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  1. Username: Lunsjen What are your goals on Zenyte: My goals on Zenyte would be to max my ironman, hopfully getting all 200m xp and might go for all items. Why do you want to join us? Why not another clan: Why I left my other clan its because I didnt feel like it would go any places it was a very small player base, and I want a clan thats active thats willing to learn with me, and why would i like to join you guys and not another one, would like a professional community that I can learn new tricks and strategys in Pvming and even learn others my tricks and strategys. Will you join our Discord: (If no, explain why) Yes i will What is rule #4: Do not join another clan while being with us. Additional Information: I am 21 years old living in Norway, have been playing RSPS since 2009 - 2010.
  2. would love to see this ingame, amazing job Silvernova
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