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  1. Hello! Welcome to the C.R.I.P. Clan Recruitment Thread, Let's get started! ___ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ C.R.I.P. Community Restoration In Progress ___ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ___ To join you must meet these Standards. You must not be a member of any other clan in Zenyte. You are required to join the "Crip" Clan Chat. You must join the C.R.I.P. Discord Channel. You will be required to confirm your in-game account within the Discord. You must reply to this thread, filling out the Template directly below this. ___ _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Template IGN: Discord Name: Timezone: Reasons you would like to join the clan: Specialty: Referral: Here is the proper way to fill this out IGN: X X X Discord Name: <my Discord name> | <Case sensitive> | e.g. - "Billnye#5873" Capital B | Timezone: EST Reasons you would like to join the clan: i wish to join in on PvM, PvP, Skilling, Minigame, and Miscellaneous Events hosted by Crip CC! Specialty: <Pvm, PvP, Skilling, Bossing, ECT.> Referral: <player who referred you to this webpage>
  2. What is Kiyoshi? Kiyoshi is a clan GIM Project I've (Baka) been brainstorming since before I left Zenyte months ago. I seen an emergence of GIM groups coming into the game, and I thought, "What if I combined a clan and a GIM-based group together?" Well, this is the answer. Kiyoshi is a clan name I've dragged around with me for years now. From other PC games to console-based games. The clan itself was started years ago by myself and a group of close irl friends and online friends. Every game we played we'd make accounts with Kiyoshi at the end of the them. Our characters would have black hair, purple eyes as the standard. It died after years and everyone drifted apart, but I like to carry the name wherever I go when I can apply it. That's a bit of backstory. What Kiyoshi will be to Zenyte is eventually, a large clan that also functions as a Group Ironman style of playing the game. How Does It Work? Essentially, we'll recruit members like a regular clan, but all members have to create a new account with "Kiyoshi" at the end. (i.e. Baka Kiyoshi). Experience mode will be set at 10x, and played as regular player, however with restrictions and limitations by playing as an ironman. The members of the clan can only trade with each other and can not trade with anyone outside of the clan. They can't buy or sell from the Grand Exchange, and can only purchase Ironman gear, items, etc. from the shops at home. The main Kiyoshi account will act as a main "bank" of sorts to gather valuable items and money to be shared and used among the members of the clan. In order to take something from the account you'll have to put something in as a return gesture. However, if you earn an item by yourself and wish to keep it then by all means do so. If you choose to share, then that's awesome! There will be appointed members from the clan who have access to the main account and can trade items between the members. They will accept donations, trade offs and other things involving the main account. As with all clans, there'll be clan Moderators, but no clan Administrators as the group will run solely by itself and among the players. In accordance with that, I've constructed a "Council" of sorts that'll have meetings and plan out events and other things for the clan. Punishments, suggestions & ideas, events, and promotions will be the main focus of the meetings. Rules & Guidelines As is with most things there are rules and guidelines to follow to be apart of the clan! The guidelines and restrictions being applied are solely for fun and an added challenge to the game! Anyone caught infringing the rules can and will be terminated from the clan and all clan-related activities. 1. You MUST create a new account with Kiyoshi as a suffix "Baka Kiyoshi" Due to in-game name limitations, the maximum character count for a name is 12 characters. Kiyoshi plus a space is 8, so you'll have to use 4 letter or less names as a prefix. 2. The account MUST be a regular account set on x10 exp mode 3. While playing on your Kiyoshi account you can't trade with anyone who isn't Kiyoshi 4. You can not buy from the Grand Exchange. You are to play as an Ironman account. 5. You can buy from any available shop, but limit yourself to Ironman only items. If you don't quite know what appears for Ironmen and what doesn't then ask someone 6. The Kiyoshi account will be the main hub for trading high valuable items and gold among the members. In order to take something out you have to put something in 7. In accordance to the above rule, only certain members will have access to the Kiyoshi account and all of the items it holds. They'll be responsible for trading and borrowing among the players 8. Sharing is caring. You can choose to keep any item you personally obtain, but if you choose to share it with the rest of us, then you can't claim it back afterwards. Borrowing and not hogging items all the time is impertinent in maintaining a healthy relationship among each other 9. This should go without saying, but respect everyone in and outside the clan. Be friendly and keep anything offensive out or at least down to an absolute minimum. Disagreements and arguments happen all the time, but we can be civil and adult-like about it 10. Follow all of Zenyte's rules and guidelines That being said, I plan on adding more to the post in the near future. So please stay updated if you're interested! If you want to apply just respond with your discord tag and I'll add you on there and hash out the further details!
