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  1. This is really cool to see, thanks for the event!
  2. Thats cool man, cant say I find myself going that way anytime soon but hmu if you wanna come see the beaches
  3. Welcome to the server man, i'm new too.
  4. Lol thank you!! Thanks! I've already meant a few! Thank you! Thanks Jett! Thanks my dude! What part of michigan you from??? Thank you man, will do! Thanks pal, have been so far. You have any go too's when the game gets a little stale? Thanks DrShemp!!
  5. Sup guys, been playing rsps off and on for over 10 years now and im still loving it, unfortunately I dont have to many people to still play with nowadays. Looking forward to this new thriving community to make some new friends, and I thank you guys for welcoming me. Little about me: Im 22, i'm from West Michigan, I currently am an 'Apple Master' at Best Buy and work full time, I enjoy sports and video games along with having some drinks with friends every so often. I learned a little java back in the day to make my own server and it really kicked off. I loved being able to customize the game to my liking, it was great but soon enough i was tired of constantly marketing the game to keep it alive and fun so I inevitable gave up. Now I just enjoy myself some pvm and maybe some skilling to make the journey a little easier. If you guys see me in game feel free to send me a friend request or just say 'Hi'. Thats all for me, again thank you for welcoming me to this amazing server!
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