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  1. ELYSIUM is a Pvm/Pvp/Social/Skilling/Raiding clan founded by @Zev. Our goal as a clan is to create a welcoming and exciting community full of like-minded players who want to be a part of something and help their friends reach end game content alongside them. We have a very solid community with our own private discord, and events almost daily ranging from activities such as Discord giveaways, pvm events, skilling events, rev pk trips, etc. Our community is continuously growing and currently at 30+ members at the time of typing this. Additionally, there is no skill level requirement in order to join us and if you are new to the game your fellow clan-mates will be more than happy to help you learn Zenyte. Discord - No mic is required but you need this for further announcement about clan or events. Willing to help other clan mates. Not a member of any other clans to prevent conflict. Willing to attend clan event. Name: (hobbies, where you from, etc.) Ign: (Please list your alts too) Favorite Activities: (So you can find other clan mates that have same interest as you.
  2. Join the "TFS" friends chat today The Fookers is a friendly Clan Chat dabbling in PVM,PVP and multiple events arranged daily basics or weekends. We accept all members Iron-men/PvMers/PvPers/Noobs I will be attempting to create events for all members with other rivals This Clan is only created so that Zenyte Members connect with each other and become more friendly. Announcing opening the Clan Chat I'll be hosting a lot of giveaways within the first 2 weeks. (Dragon Claws giveaway 24-hours) 19/09/2020 - 19:25 **to claim any reward you'll have to comment below first and also be in the FC/Discord** My end goal is for New players to meet other players via this clan chat/discord. https://discord.gg/vnYtKDy
  3. The Zenyte Team is looking for skilled individuals that are familiar with the following platforms, and programs. You directly represent the Zenyte community, what you do in your videos effects the community as a whole. Interested in becoming an Official Zenyte YouTuber? Contact anyone on the Media QA Team, and we'll be glad to speak to you, or fill out an application below. @Life Requirements At least 50+ Subscribers on your platform, and at least 25 views per video or stream YouTube knowledge (For video creators) OBS / Streamlabs knowledge Mixer Knowledge (For Streamers) Sony Vegas/Adobe After Effects / Other Video Editing software Content we're looking for Series (Ironman, Rags to riches, etc) Player Killing in Wilderness (Clips, pure builds, clans, farming, etc) QA Test server sneak peaks for upcoming content Available Positions Zenyte Affiliate Program Users in program: Ziniy (Mixer Channel) Newgate (YouTube Channel) Shifu (YouTube Channel) Zenyte Partnership Program Users in program: Murdex (Mixer Channel) Affiliate Program Partnership Program In-game name: YouTube Channel: Are you interested in Streaming, or creating videos: Any relevant information: All videos for submission will go through the Media QA Team, ensuring the quality of the content we're uploading on our channel. You will abide by all Zenyte rules, on and off stream, no exceptions. Rewards will be based off the quality of video, and how many you upload per week. 100 credits per week is the cap. You are free to upload your videos to your channel, 24 hours after, the video is uploaded onto the Zenyte YouTube. You will not upload any other server videos while in an agreement with Zenyte. The Media QA Team reserves all rights to deny your video for upload on the Zenyte channel, if this happens we will simply tell you to revise it, or whatever the case may be. In order to be eligible for the incentives, your video must be longer than 4 minutes (Affiliate) or 5 minutes (Partnership), after render time. Any items given to our Partnered YouTubers for giveaways or events that are not used, will be given back to an Administrator, or your account will be terminated indefinably.
  4. Hi there, and welcome to the Vendetta clan-chat. Here at the Vendetta, we hope to develop a clan-chat & discord server which is versatile enough to match everybodies needs. We are looking to provide a place for people to chat, hang out, do things in-game together, while not having any specific account build requirements or any limitations in-game stopping people from having fun within the clan. I have joined up with previous members from another very popular social clan, and together, we hope to provide fun events, get-togethers, and giveaways for everybody to enjoy. We are also only seeking players who can remain with a mature attitude, anyone who trolls consistently, targets people for bullying, or has a horrible attitude will be removed from the clan. System Change: We will be doing our best to monitor players, promote people as deserved, do weekly events both skilling & pvm, and try to always have things going on for the clan to enjoy. Ranks will not be given based only off of the time in the clan, see below for further information. How to Join: If you are interested in joining the Vendetta Team, all we ask is that you post on this forum, join the clan-chat, and let us know you have posted on the forum. This will ensure that your join date never gets missed, and that your name changes will be up-to-date no matter what. This makes it easiest for me, as well as others, to keep track of who is joining & when. At the same time, if you ever wish to leave us, please also post here or edit your original post saying that you have left. It's as simple as that, if you wish to include any