  3. **Please bear with us while we build the thread up, such as areas like meet the team. WELCOME TO THE OFFICIAL THREAD FOR XP HUB! <Awaiting graphics to be made> What is EXP HUB? We're a dedicated group of skilling based players, focusing on the unique side of accounts. We're made up of level 3 skillers and unique accounts, such as 10hp hardcore irons. We offer a highly competitive yet helpful community. Although we like to encourage unique accounts, anyone is welcome! There are currently not requirements. What Is our CC name and do we have a Discord? Meet the team Ranking System General Clan Rules Group Ironman + Rules Team One - Group Ironman Media Team Two - Group Ironman Media General Clan Media
  4. Join the "TFS" friends chat today The Fookers is a friendly Clan Chat dabbling in PVM,PVP and multiple events arranged daily basics or weekends. We accept all members Iron-men/PvMers/PvPers/Noobs I will be attempting to create events for all members with other rivals This Clan is only created so that Zenyte Members connect with each other and become more friendly. Announcing opening the Clan Chat I'll be hosting a lot of giveaways within the first 2 weeks. (Dragon Claws giveaway 24-hours) 19/09/2020 - 19:25 **to claim any reward you'll have to comment below first and also be in the FC/Discord** My end goal is for New players to meet other players via this clan chat/discord. https://discord.gg/vnYtKDy
  5. Hellloooo Everyone! It comes with great pleasure that we; Irons CC- Dannnnyboy, Nikican, Jay D, Zenletics & Convulsion - AsianDaddy, MissyMikel, Candle, Mew2 Are planning on organising our very First Clan Bingo Event Irons CC vs Convulsion!!! ** I will be updating this as more information is released and through out the Event duration for everybody to follow, support and cheer on both CC's *** DETAILS; - This Event will compose of either 1 big team or 2 teams from each of the CC's competing against each other in a race to complete the following Bingo Card. - The Event will run between Friday 3rd July 00:00 until LATEST Sunday 19th July 23:59 Server Time. - Event Finishes when Irons CC OR Convulsion achieve 3 BINGO Lines (which is 6 Sequential Tiles in a row Vertically, Horizontally or Diagonally).......... OR - If no CC has achieved BINGO by Sunday 19th July 23:59 Server Time - The CC who has completed the most tiles WINS the Event. Participation; -To Enter the event, You MUST be a ranked member within Irons CC or Convulsion. - You MUST be registered on Discord as ALL Item drops/achievements MUST be Screenshot'd and Uploaded on the Nominated Bingo Discord Channel to be valid. - To Enter the Event there will be a $10 Bond Entry Fee (Which MUST be payed/collected before the Event Begins - Please Speak to your CC Staff for Collection) - There will only be 1 Winning Team - Irons CC OR Convulsion - The Winning CC will be rewarded with ALL Entry Bonds to distribute across their participants evenly - The Biggest Reward though......Is Being Crowned the 1st Clan Bingo Event Winner!!! RULES; 1. All Participants must be registered on the joint discord bingo channel 2. All Items/Achievements MUST be screenshot and posted under the #bingo-posts channel on joint discord. The Screenshots must capture the following information; - Global Announcements of drop (If no Global announcement - Please Capture Loot Tracker) - The following phrase typed in chat box " Pvm clan bingo #Team irons OR #Team Convulsion " - Please capture the Server Date & Time of the drop/achievement - This is to ensure the drops are valid and within the Event Timeline - (Example pictures provided on discord) Any missed Screenshots OR not capturing all the above WILL NOT be valid 3. All participants in this Bingo event are under a Strict Truce with each other in terms of pking/crashing each other. - Under no circumstance anyone participating will be allowed to attack/kill each other inside the wilderness or crash each other at non-instanced boss/pvm areas. - Anyone caught breaking or disobeying this rule will be kicked off the event immediately!!! - Screenshots must be provided of anyone breaking the rule. