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  1. Name : Fawk Current Position: Junior Moderator New Position: Game Moderator
  2. Name: Zek Current position : Moderator New Position: Regular Player
  3. Name: Xandervichi, Xander/ajay for short. Age: 45 Location: Central Canada Brief Introduction: Started RuneScape Back in the games early days, of classic, been addicted to the grind since, going on 20 years now lol, not sure if i should be laughing about that or seeking mental help, but here we are, I'm a father to 5 beautiful children, and the guardian of my niece, having a total of 8 people in my house at all times is quite crazy, so i learned to manage and handle people guess those traits fallowed me here. Recently retired and now full time game administrator for Zenyte When did you join the Staff Team and what made you chose to join it? January of 2021, I joined the team as a server support, (now rerolled into the jr moderation rank) , was encouraged by my friends and mentors of the time, Kal, and carl, why did i want to join? cause I've been a member of this community/game since the very launch, I wanted to make it the best place for our players and community. What do you enjoy the most about Zenyte? This community, 1000% this is what drives me to be here at Zenyte, is the amazing community each and every one of you' have had an hand in creating. without our community we would be nowhere -
  4. Name:@Zek Current Position: Junior Moderator New Position: Game Moderator
  5. Name: Mr Goblin Current Position: Junior Moderator New Position: Game Moderator
  6. Name: Jagermassa Current Position: Game Moderator New Position: Global Moderator
  7. Man I love this update big mad props
  8. Awesome showcase! thanks for sharing!
  9. hello everyone, Today i wanted to create a thread not only to show off mine and @Pure THC's progress over the last 3 years on our ult iron. but the thread is also aimed at you guys showing off your amazing ironmen / goals/ achievements as well!. so please Respond with your own Iron showcase! looting bag/Zulrah/invent ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Collection log ___________________________________________________________________________________________ may 23rd 2022 update
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