information about yourself, your playstyle, etc, we would love to hear that as well. Thank you for joining and we hope you have a great stay! Please see below for added information! The Clan Rules: Zenyte Rules Apply: This is a very simple concept, if you're caught breaking the Zenyte rules you will be removed from the clan-chat. We don't want any unfair advantages or discrepancies in-game. Respectful & Mature: Here at Vendetta, we are going to be running on a respect & maturity base for attitude. This means you are not allowed to troll others, bully others, disrespect others, etc. On that note, we will be avoiding topics which cause heated arguments. These can be things like the LGBTQ discussions, politics, human rights, etc. If you can have these conversations without arguing, that's fine. If you're asked to stop, you stop. Boss Trip Fairness: This is also a very simple rule. You take someone on a trip? You split it 50/50, 33/33/33, 25/25/25/25, etc. No boss drops should have any items or loot held from anyone regardless of their stats, time in the boss room, etc. This means if you're halfway through a trip and your friend joins - find out the total amount and have 2 splits, or include your friend in it all. At the same time, if you have a group going and someone has to teleport out due to lack of supplies and then you get a drop 1-3 kills later, the person who ran out of supplies will still get a split on the unique drop. These means all need to be discussed before going into the boss room. The above are set Guidelines to prevent major issues. DISCORD: We will have an active Discord with events, giveaways, music bot, member ranks, and many other things. This will be implemented in the near future, stay tuned! EVENTS: All of our events are clan exclusive. SLAUGHTERING SATURDAYS: Every Saturday, for the whole day, we will be killing bosses as a clan. This means any boss, any time, with anyone in the clan-chat. FASHIONSCAPE FRIDAY: Every Friday, at approximately 21:00 in-game, we will try to host a FashionScape Friday event. At these events, prizes are given out for hide & seek games, as well as for fashionable outfits. GIVEAWAYS: Giveaways are the one and only way to make a clan donation. Clan donations will be done through giveaways, which will be in the form of events, or drop parties, hosted by anybody at any given-time, offered to support other clan members. Here at the Casual Cave, no ranked member will ever accept a donation. Donations are only to be done through giveaways. Giveaways support how clan members helping other clan members motto. DONATIONS: This clan does not accept donations to individual players. Donations are done through giveaways, by anyone, for everyone. See the above section "giveaways". The only thing that donations will get you here is a donation rank, which will be a specific color name on Discord. Lots of clans thrive from donations, we thrive as a community from donations through giveaways. You will get recognition for donations, but that's all. Application: Username: Discord Tag: Timezone?: Tell us a bit about yourself?: Favorite activity?: How active are you in-game and forums?: If you were referred by someone, who was it:
  5. An Administrator or member of the Zenyte Staff will be selected to act as the main objective in this event! Essentially, that staff member will have a very high increased amount of health and will pick a considerably decent multi pk area in the wilderness. They will then broadcast their location and will run around until they are killed. Upon being killed they'll drop a considerable amount of loot for everyone to fight over. The person who wins will have their name broadcasted. Take note this event is NOT SAFE and any HCIM wanting to participate are at risk of losing their status. Anyone skulled will also be risking anything they have as well.
  6. An Administrator or member of the Zenyte Staff will be selected to act as the main objective in this event! Essentially, that staff member will have a very high increased amount of health and will pick a considerably decent multi pk area in the wilderness. They will then broadcast their location and will run around until they are killed. Upon being killed they'll drop a considerable amount of loot for everyone to fight over. The person who wins will have their name broadcasted. Take note this event is NOT SAFE and any HCIM wanting to participate are at risk of losing their status. Anyone skulled will also be risking anything they have as well.
  7. @Dragonic706, @Baka, and @xSynystyrwill be hosting a Tribrid NH PVP Tournament at the Duel Arena on Saturday, February 22, 2020 23:00 GMT (Server Time). Rules can be found in the thread posted below. Restrictions apply, you must RSVP yourself on this event to be qualified for entry into the tournament, and upon RSVP you must pay a buy-in amount of 3000k gp to be approved for entry into the tournament. All matches are chosen at random and not made at any staff's or player's influence. All matches are finalized and there are no do-overs when the match is over. The buy-in will be split among the Top 3 winners (Semi-Finalists and Finalist) and any subsequent donations will be added and split evenly as well. Any person that backs out or can not make the tournament for any reason may contact a member of staff to get their buy-in back and be removed from the tournament bracket. Anyone who is found guilty of scamming or breaking any event rules will be disqualified from the tournament during any phase of the event as per the hoster's discretion and the event will resume as if the player had lost the match.