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ TEAMS; Convulsion ; 1. Candle 2. AsianDaddy 3. Missymikel 4. Mew2 5. Ziniy 6. Hide 7. Lost Zombie 8. Nissan 9. Forux 10. Gracieloves2 11. Luis5breu 12. FranklyFrank 13. Vanguards 14. Great Chaos 15. Slimshady 16. Dead Ruler 17. Hcim Btw 18. Splasher Irons CC; 1. Dannnnyboy 2. Jay D 3. Nikican 4. Zenletics 5. Masochist 6. Slothlife 7. YSL 8. Lynx Irons 9. UIM Woolo 10. Fe Baz 11. 2020 12. Mitith 13. Dic2big 14. Scottishken 15. Acre 16. 3n V 3 N Q M 17. Nandrolone 18. Jut ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Convulsion Bingo Card Convulsion Item/Achievement log; -Franklyfrank received KBD Heads (Tile unique 1/3) -Vanguards received Ancestral Robe Top (Tile unique 1/3) - Forux received Arcane Prayer Scroll (Tile unique 2/3) - Forux received Olm Pet (Completed 'Any Boss Pet' Tile) -Slimshady received KQ heads (Tile Unique 2/3) -Slimshady received Serp Visage (Tile unique 1/4) - Missymikel received uncut onyx (Tile unique 2/4) - Vanguards received Evil Chicken piece (Tile completed) - Missymikel received Tanz Fang (Tile Unique 3/4) - Splasher received Dragon Pickaxe (Tile unique 1/3) - Franklyfrank received Twisted...….Buckler (Tile completed) - Vanguards received Pegasian Crystal (Tile unique 1/4) - Vanguards received Eternal Crystal (Tile unique 2/4) - Candle received Zenyte Shard (Tile unique 1/4) - Great Chaos received bruma torch (Tile unique 1/7) - Great Chaos received Pyro top (Tile unique 2/7 - Great Chaos received warm gloves (Tile unique 3/7) - Mew2 received INFERNO CAPE (Tile completed) - Splasher received Chaos elemental pet (Tile completed) - AsianDaddy received Zenyte Shard (Tile unique 2/4) - Gracieloves2 received Bandos Boots (Tile unique 1/4) - Splasher received Dragonic Visage (Tile Completed) - Forux received Occult Necklace (Tile Completed) - Splasher received Viggora Chainmace (Tile Completed) - Hide received Zenyte Shard (Tile unique 3/4) - Vanguards received Armady Hilt (Tile unique 1/4) - Vanguards received Armadyl Chestplate (Tile unique 2/4) - AsianDaddy received Magic Fang (Tile completed) - Vanguards received Armadyl helmet (Tile unique 3/4) - Franklyfrank received Armadyl Crossbow (Tile unique 1/4) - Gracieloves2 received Zamarok Spear (Tile unique 2/4) - Forux received Blessed Zammy d'hide chest (Tile unique 1/2) - Mew2 received Tangleroot skilling Pet (Tile Completed) - Vanguards received Primordial Crystal (Tile unique 3/4) - Hide received Zenyte Shard (Tile completed) - Vanguards received Armadyl Chainskirt (Tile Completed) - Dead Ruler received Rocky skilling pet (Tile Completed) - Gracieloves2 received Dragon Limbs (Tile Completed) - Forux received Bottomless Compost bucket (Tile Completed) - - - - - Convulsion 1st Bingo Line Completed - Lost Zombie received Saradomin Hilt (Tile unique 3/4) - FranklyFrank received Zamarok Hilt (Tile Completed) - FranklyFrank received Vorkath Head (Tile Completed) - - - - - Convulsion 2nd Bingo Line Completed - Splasher received Ranger Boots (Tile unique 1/2) - Forux received 3rd age Helmet (Tile unique 1/2) - Forux received Robin hood hat (Tile Completed) - - - - - - Convulsion 3rd Bingo Line Completed - - - Convulsion Win ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Irons CC Bingo Card Irons CC Item/Achievement Log; -Dic2Big received Zamarok Blessed d'hide Chest (Tile Unique 1/2) -Dic2Big received Robin Hood hat (Tile Unique 1/2) -2020 received Dark Bow (Tile Uniqe1/2) - Jut received Zulrah Boss Pet (Completed 'Any Boss Pet Tile') - Slothlife received Zamarok Spear (Tile Unique 1/4) - Dic2Big received Smouldering Stone (Tile unique 1/4) -Dannnnyboy received Eternal crystal (Tile unique 2/4) - Dic2big received Primordial Crystal (Tile unique 3/4) - Masochist received Bruma Torch (Tile unique 1/7) - Masochist received Warm gloves (Tile unique 2/7) - Scottishken received Zenyte Shard (Tile Unique 1/4) - 2020 received Abyssal Whip (Completed Tile 2/2) -YSL received Dharok Platelegs (Tile Unique 1/4) -Nandrolone received Dharok Platebody (Tile unique 2/4) - Lynx Iron received Dharok helm (Tile unique 3/4) -YSL received Dharok axe (Tile completed 4/4) - Dannnnyboy received warm hood (Tile unique 3/7) - YSL received uncut onyx (Tile unique 1/4) - Acre received vorkath head (Tile unique 1/3) - Acre received Skeletal Visage (Tile Completed) - 2020 received Magic Fang (Tile unique 2/4) - Uim Woolo received Giant Squirrel skilling pet (Tile Completed) - Jut received Kraken Tent (Tile unique 1/2) - Masochist received Pyro Top (Tile Unique 4/7) - 2020 received Serp visage (Tile unique 3/4) - Dic2big received Tyrannical Ring (Tile unique 1/3) - 3n V 3 N Q M received Ancestral Robe Hat (Tile unique 1/3) - 3n V 3 N Q M received Bandos Chestplate (Tile unique 1/4) - YSL received Dragon Axe (Tile unique 1/6) - YSL received Berserker Ring (Tile unique 2/6) - YSL received Seers Ring (Tile unique 3/6) - Acre received Chaos elemental pet (Tile completed) - Nikican received Kalphite Queen heads (Tile unique 2/3) - Dannnnyboy received KBD heads (Tile Complete) - Dannnnyboy received Zenyte Shard (Tile unique 2/4) - Lynx Iron received Tanz fang (Tile completed) - Uim Woolo received Treasonous Ring (Tile unique 2/3) - Slothlife received Hydra Leather (Tile unique 1/6) - Nikican received Dinhs Bulwark (Tile unique 2/3) - YSL received Archer ring (Tile unique 4/6) - YSL received Warrior ring (Tile unique 5/6) - Nandrolone received Dexterous Prayer Scroll (Tile completed) - Acre received Dragon pickaxe (Tile completed) - YSL received Pegasian Crystal (Tile completed) - Dannnnyboy received Zamarok Chaps (Tile Completed) - - - - - - - Irons CC 1st Bingo Line - Complete - Acre received Full Trident (Tile Completed) - Slothlife received Hydra Eye (Tile unique 2/6) - Jut received Zenyte Shard (Tile unique 3/4) - Uim Woolo received Zenyte Shard (Tile Completed) - - - - - - Irons CC 2nd Bingo Line - Complete - Dic2big received Ring of Life (Tile Completed) -Uim Woolo received Phoenix Pet (Tile unique 5/7) - Dic2big received Pyro Boots (Tile unique 6/7) - Uim woolo received Pyro legs (Tile Completed) - 2020 received Armadyl Crossbow (Tile unique 2/4) - Lynx Iron received Occult Necklace (Tile Completed) - Jut received Armadyl Hilt (Tile unique 1/4) - Dannnnyboy received Hydra Tail (Tile unique 3/6) - Nandrolone received Saradomin Hilt (Tile unique 3/4)
  6. Hi there, and welcome to the Vendetta clan-chat. Here at the Vendetta, we hope to develop a clan-chat & discord server which is versatile enough to match everybodies needs. We are looking to provide a place for people to chat, hang out, do things in-game together, while not having any specific account build requirements or any limitations in-game stopping people from having fun within the clan. I have joined up with previous members from another very popular social clan, and together, we hope to provide fun events, get-togethers, and giveaways for everybody to enjoy. We are also only seeking players who can remain with a mature attitude, anyone who trolls consistently, targets people for bullying, or has a horrible attitude will be removed from the clan. System Change: We will be doing our best to monitor players, promote people as deserved, do weekly events both skilling & pvm, and try to always have things going on for the clan to enjoy. Ranks will not be given based only off of the time in the clan, see below for further information. How to Join: If you are interested in joining the Vendetta Team, all we ask is that you post on this forum, join the clan-chat, and let us know you have posted on the forum. This will ensure that your join date never gets missed, and that your name changes will be up-to-date no matter what. This makes it easiest for me, as well as others, to keep track of who is joining & when. At the same time, if you ever wish to leave us, please also post here or edit your original post saying that you have left. It's as simple as that, if you wish to include any information about yourself, your playstyle, etc, we would love to hear that as well. Thank you for joining and we hope you have a great stay! Please see below for added information! The Clan Rules: Zenyte Rules Apply: This is a very simple concept, if you're caught breaking the Zenyte rules