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Found 1 result

  1. Friday Events [6/18/2021] Chambers of Xeric's Snag N Grab Greetings! to everyone here at Zenyte! We would like to introduce a new event, one of adventure, riches, and fun within the community! The #Broadcast channel on discord has been absolutely popping with drops from this time consuming, but very rewarding place! This event will rope in every experience level from Beginner, to straight Solo masters. The rules are simple... Complete the raid, Get the loot, and get some extra rewards as well! I'm talking about boosted drops, BUT, with a slight twist (in a good way). Each item will award players with store credits, but be quick! once someone gets an item drop! That item is no longer eligible for a reward! Speed is key here folks! Tier V (100 Store Credits) Dexterous Prayer Scroll: @Itzcnote100 Arcane Prayer Scroll: @MrClawz Twisted Ancestral Colour Kit: Tier IV (150 Store Credits) Twisted Buckler: Dragon Hunter Crossbow: Tier III (200 Store Credits) Dinh's Bulwark: Ancestral Hat: Ancestral Robe Top: Ancestral Robe Bottom: Dragon Claws: Tier II (250 Store Credits) Elder Maul: Kodai Insignia: Twisted Bow: Tier I (300 Store Credits) Metamorphic Dust: Olmlet: RULES ALL DROPS MUST BE POSTED IN THE THREAD BELOW IN ORDER TO COUNT! SCREENSHOT MUST INCLUDE THE SERVER INFORMATION TAB OF YOUR INVENTORY AS WELL! Each player will receive Three Xeric's Wisdom from Itzcnote100 to help them along their Journey! Rewards will be handed out by Itzcnote100 upon conclusion of the event! Event Start Friday June 18th 00:00 GMT (Server Time) You aren't available Friday? No worries! This event will end on Sunday, June 20th @ 00:00 GMT (Server Time) (Sunday at Midnight) We wish everyone the best of luck, and we will see you in the Chambers! ____________________________ Clue Race Event's host: Burninlove Description Players have 2 days to complete the clues, open the clue boxes and get the broadcasted rewards. The first people, who get the broadcasted rewards from Medium, Hard, Elite and Master clues, get a reward. In total, the reward places are: Medium: Ranger boots drop #1 - 10$ Bond Ranger boots drop #2: 10$ Bond Ranger boots drop #3: 10$ Bond Wizard Boots/Holy Sandals/ Climbing Boots (g)/Spiked Manacles drop: Mystery Box Hard: 3rd Age item: 3x 10$ Bonds Gilded item/Robin Hood Hat: 10$ Bond Elite: 3rd Age item: 3x 10$ Bonds Gilded item/Rangers' Tunic/Ranger Gloves/Rangers' Tights/Holy Wraps: 10$ Bond - @Brian Master: Bloodhound: 3x 10$ Bonds 3rd Age item: 3x 10$ Bonds Gilded item/ Bucket Helm (g)/Ring of Coins: 10$ Bond The drops must be screenshotted with the broadcast message and the notification board where we could see the current date and game time. The screenshots must be posted here, on this topic. Important!: The same player can not be rewarded for 2 or more drops from the same clue scroll type, for example a player can't win 2-3 times for being the first one to get the Ranger Boots 2-3 times or for receiving 3rd age drop multiple times. However, players are allowed to get up to 2 drops from any different clues combined, for instance players can win twice by getting a 3rd Age drop from any clue and a Gilded item from another; Ranger Boots + Bloodhound; etc. Event's date: From June 18th (Friday) 23:59 GMT (Server time) till June 20th (Sunday) 23.59 GMT (Server time) Side note: the Beginner and Easy Clue scrolls aren't involved in this event due to being the unpopular Clue scroll types to complete. Maybe we will think about another event with those Clue scrolls! Best of luck on the race!
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