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  1. In-game username: Medal(s): Maxed/Donator Proof for your Medal(s): Maxed: https://gyazo.com/e7e7d9f397f3315340f87f6954beafe1 Donator: https://gyazo.com/aa579c00be2ea6e00325df1412d234f6
  2. Can't wait to use my Raids gear at Blast Furnace!
  3. Congrats on the promo, glad to see Dante in Purple.
  4. As an Ironman my go to are Paladins, average 1.5M cash p/h and a bunch of Chaos runes which I save up to purchase Onyx's. Wilderness Slayer is also useful for potions. Now a days I keep T6+ and insta-sell any tiers below and use the credits to purchase Anti-Venom+ (4) which I either use for Zulrah or drop trade and sell for GP's. It's not hard to make money. If you want big change, hit up bosses (Zulrah/Godwars) and sit there. It's all RNG based, may take you longer than others to get loot but either way you're going to get loot if you stick around.
  5. Username: Laxus Playtime: 10 days Timezone: UTC + 8 Discord Tag: Laxus #9516 Do you agree to being non-toxic?: Yes What are your goal(s) on Zenyte?: I WILL be the first Ironman with TBOW. Also want to clear Raids and set records with fellow #PHWhales Reason for joining?: My Echolocator device broke so PH is the only way I can communicate with the two biggest whales I know, @Hc AHKand @Bongzilla
  6. Welcome to Zenyte, Bepis. Looks like you've got some competition, :O. @Hc AHK
  7. Welcome to the Forums, Gijui.
  8. Great progress, keep it up.
  9. Welcome to Zenyte, Jay. GL with the UIM grind!
  10. Hi, take a look at the following topic and see whether any of the solutions work: Let me know if it works out or not.
  11. Hi, Schrute. Welcome to the Forums.
  12. Welcome to Zenyte, Mata.
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