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Found 5 results

  1. After a huge 2 hours and 47 minute grind of making wines without letting the wine ferment, I thought this was worth a share. (If you've made wines before, you'll understand the anxiety this caused when you're trying not to let the exp drop haha) Just as a tip, I activated a bonus exp book (1 vote point from vote store) before I let the exp drop, it's soooo worth it. Few thousand less wines to make! If anyone has also had a bigger exp drop, I'd be real interested to see!
  2. Hey guys how are you, I don't post these type of stuff too often but I thought I'd share this with you guys! I may know a few things about the second world war but this, I didn't know it was actually good until my clan-mates told me otherwise, hope you enjoy the little screenshot from my pog experience! 2 tomes of fire and a pair of Pyro gloves in one crate Thanks for reading ! It's always greatly greatly appreciated! Yours Truly, ~1945
  3. Hi there, and welcome to the Vendetta clan-chat. Here at the Vendetta, we hope to develop a clan-chat & discord server which is versatile enough to match everybodies needs. We are looking to provide a place for people to chat, hang out, do things in-game together, while not having any specific account build requirements or any limitations in-game stopping people from having fun within the clan. I have joined up with previous members from another very popular social clan, and together, we hope to provide fun events, get-togethers, and giveaways for everybody to enjoy. We are also only seeking players who can remain with a mature attitude, anyone who trolls consistently, targets people for bullying, or has a horrible attitude will be removed from the clan. System Change: We will be doing our best to monitor players, promote people as deserved, do weekly events both skilling & pvm, and try to always have things going on for the clan to enjoy. Ranks will not be given based only off of the time in the clan, see below for further information. How to Join: If you are interested in joining the Vendetta Team, all we ask is that you post on this forum, join the clan-chat, and let us know you have posted on the forum. This will ensure that your join date never gets missed, and that your name changes will be up-to-date no matter what. This makes it easiest for me, as well as others, to keep track of who is joining & when. At the same time, if you ever wish to leave us, please also post here or edit your original post saying that you have left. It's as simple as that, if you wish to include any information about yourself, your playstyle, etc, we would love to hear that as well. Thank you for joining and we hope you have a great stay! Please see below for added information! The Clan Rules: Zenyte Rules Apply: This is a very simple concept, if you're caught breaking the Zenyte rules you will be removed from the clan-chat. We don't want any unfair advantages or discrepancies in-game. Respectful & Mature: Here at Vendetta, we are going to be running on a respect & maturity base for attitude. This means you are not allowed to troll others, bully others, disrespect others, etc. On that note, we will be avoiding topics which cause heated arguments. These can be things like the LGBTQ discussions, politics, human rights, etc. If you can have these conversations without arguing, that's fine. If you're asked to stop, you stop. Boss Trip Fairness: This is also a very simple rule. You take someone on a trip? You split it 50/50, 33/33/33, 25/25/25/25, etc. No boss drops should have any items or loot held from anyone regardless of their stats, time in the boss room, etc. This means if you're halfway through a trip and your friend joins - find out the total amount and have 2 splits, or include your friend in it all. At the same time, if you have a group going and someone has to teleport out due to lack of supplies and then you get a drop 1-3 kills later, the person who ran out of supplies will still get a split on the unique drop. These means all need to be discussed before going into the boss room. The above are set Guidelines to prevent major issues. DISCORD: We will have an active Discord with events, giveaways, music bot, member ranks, and many other things. This will be implemented in the near future, stay tuned! EVENTS: All of our events are clan exclusive. SLAUGHTERING SATURDAYS: Every Saturday, for the whole day, we will be killing bosses as a clan. This means any boss, any time, with anyone in the clan-chat. FASHIONSCAPE FRIDAY: Every Friday, at approximately 21:00 in-game, we will try to host a FashionScape Friday event. At these events, prizes are given out for hide & seek games, as well as for fashionable outfits. GIVEAWAYS: Giveaways are the one and only way to make a clan donation. Clan donations will be done through giveaways, which will be in the form of events, or drop parties, hosted by anybody at any given-time, offered to support other clan members. Here at the Casual Cave, no ranked member will ever accept a donation. Donations are only to be done through giveaways. Giveaways support how clan members helping other clan members motto. DONATIONS: This clan does not accept donations to individual players. Donations are done through giveaways, by anyone, for everyone. See the above section "giveaways". The only thing that donations will get you here is a donation rank, which will be a specific color name on Discord. Lots of clans thrive from donations, we thrive as a community from donations through giveaways. You will get recognition for donations, but that's all. Application: Username: Discord Tag: Timezone?: Tell us a bit about yourself?: Favorite activity?: How active are you in-game and forums?: If you were referred by someone, who was it:
  4. Welcome to Maxing™ ! We are a public skilling group who aims for maxing stats and make fat stacks Please read the official rules for CC: 1. No Asking for money/items 2. you can speak freely and openly. just do not bully others 3. do not ask for clan ranks. they're earned up to captain for obtaining 99s To earn ranks in the cc and earn rewards from Camelot IG for achieving 99s. (rewards do not include ones you previously got) ranks and Rewards 1. 5-99s = corporal and 100k 2. 10-99s = sergeant and 200k 3. 15-99s = lieutenant and 350k 4. 22-99s(max) captain and 500k (please note that when you officially join the cc you will need to show Camelot or Tar or Griffin IG your 99 skill cape's for skill documenting. and to be in cc for more than 1 week to gain rewards as its a safety measure from people coming and leaving) giveaway section Giveaways are weekly and they're drop party's. every Friday at 10pm Pacific standard Time. extra info 1. We are starting out a public cc bank if anyone is interested donating to the cc for drop party'sand tools for newcomers for the cc, and if you need supplies as in, tools, food, armour, runes, or potions just ask Camelot. Feel free to ask Camelot, Tat or Griffin IG for cc donations. 2. We are planning on making a YouTube channel for the cc to give content to the players of Zenyte as there is not much to see for tutorials and guide's for Zenyte on YouTube. as in skilling guides, pvm guides, money making guides etc. And that's about it if you've join welcome to the skilling community!! get skilling
  5. Hi all! Here's a quick guide for those that may still be harpooning sharks strictly for food. This guide will likely benefit the following players: - Ironmen -Ultimate Ironmen!!! UIM's largely benefit from this food source because as we will see later in the guide, Kylie Minnow exchanges your minnows for her noted sharks. No need to create inventory space to collect sharks and then need to turn around and make bank runs to note them. UIM's can benefit largely based on time and available resource. - Budgetary players seeking food Required Stats for Zenyte Minnow Fishing - 82 Fishing... you DO NOT need angler outfit to fish for minnows on Zenyte. Recommended Client: - Runelite (for minnow pool timers) Kylie Minnow Guide to Sharks for Food (Not recommended for XP, there are faster methods) Step 1) Grab a "Small fishing Net" and use the portal at home. Choose "Skilling" and then "Fishing Guild". Step 2) Arrive at fishing guild and go through the door. Follow the arrow on the minimap to the next destination. Step 3) This is an introduction to the NPC that you will be exchanging minnows for sharks with. This is Kylie Minnow and she is location directly east of the bank in the fishing guild. Utilize her boat to take you to the platform where you will catch minnows. Step 4) If you are utilizing the Runelite client, you will see boxes with circles inside them and a fish logo. This is more or less a timer showing the player when the next rotation will occur. The minnows move 1 tile clockwise about every ~20 seconds and require you to click on the tile again to continue fishing as it moves. This fishing method requires your attention, so AFKing will not be efficient! Step 5) While you are fishing, every once in a while you will notice flying fish jumping out of the pool you are fishing from. STOP FISHING! Do not continue when you see this animation. Either way for the next rotation or move to the second minnow pool in your area. Continuing to fish the pool while fish are flying will result in you losing minnows. Each jump takes away approximately "2 xp drops" worth of minnows. ~20 ish. Step 6) Kylie exchanges sharks for minnows at a rate of 40 minnows to 1 shark. This seems slow but it is extremely fast for a concentrated fisherman/woman. You will catch FOOD faster through this method than you will simply harpooning sharks. HOWEVER, if your goal is to get massive xp drops - I would suggest looking at a different guide or fishing another method. This is not the fastest xp method. Speak with Kylie when you are ready to exchange minnows for sharks. 1000 minnows is equivalent to 25 sharks. Step 7) Kylie allows you to choose how many sharks you would like to exchange your minnows for. After speaking with her, dependent on the amount of minnows you have in your inventory, she will let you choose between 0 and the maximum amount of sharks you are eligible to exchange for. When exchanged, Kylie gives you the player noted sharks rather than filling your inventory spaces. This means this method is extremely useful for UIM to save inventory slots! I hope you found this guide to be useful to you as you start your food grind. If you are a normal account/wealthy this likely will not be beneficial. However, for ironmen, UIM, or us poor guys I hope you find this to be helpful on your Zenyte Journey . -Necromancer Guides
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