the guide, Kylie Minnow exchanges your minnows for her noted sharks. No need to create inventory space to collect sharks and then need to turn around and make bank runs to note them. UIM's can benefit largely based on time and available resource. - Budgetary players seeking food Required Stats for Zenyte Minnow Fishing - 82 Fishing... you DO NOT need angler outfit to fish for minnows on Zenyte. Recommended Client: - Runelite (for minnow pool timers) Kylie Minnow Guide to Sharks for Food (Not recommended for XP, there are faster methods) Step 1) Grab a "Small fishing Net" and use the portal at home. Choose "Skilling" and then "Fishing Guild". Step 2) Arrive at fishing guild and go through the door. Follow the arrow on the minimap to the next destination. Step 3) This is an introduction to the NPC that you will be exchanging minnows for sharks with. This is Kylie Minnow and she is location directly east of the bank in the fishing guild. Utilize her boat to take you to the platform where you will catch minnows. Step 4) If you are utilizing the Runelite client, you will see boxes with circles inside them and a fish logo. This is more or less a timer showing the player when the next rotation will occur. The minnows move 1 tile clockwise about every ~20 seconds and require you to click on the tile again to continue fishing as it moves. This fishing method requires your attention, so AFKing will not be efficient! Step 5) While you are fishing, every once in a while you will notice flying fish jumping out of the pool you are fishing from. STOP FISHING! Do not continue when you see this animation. Either way for the next rotation or move to the second minnow pool in your area. Continuing to fish the pool while fish are flying will result in you losing minnows. Each jump takes away approximately "2 xp drops" worth of minnows. ~20 ish. Step 6) Kylie exchanges sharks for minnows at a rate of 40 minnows to 1 shark. This seems slow but it is extremely fast for a concentrated fisherman/woman. You will catch FOOD faster through this method than you will simply harpooning sharks. HOWEVER, if your goal is to get massive xp drops - I would suggest looking at a different guide or fishing another method. This is not the fastest xp method. Speak with Kylie when you are ready to exchange minnows for sharks. 1000 minnows is equivalent to 25 sharks. Step 7) Kylie allows you to choose how many sharks you would like to exchange your minnows for. After speaking with her, dependent on the amount of minnows you have in your inventory, she will let you choose between 0 and the maximum amount of sharks you are eligible to exchange for. When exchanged, Kylie gives you the player noted sharks rather than filling your inventory spaces. This means this method is extremely useful for UIM to save inventory slots! I hope you found this guide to be useful to you as you start your food grind. If you are a normal account/wealthy this likely will not be beneficial. However, for ironmen, UIM, or us poor guys I hope you find this to be helpful on your Zenyte Journey . -Necromancer Guides
  11. With our upcoming Chambers of Xeric update, we'd like to receive more community input on what content you would like to see come into the game. This poll is based on a generic need for what content the community would like, based off of the information below.* Player vs Monster updates May include the following: Skotizo, Konar Slayer Master & Karuulum Dungeon, Alchemical Hydra, Inferno, Abyssal Sire, Forthos Dungeon, etc. Skilling updates May include the following: Construction, Hunter imps (& Puro-Puro), Aerial fishing, Miscellania, Blast Mine, Giant Seaweed Farming & Sandstorm grinder, etc. Player vs Player updates May include the following: Bounty hunter/Targeting system, Clan Wars, etc. Event oriented updates May include the following: Player Tournaments, Bossing events, hide and seeks, etc. Once this poll closes, we'll take the most voted category, and create a new poll for what content in that category will be worked on first! *If you're concerned about the omission of Clue Scrolls from the above, don't worry – these will be worked on post-raids no matter the outcome of this poll.
  12. Open to any and all Skillers, pm me in game and I will allow you permission to join! (Maxedskiller) please fill the following application Application: In-game name: Discord username(Clan discord will eventually be set up): Total level: Your future goals on this server: some rules of the clan are as such: be friendly to one another, no promoting other servers (obviously), no toxicity, be helpful to one another when possible, and have fun!
  13. This is my herb farm run, it's pretty easy and efficient. This is not a guide I'm simply demonstrating how I personally do it. A few answers to questions you may have: Why an herb sack? It only stores 30 herbs. I use the herb sack mainly for the Harmony Island patch since it has no Tool Lep. to note my herbs and if I for some reason harvest over 19 herbs then I'd have to drop something or re-teleport. Which spells are you using? I use the lunar spell Spellbook Swap to cast the Arceuus spell Harmony Island Teleport. I also use Fertile Soil, Teleport to Catherby and teleport to Fishing guild. These last two teleports are also available via the home portal. What's the ash in your inventory? Volcanic ash. When paired with the Fertile Soil spell it places Ultracompost onto your patch. (2 ashes per cast) How many herbs do you average per run? Around 85-95. Sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less. 112 is my current max. Why not use an Ardy cloak to teleport to Ardy patch? Ardy cloaks have a limited amount of teleports unless you have the Clock 4 which I don't. I was simply out of teleports so I used the second fastest method. Feel free to up the speed to 2x if you wish as the video is real-time and not sped up.
  14. Hello all. I have killed 250 Chaos Druids for my Road to max series Chaos Druids Can be found behind the spirit tree at Spawn, Down the ladder will be edge Dung Follow the Path, Till you Find the Gate, Go North a small amount then go east and you will be at Chaos Druids. After killing 250 of them i ended up with this.
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