you will be removed from the clan-chat. We don't want any unfair advantages or discrepancies in-game. Respectful & Mature: Here at Vendetta, we are going to be running on a respect & maturity base for attitude. This means you are not allowed to troll others, bully others, disrespect others, etc. On that note, we will be avoiding topics which cause heated arguments. These can be things like the LGBTQ discussions, politics, human rights, etc. If you can have these conversations without arguing, that's fine. If you're asked to stop, you stop. Boss Trip Fairness: This is also a very simple rule. You take someone on a trip? You split it 50/50, 33/33/33, 25/25/25/25, etc. No boss drops should have any items or loot held from anyone regardless of their stats, time in the boss room, etc. This means if you're halfway through a trip and your friend joins - find out the total amount and have 2 splits, or include your friend in it all. At the same time, if you have a group going and someone has to teleport out due to lack of supplies and then you get a drop 1-3 kills later, the person who ran out of supplies will still get a split on the unique drop. These means all need to be discussed before going into the boss room. The above are set Guidelines to prevent major issues. DISCORD: We will have an active Discord with events, giveaways, music bot, member ranks, and many other things. This will be implemented in the near future, stay tuned! EVENTS: All of our events are clan exclusive. SLAUGHTERING SATURDAYS: Every Saturday, for the whole day, we will be killing bosses as a clan. This means any boss, any time, with anyone in the clan-chat. FASHIONSCAPE FRIDAY: Every Friday, at approximately 21:00 in-game, we will try to host a FashionScape Friday event. At these events, prizes are given out for hide & seek games, as well as for fashionable outfits. GIVEAWAYS: Giveaways are the one and only way to make a clan donation. Clan donations will be done through giveaways, which will be in the form of events, or drop parties, hosted by anybody at any given-time, offered to support other clan members. Here at the Casual Cave, no ranked member will ever accept a donation. Donations are only to be done through giveaways. Giveaways support how clan members helping other clan members motto. DONATIONS: This clan does not accept donations to individual players. Donations are done through giveaways, by anyone, for everyone. See the above section "giveaways". The only thing that donations will get you here is a donation rank, which will be a specific color name on Discord. Lots of clans thrive from donations, we thrive as a community from donations through giveaways. You will get recognition for donations, but that's all. Application: Username: Discord Tag: Timezone?: Tell us a bit about yourself?: Favorite activity?: How active are you in-game and forums?: If you were referred by someone, who was it:
  7. Interested in small but very active community helping eachother ? ----------------Dreamerz-------------- 1. Daily raids with new & experienced players 2. PVM Teams & masses 3. Maxing / Skilling groups 4. Weekly clan treasury spread among members 5. Fun & Risk Pking on weekends 6. Clan ranks earned through loyalty that give better benefits 7. Chill & laid back but Very Active. JOIN TODAY! Capping at 40 members! Add me on discord OG#5000 Provide the following (below or via discord) TIMEZONE: AVERAGE PLAYTIME WEEKLY: AVERAGE PLAYTIME WEEKENDS: IGN'S: FAVORITE ACTIVITY: PK CLAN (If you're in one):