  8. ---PURE NATION --- cc We are a 1 defence PVP & PVM clan with lots of benefits. Organized professionally with a 30 man roster - EVENTS WEEKLY (Bossing, Pking, give aways) - Brotherhood & (sisterhood) looking to help each other & become the strongest clan possible controlling the wilderness - Millions of GP & items in giveaways weekly! Hosted by OG - Clan loyalty earns special benefits & Discord Ranks - FOUNDED in NOVEMBER , 2019. YOUTUBE CHANNEL COMING SOON... APPLY ASAP, PM 1 of the following players if you fit the criteria below: OG PURE LEAF PURE NATION DUTCH PURE 1. Have no more than 1 defence, must have have 30+ combat lvl minimum 2. Have a discord or make one 3. Must be active minimum 4+ hours a WEEK (not alot at all) 4. Willing to help spread good vibes and make Zenyte a even better place 6. Have 1 non pure acc 5. Respond why you would like to be a part of our clan & time zone
  9. †‡†‡Basic Information‡†‡† Welcome to the (P.o.W) clan thread, just thought i'd make it official by posting in forums. Created on 14th/January/2020. We are a pure clan who mostly PK, or do PvP events. Hoping a few more clans pop up so we can start to engage in some war! ¤Clan Chat: 8romley (Will update once we get a few members) ¤Leaders: 8romley ¤Meeting Location: Building South-East of Edgeville (over the bridge) ¤Number of Members: 1 -8romley (Leader) - - - - - - - ¤Combat Level Average: 60 ¤War Record: 0-0-0 ¤Timezone: Eastern (EST) ¤Recruitment: Accepting Applications (Fill out Application form) »»Requirements»»¤Must be on 5x! ¤Must have 1 Defence! ================================================================================================= -= Application Form =- Ingame Username: Attack Lvl: Strength Lvl: Defence Lvl: Range Lvl: Magic Lvl: Prayer Lvl: Hitpoints Lvl: Have you added the leader(s)?: Have you joined the Clan Chat?:
  10. Welcome to the Phereus clan topic! Phereus is an up-and-coming clan looking for fresh blood to share great experiences with on Zenyte. We're primarily a PVM community, focused on building excellent teams for upcoming Chambers of Xerics , Theatre of Blood, Corporeal Beast and all the other group bosses. Our members are very experienced, so you'll find yourself in the right place if you need help or advice on the many aspects of Zenyte's bossing. We also host frequent giveaways, PK trips, duo slayer tasks and skilling events, as well as Discord for a place to relax and enjoy some friendly banter. If you're looking for a close-knit group to hang out with and get those mega drops. Then you should probably fill out an application below. Recruitment: OPEN Rules - No toxicity - Respect all clan members - No spamming - No Pking other clan members - No Begging - No clan hopping - All drops are FFA unless everyone in the team agrees to split - Don't gamble clan members - Most importantly, Follow Zenyte's rules. Requirements Atleast 10 hours of playtime Discord is mandatory 85+ in combat stats Must be active *These requirements might change in the future Application If you're interested in joining our clan. Please fill out the format below: Username: Playtime: Timezone: Discord Tag: Do you agree to being non-toxic?: What are your goal(s) on Zenyte?: Reason for joining?: Owner(s) @Arkz @Three @Bongzilla Administrator(s) @908 Veteran(s) @Laxus @XoXo @Aritus @Sassafras @Hc AHK Whales @GO2SL3EP @diary @Endeavor @Joke @Maxx @SCORPIA PET @ZE/ @splasher @3rdeyeopener @AsuMain @BL4CKB0Y @Bojanna @Dyoh @genie @HC Raider @High Class @Joachim @L S D @Mine Rocks @Natural @Solo Elite @Xo/ @X5 @zulrah fan92 @Hallodu @Whoaz @Joey RS @Joey @Wanheda @El Loco @Thermoil
  11. With our upcoming Chambers of Xeric update, we'd like to receive more community input on what content you would like to see come into the game. This poll is based on a generic need for what content the community would like, based off of the information below.* Player vs Monster updates May include the following: Skotizo, Konar Slayer Master & Karuulum Dungeon, Alchemical Hydra, Inferno, Abyssal Sire, Forthos Dungeon, etc. Skilling updates May include the following: Construction, Hunter imps (& Puro-Puro), Aerial fishing, Miscellania, Blast Mine, Giant Seaweed Farming & Sandstorm grinder, etc. Player vs Player updates May include the following: Bounty hunter/Targeting system, Clan Wars, etc. Event oriented updates May include the following: Player Tournaments, Bossing events, hide and seeks, etc. Once this poll closes, we'll take the most voted category, and create a new poll for what content in that category will be worked on first! *If you're concerned about the omission of Clue Scrolls from the above, don't worry – these will be worked on post-raids no matter the outcome of this poll.
  12. Hello and welcome to Invictus, We are a Pvm & PvP clan, You are not required to do both but if you enjoy both then why not share your experience. We have a diverse community of Pvmers willing to teach others, while this is our main activity we also hold interest in skilling/pvp/pvm. If you are looking to make new friends, learn and explore Invictus is the place for you. There are no set requirements as such, but if you do wish to join the Pvp and Pvm activities discord + a microphone is a priority, this enables us to communicate clearly and effectively while doing team activities. Staff list - Owner: Jason Council: Flipcyde Captaind To join simply send one of the listed staff members a message in-game, to be invited.
  13. Might be playing, just gna make this thread incase we do Join Our Public Discord: discord.gg/r2az3tM yt - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_5s42Uw2a1pXuKvDGUkM0w
  14. Ingame name: -Screenshot of gear: -screenshot of stats: -Age: -Discord (Name#0000): -Former Clan Affiliations: -Why do you want to join the Arcane Army? The Arcane Army Staff!!! EL JEFE EL JEFE JR. MOD'S
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