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  1. Always sad to see people leave but i wish you two the best of luck in the future! Congratulations to you Passion a well deserved promotion!
  2. Mate you're one lucky fella, never stop sharing your world war facts
  3. Late happy birthday my man!

    1. Corey


      ur next for demotion

  4. Great list of updates this is! Thank you do the devs & the QA team for the amazing work you guys do.
  5. Congrats to all the new server supports. Welcome to the team fellas!
  6. There was an Api maintainance that caused this to happen, if you try to log in now it should be fine again.
  7. Big Congrats! i wish you the best of luck in getting 200m in every skill!
  8. Alot of work went into this, huge thank you to the devs for the amazing work and dedication. Another huge thank you to all the QA-testers for giving your time to test and make sure that everything works as it should, wouldn't be possible without ya
  9. Welcome to Zenyte new recruit! Hope you're enjoying your stay and if you need anything my pms are always open ^^
  10. Very nice and quick guide, easy to understand and will be useful for players that never done gorillas before. Well done
  11. Congratulations to the new recruits. @Gepanits a great pleasure to have you on the moderation team to the once we lost i wish you all the best of luck in your future endeavours!
  12. We never really spoke to eachother but i wish you the best of luck in the future.
  13. Great guide! It will be very useful for those that wants to try out hydra
  14. Welcome back to Zenyte @Lamps glad to have you back!
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