  8. It's time for another Clan SOTW Event! Hosted exclusively to Orion Clan Members! This time we'll be partaking in a Fishing SOTW Event! What is this? Skill of The Week (SOTW) is an event in where users create a fresh account using set requirements and then compete to be the first one to have 200m (or highest) experience in the skill chosen for the week. The user(s) with the most experience at the end of the event win the rewards listed! Fishing SOTW This event will focus on the Fishing skill! It will start on February 10, 2020 00:00:00 EST and will end on February 17, 2020 23:59:59. Clan members will be competing against each other to see who can gather the most fishing experience at the end of the event! The Essentials All participants wanting to partake in the end MUST RSVP themselves here on this thread saying that they will be participating. This is important because it helps me catalog all the members who'll be in the event. All participants are required to make a new account with the prefix OC if they haven't done so already. Prior participants can use their current OC account as long as it doesn't have any fishing experience whatsoever. All participants must have their accounts as an Ironman or Hardcore Ironman. This adds a challenge to the event. All participants must have their experience mode set to 10x Mode. This adds a good stable experience gain for the duration of the event. Upon creation of the account the user may complete the tutorial, but have to screenshot themselves at home with their skills open and username shown. Afterwards you have to post the screenshot in the #sotw discord channel once given access. Guidelines to Follow 1. A fresh account must be used with no fishing experience and the prefix OC 2. The account must be an Ironman or Hardcore Ironman 3. The account must be on 10x Experience Mode 4. Any fish you catch can be banked for any future Cooking SOTW event. It will help in the long run! 5. Any participants who don't RSVP or post their screenshot upon account creation in the #sotw Discord channel can not enter once the event has started 6. Any participants who cheat or break any Zenyte rules during the process of the event will be disqualified from the event, banned from the clan, and any punishments on Zenyte's behalf. Last But Surely, Not Least The rewards for the event are listed below. The participants who place in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place respectively are eligible to win prizes! The winner in first place wins a forum signature specifying that they won the event! $10 Bond - 1st Place 7500k - 2nd Place 5000k - 3rd Place
  9. Welcome to Maxing™ ! We are a public skilling group who aims for maxing stats and make fat stacks Please read the official rules for CC: 1. No Asking for money/items 2. you can speak freely and openly. just do not bully others 3. do not ask for clan ranks. they're earned up to captain for obtaining 99s To earn ranks in the cc and earn rewards from Camelot IG for achieving 99s. (rewards do not include ones you previously got) ranks and Rewards 1. 5-99s = corporal and 100k 2. 10-99s = sergeant and 200k 3. 15-99s = lieutenant and 350k 4. 22-99s(max) captain and 500k (please note that when you officially join the cc you will need to show Camelot or Tar or Griffin IG your 99 skill cape's for skill documenting. and to be in cc for more than 1 week to gain rewards as its a safety measure from people coming and leaving) giveaway section Giveaways are weekly and they're drop party's. every Friday at 10pm Pacific standard Time. extra info 1. We are starting out a public cc bank if anyone is interested donating to the cc for drop party'sand tools for newcomers for the cc, and if you need supplies as in, tools, food, armour, runes, or potions just ask Camelot. Feel free to ask Camelot, Tat or Griffin IG for cc donations. 2. We are planning on making a YouTube channel for the cc to give content to the players of Zenyte as there is not much to see for tutorials and guide's for Zenyte on YouTube. as in skilling guides, pvm guides, money making guides etc. And that's about it if you've join welcome to the skilling community!! get skilling
