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Found 7 results

  1. i will kill Zulrah for free for you for the diary only 1 kill pr person i keep the loot.
  2. Ziniy Raids Boosting Services Self played As the title says i am offering Raids boosting services which are self played and that means i will take you trough the raids and tell you what to do, on top of that i will also dps carry you inside the raid in such a way that you are guaranteed a minimum amount of points towards a unique drop. If you get a drop it is yours to keep. Pricing: 8m pr raid can vary depending on gear. Pm me in-game at: Ziniy
  3. Are you wanting to try to achieve a dragon warhammer, but you don’t know gear to bring. This guide will be perfect for you. The gear you will need will be as followed: Home teleports Runes for high alchemy (1 Nature/5 Fire) Rune pouch for more room in inventory (from slayer master for 1250 points or from Frank Vote shop for 50 vote points) 1-2 Ranging pots (or as many as you want for the length of time you plan on staying there) (from John in the north west store at home) 6-7 Prayer pots (or as many as you want for the length of time you plan on staying there) (from John in the north west store at home) Rest of inventory food Range weapon (with appropriate ammo) Shayzien Armour (helm, body, legs, boots, gloves) All level 5. The level 5 armour set can be bought from any Slayer Master. Best offhand item you can afford Archer Ring (or best you can afford) (from Dagannoth Supreme/GE/Zenyte Store for 75 points) Ava’s accumulator (or better) (can obtain from Archery store at home) Amulet of Fury (or best ranging necklace you can afford). Make sure you pray Range, otherwise you will get wrecked. Run from the little purple dudes they summon, they will 7 damage each (total 21 for all 3). Sitck to the South and West wall (by a pillar), so that they can’t jump on you dealing 20+ damage. If you need any help with obtaining any of this gear, message me or any other high level pvmer in game. IGN: Mastermewtwo The quickest way to get to the Temple Lizardman Shamans is in the following picture: Use the Zenyte Teleport at home, go under the skilling tab, and select Farming Guild. Once you arrive at the Farming Guild, run to the Southeast, over the bridge, up the pyramid, then enter Lizard Dwelling. Once you are in the Lizard Dwelling, run to the west and go north. Once you get to the rooms, turn pray Range on and drink one dose of Ranging potion, then walk through the Mystical Barrier. There are 3 rooms you can choose from to fight Lizard shamans. If you would like to check your KC and you are on mobile, you will have to talk to the Shayzien Soldier in the Shaman Pit. There are two way to get there: 1. Use the Zenyte Teleport at home and go to Dungeons, Chasm of Fire, go up the rope, run to the east then north. 2. Use the Fairy ring DJR, then run north. Once you get to the pit, you will need to pray range and take out the shaman closes to the steps of the pit. There will be soldiers fight other lizardmans, just tap and hold on one of them and then tap on talk to Soldier.
  4. Jakey's Services Hey all, so I'm Jakey! I'm here to provide services to players, starting with a few services than working my way through more as I see fit. I mostly do PVM type stuff, so feel free to contact me with custom requests even if they aren't on this thread as of yet. Vorkath Head Service With this service I will get you your first vorkath head for an ava's assembler! This item is very useful because it makes ranged ammo literally never show up on the ground! While Vorkath may not be the most difficult boss, some people may find it hard to get the motivation to complete up to 50 kills for the head, so I'm here to do it for you! I currently have 800+ Vorkath KC on Zenyte on my main account. I will provide the inventory supplies and the weapon. You just need to have an Ava's assembler, void is preferred, but possible in dragonhides. I will be keeping the drops of my choice (including visages), but any deaths (if they happen) will come out of my pocket, not yours. THIS IS ONLY FOR THE FIRST HEAD ON THE ACCOUNT, HOWEVER I WILL DO MORE HEADS AT A DIFFERENT RATE! Ironmen other than HCIM are eligible for this, please message me in order to discuss gear. Cost: 400k per kill; up to 50 kills (100% chance of head on 50th kill)* Stat Requirements: 65 Ranged 70+ Hitpoints 39 Magic Gear Requirements: Salve amulet (ei) Higher defense is a bonus, a small discount may be provided for void/elite void. *if either a pet, or one of the visages drop, the head will be free ORDERING In order to place an order please add me in-game if you're not on discord and we can discuss through there. Otherwise, message me on discord (Jakey#3825) and we can discuss the inner workings more so, including 2fa if applicable. I look forward to working with you, and best of luck on Zenyte! COMPLETIONS
  5. Needing Your Mage Arena 2 Cape but either lazy, busy, or don't know how? Let me take care of it for you! The mage arena 2 cape requires that you find and kill 3 high level bosses in deep wilderness. Here are my requirements for your account listed below so that I can complete this for you. Minimum Skill Requirements: 75+ Magic 40+ defence is (preferred) 45+ Prayer A respectable Hitpoints level Must have on the Account: Saradomin Brews Anglerfish or Sharks Super restores All 3 Mage Arena Staffs (bought from the Chamber Guardian accessed via the pool @ Mage Arena) All 3 God Capes Plenty of Blood Runes, Air Runes, and Fire Runes Preferred Equipment Please include in your inquiry which cape you would like (Zamorak, Guthix, or Saradomin) imbued. If you do not have access to this armor due to skill restriction (such as pures) please comment below that you are interested in the service and explain. Pm me in game and we can talk. Payment is due BEFORE the service takes place. Payment cost is 7m in game gp or combination of sellable items leading up to 7m. For example, 1 zerker ring and 4m, 1 archer ring and 4m, etc. Due to the fact that I must spend extensive time in the wilderness completing this task on your account, it is POSSIBLE that you may lose the items you were wearing when we started (due to pkers). Please understand this, and I will not be held responsible for whatever item you insisted on taking with me (the equipment posted above is more than fine and budgetary!). If you have 2 factor authentication on your account, I will need help through discord or a 2nd account getting your 2 factor authentication PIN to log on. For the safety of your account, I will NOT be offering this service to HCIM players. There is no possible way to guarantee a deathless wildy service, and as such I will respect and protect the time you have invested into your HCIM by simply refusing service to it. Thank you for understanding! Let me help you! I also have a Zulrah Diary Completion service if you are looking for one as well. All the best, Necromancer
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