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Found 68 results

  1. I played for a few hours last night, now it will not let me sign in with my password.
  2. DoogleBerg

    In-game Evil Bob

    I seem to be stuck on Evil Bob's island, I've fished up a fish from every fishing spot multiple times and he still won't let me leave. Maybe I'm missing something? but I think I'm stuck. Any help or information on to what I'm doing wrong would be awesome!
  3. So i've got a quick question 'bout the Master farmer, i was just wondering how many diffrent kind of seeds he holds in this server.. because i do not know if it's worth buying the seed box.. if i do not have to bank anymore after i can store 6 diffrent kind of seeds in the box than it's worth it for me.. if i still have to bank.. than it's not worth it even tho it's just a small distance.. it will make the diffrence for me
  4. Using a Vorkath's head on my max cape did nothing, but on the osrs wiki it says that this can be done the same way as on a ranging cape (t). As a result I used the head on an accumulator, and then used the assembler on the max cape. I also could not sell the cape back to Mac. I would like to have this undone if possible and get the head back.
  5. I have sent multiple emails, was looking forward to donating.
  6. Its been a while since I played, I want to test out mobile and its asking for my auth device. I dont know if I used winauth at the Time, but it's not in my google auth stuff. I just want to log in, so could the auth part please be removed? Please and thanks...
  7. My Canifis mushroom patch has broken it will neither grow nor die so i cannot complete the morytania hard diary. I'm waiting to start doing Barrows. Please help! I've talked with mods ingame and posted in the discord but it has been over a week since it broke and i still havent been helped.
  8. New device, traded old device in, forgot about a few authenticator secured accounts on old device. Can I get the authenticator removed? Thanks!
  9. New device, traded old device in, forgot about a few authenticator secured accounts on old device. Can I get the authenticator removed? Thanks!
  10. Hi. First of all I love the shit outta the android app, never really had any issues with it at all. Today I installed the latest android update. Now when I login to zenyte mobile, i get logged out 10-15 seconds after logging in. It's not my internet, or zenyte server. I truly believe this is an issue with the latest update that was installed.
  11. PLEASE HELP LOL! Recently bought a new laptop, a much better laptop than my previous. Since getting the new laptop i randomly get disconnected but it allows me to log back in straight away. When i'm logged in the connection is perfect and have no faults at all with any other window/app when this happens. video's don't stutter and connection does not drop. tried reinstalling the game and rebooting router. all seems to be given full access on my anti-virus software also as far as i can see. not very advanced when it comes to computers only know basics of using them which is why i'm here. any help would be greatly appreciated as it gets very annoying and seems as if i were to try any sort of bossing i would get dc'd. IDK whether this is worth noting but my old laptop ran 32Bit windows and my new one is 64bit. idk whether there's a fault with that client? thanks in advance:)
  12. Had a problem today at Lizardman shamans where my client crashed and when I opened up the game I had died. (It was only 5 minutes or so between crash to login) and when I went to get my stuff at shamans it was gone. I lost a cannon, the peaceful blessing among other supplies. is There a way to recover cannon? Or my blessing?
  13. Dvex

    In-game I'm stack

    In evil bob qoust im stack when i teleport i have an erorr massage : invalid teleport
  14. Id like to remove authenticator from my acc. I recently changed phone and lost the authenticator thing
  15. Jozas

    In-game Ban

    Username: Jozas BAN Date of Punishment: 09/29/2019 Explanation: I was afk fishing and for no reason i was banned.
  16. Was in Rellekka training agility, got a random event teleport, finished the task, cannot teleport out Ing: Middle Leg
  17. Robin Hood

    In-game Banned

    I was just banned on robin hood and two of my alt accounts- "Smite" and "power ranger" while fishing. I'm playing xbox and fishing watching my pc and I was banned on all 3 accs without anyone saying anything to me
  18. As the title says I'm running into an issue with error message when attempting to log in. I went through the recommended tips to try when running into this issue and wasn't able to resolve it. I was playing this morning so it seems to be something thats popped up recently. Any recommendations of what to try would be appreciated. Was just able to get in. Appears the issues were related to whatever issues were going on that required a rollback or that situation. Topic can be closed as it appears to have been unrelated to an individual problem.
  19. Okay, so i uploaded two photos. on is stretched mode the other is normal. i like the normal because the game looks better quality, but i cant read anything really because the chat etc are so small. but the stretched mode makes the whole game blurry. Is there any other solution to this?
  20. Jeffim

    In-game Ban Appeal

    Team Zenith, I would like some information about my ban. I was leveling Fletching afk, in my view not so different from alch or splash. I have been playing Zenyte for hours every day, and I was a little upset about this situation. Grateful for everything now.
  21. Hi all! So I started my account as a hardcore and ended up dying with about 1580 total level or something like that. Ever since I've died and become a regular ironman, my stats on the highscores have stayed the same as the day I died. Is there any way that I can fix this? or is this something that needs to be fixed by staff? It's really not a huge issue but I do enjoy having the competitive aspect back and seeing where I rank among other players. Thanks
  22. I am unable to do hunter now as it has said that I cant set up more than 3 traps for days now. I have logged, attempted to "find" the traps (the last traps ive done were deadfall in feldip), died a few times etc... Could someone assist? I have a daily challenge of chinchompas and really want to do them. IGN: Undmgllama
  23. There's currently an issue where there are no black salamanders around, that I'm aware of, to be caught in the wilderness, meaning you can't complete the wilderness hard diary. I was told there are a bunch of hunter bugs right now by 'Life', who also said it would fix itself with an update, but I figured I'd post about it to make sure it would get fixed. Here's a picture of me crying, alone, without any black salamander friends:
  24. I've been playing fine for a couple weeks now on my computer I use for work but now all of a sudden it doesn't want to work. I uninstalled it because it could not locate it after a boot-up. Now when I use ZenyteInstaller it comes up with this error: "An error occurred while trying to rename a file in the destination directory: MoveFil failed; code 5. Access is denied." Then I can Abort, Retry, or Ignore. They all fail to download the game fully in working condition. I am using Windows 10. Hopefully it doesn't have anything to do with the AV on this computer. Please let me know if anybody has had the same issue or if anybody knows how to fix it. Thanks. EDIT: Solved on my own. When in doubt, RESTART. ffs.. always do that shit and just forget sometimes thats a good fix.
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