  10. Orion is hosting a Skill of the Week event for its clan members starting on 01/12/2020 and ending 01/19/2020. The skill chosen for the event will be Woodcutting. The user with the most Woodcutting experience at the end of the event will win the rewards shown below. The requirements for participating are simple. All Orion clan members participating have to make a new account with the prefix Oc in the beginning of the username. All acocunts must be made hours prior to the event and tutorials completed but thats it. All accounts must be Ironman or Hardcore Ironman and set to x10 Exp Mode All members participating must have an active Discord during the event as that's where the proof will be posted. If you would like to participate but you're not a member of Orion you can apply here. If you are a member of Orion and would like to participate, RSVP yourself here and also on Discord (will explain further for Discord) The rules for the event are rather simple. 1. You must make a new account hours prior to the event with the above prefix. 2. All new accounts must be Ironman or Hardcore at 10x exp mode. 3. All accounts must ONLY train woodcutting for this event. Combat skills are okay to do. I plan on reusing the accounts for future SOTW events. 4. All proof must be uploaded to the Orion discord server to ensure your participation in the event. The rewards are given to the user with the most experience in Woodcutting at the end of the event. Alternatively, if a user reaches 200m exp first then they win automatically. $10 Bond - First Place 5000k - Second and Third Place
  11. This clan thread is no longer active
  12. About I wanted to gather the opinions of our clan community today to touch on some subjects that I believe require the opinions of all of our clan members. I like to be fair and consistent with things like this, so if at anytime you have an issue with me or how the clan is ran, you can always talk to me personally and I'll do my best to assess your situation with the proper amount of professional courtesy and respect. That being said, let's move forward with some information about the poll. Ranking System With our current ranking system, we don't have much to offer in terms of benefits or rewards for long-term members. The only idea I have come to mind is allowing Specialist+ ranks have access to creating Giveaways in the discord server. I'm on the fence about allowing it for Senior Members as well for the fact that I would like to offer more services and benefits to our members, but at the same time I don't want things too hard to manage. I'm all ears for any ideas or implementations for the ranking system if anyone has any. Events This subject is a bit of an important matter I'd like opinions and feedback on from the whole clan. Currently, we have no Events team or anyone to run or organize events for the clan. I'd like to implement a team of individuals (Staff and/or likeminded members) to help with planning and running clan events. This includes gathering the necessary funds, or figuring out how it's going to be done. Also planning and laying out event details, structure and operations. This, of course will be hands on and will be reported directly to our clan admins and owners via private discord channels and such. The only kinds of events I have really planned right now are SOTW (Skill of the week) and BOTW (Boss of the week). Might throw in some mass GWD or mass Pest Control events. The point is I need more ideas ran by me and likeminded people to run and organize these events. Referral System Currently, as it stands, I haven't handed out any referral rewards to users. However, they are all logged using an InviteManager bot on discord. The current rate for referrals is 100k > 1 Person Referred. I'm willing to raise this or add other factors into play like an extra 100k if the user moves up to Senior Member, 200k for Specialist, 300k for Veteran. The only problem with keeping the referral system alive is gathering the funds to operate it. Any opinions or feedback on this would be nice. Friendliness and Staff Last, but certainly not least, I wanted to touch on our overall community friendliness and engagement between staff and members. I want Orion to strive for great communication and friendliness between its members. That being said, everyone's opinions and ratings on this is most important to me as my members are the foundation of which Orion was built. If you feel that we can improve in certain aspects or key areas like communication, friendliness, engagement or stuff related to that be sure to leave your opinion below. I believe in gathering opinions of the clan to make it better for the members.
