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  1. why do u think half of us quit before xD
  2. I like how the raggers are picking on tiny little things like the part where you mentioned needing consent. Mate this isn't the Law you're not lawyers fighting a case and trying to abuse loopholes in the system, IT'S RULES ON A RS PRIVATE SERVER. IT'S A GUIDELINE MEANT TO TELL YOU WHAT STAFF DO NOT WANT ON THEIR GAME AND WHAT THEY'LL REMOVE YOU FOR. HAHA WEIRDOS MAN IDK
  3. cant wait for u to get skull tricked again brotherman
  4. you're an unfun cretin who spams crystal bow because ur too dogshit at pking to fight normally. Your entire team avoids whenever called out, you're multi bots and even then you're shit in multi too so you cry bow rag until a decent pker from ur team comes on so you can feed him gear to fight people. BUT I STILL AINT SEEN THESE PEOPLE COMING ON LIKE YOU SAI DTHEY WOULD BE XD DOGSHIT PKER REDUCED TO ASH BY THIS NEW RULE I LOVE IT
  5. - Make clan wars challenge portals usable and host frequent events for pvp. Winning team gets 100m to split or something. 5v5's 3v3's 2v2's 1v1's, whatever. Try encourage everyone to take part not just the pkers. Maybe a tournament minigame where the gear is spawned for you like os-scape with small cash prizes. - change the pvp crossbow animation to what it is on 07. - Add risk protection to prevent 1 item ragging in all parts of the wild because it's cancer and boring. - when following a person, if they run around then you will run around them until you're behind them again; https://gyazo.com/3a87a82a82c4b1963d2791285fdfb2ef(edited) this doesn't happen on osrs and it is EXTREMELY annoying for fall-ins during singles pk hits. If the person you're trying to kill starts hitting your focuser back then your entire fall in moves around and it makes it much more annoying to get kills. - (This one is kinda meh) I enjoyed the time back when dragon spears in multi were stackable and you could send your enemy walking for miles if you had enough teammates with specs, this was a good way to smite people in multi too and if that were to be added then it'd give us something to do. - Adding on to the prayer/smiting thing; on 07 prayer drains much faster and it feels like smite drains much more of your prayer. On Zenyte I can be smiting someone for minutes and after i kill them they still have 3/4 prayer potions left just because I've made them use maybe 1 or 2, Make prayer drain faster in the wilderness or buff smite. (i've pked for months and havent smited a single item whereas on 07 I smite +1's every few days) - A small bounty hunter zone maybe to further incentivise pking? (emblem tier upgrades for kills) - Buff rogue's chests since nobody does them. - Instead of bounty hunter, PvP Points could be added with it's own unique shop - Video making competitions maybe? Be it pvp or non pvp I don't mind. I'd like to see more community stuff but then again maybe you do community stuff all the time and I never see it because i'm not really active on forums. - FIX THE GOD DAMN CHAOS FANATIC HOLY SHIT THIS GUY HAS PJED ME SO MANY TIMES HE WALKS FOR MILES OUTSIDE OF WHERE HE'S MEANT TO BE AND FOLLOWS ME AROUND LIKE A HOMING FUCKING MISSILE IT IS SO TRIGGERING .(edited) some decent suggestions, some shit ones, all i could think of but i'm once again at back at the point where the game has gotten extremely boring with wilderness inactivity, I understand pkers aren't really your target audience but if you want to keep us then it'd be nice to see you consider at least a couple of these so we can potentially look forward to something crossbow animation, risk protection, follow mechanics, prayer/smite are the important ones could probably buff wildy boss drop tables too while you're at it (edit) sorry for the post being so messy I copied it out of discord and couldn't be bothered to make it look pretty.
  6. named us on yell for 15 minutes with almost no replies from sb members not trying to blow yell up. kept going so we turned up to the caves and cleared them. Trash talking is part of the fun and we get it so don't be salty that you lost and call us toxic or call this drama like a couple have already. We are up for fighting for fun, for practice, for anything. pm faggetman / blamejuicy, maybe we can even put some no trash talking rules in place if it hurts too much.
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