  13. ---PURE NATION --- cc We are a 1 defence PVP & PVM clan with lots of benefits. Organized professionally with a 30 man roster - EVENTS WEEKLY (Bossing, Pking, give aways) - Brotherhood & (sisterhood) looking to help each other & become the strongest clan possible controlling the wilderness - Millions of GP & items in giveaways weekly! Hosted by OG - Clan loyalty earns special benefits & Discord Ranks - FOUNDED in NOVEMBER , 2019. YOUTUBE CHANNEL COMING SOON... APPLY ASAP, PM 1 of the following players if you fit the criteria below: OG PURE LEAF PURE NATION DUTCH PURE 1. Have no more than 1 defence, must have have 30+ combat lvl minimum 2. Have a discord or make one 3. Must be active minimum 4+ hours a WEEK (not alot at all) 4. Willing to help spread good vibes and make Zenyte a even better place 6. Have 1 non pure acc 5. Respond why you would like to be a part of our clan & time zone
  14. ~Scrap Trader~ Currently a small clan not going for big numbers of members like other CC but we are trying to make this CC a gathering place for everyone to buy and sell items here. Ever go into the GE and not find any items you are looking because they could traded less or maybe not sought for in a sense "Scraped items" items players might leave in their banks but never sell or use often? Well here at Scrap Trader we are here to try to fix that got some old unicorn horns that you aren't using but dont want to just drop them well sell them here!!! All you have to do to join this CC is go in-game and type "GinKusa" in your clan join option This CC doesn't have any requirements other than having a positive attitude to other players when listing an item in the CC put a number next to it 'Ex.489' and wait until someone else in the CC messages you back use prices that aren't overpriced if your item has been sold say in CC "Sold - [number]"
  15. Hey members of Orion! I wanted to bring everyone here today to discuss and gather opinions on any future events and giveaways we have planned. I've noticed members beginning to wonder when we're going to kick these things off and since I haven't been active recently I wanted to do a big event or several events in a chain all in one sitting. It'll be a good initiative to get new members and start our spread across Zenyte. Participating in any events or hosting your own giveaways will allow you to move up to ranks like Senior Member, Specialist, or Veteran. We're also looking for active clan members looking to fill our Mentor roles: PVP Mentor, Skilling Mentor, PVM Mentor, Bossing Mentor, or Master. If you feel like you'll fit any of these roles, be sure to contact someone in clan staff to be able to try out. If you have any other ideas or suggestions you can think of, you can always reply and leave them below! Everything gets considered and looked at!
  16. Clan Status: Reviewing Applications •~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• Application •~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• Username : Why do you believe we will be a good fit for you? What type of player are you (Goals of the game; skiller, PvP focused, merching, etc..)? What kind of events do you hope to see? What are your personal goals? What is your time zone? Were you referred? If yes, by who? Were you with, or currently with any clans? If you were, why did you leave? Post a picture of in-game playtime Are you active on Discord?? •~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• Words of Encouragement •~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• •~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• Events •~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~•~• Current Events: PKing. Planned Events: Maxing out on Zenyte. Build HCIM Army.
  17. Upon the official release of Zenyte I plan to start a clan for the most patient hard working people. In real runescape I have aquired over two hundred million in almost all of my skills. You must reach seventy hours game time the first week with extreme results or you will be removed from the clan. No, this is not a joke as I have come searching for the best of the best. We will be number one, simply because I say so. Nothing less, nothing more. (CLAN: YOGOSUN)
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