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  1. GG Druci, you played well mate. Looks like you're gonna be the clear winner Drucifer stats 16.1.22 Iron Aussie stats 16.1.22
  2. Thank you Matt, I love making guides and I try keep them as simple and straight to the point as possible. If you have any requests for guides please let me know and I'll make one as soon as I can
  3. SLAYER MASTER LOCATION GUIDE A lot of new players have been asking "Where can I do slayer?" or "Where are the slayer masters?", so to help you out, I've made a list of the locations of each slayer master you will want to find on Zenyte. KRYSTILIA First on the list we have Krystilia, or also known as the Wilderness Slayer Master. Krystilia is the only slayer master that you can get slayer tasks that can only be completed in the wilderness. Krystilia is located in the north-east corner of home, beside the wilderness ditch. Krystilia does not require any specific combat or slayer level to obtain slayer tasks from her. Wilderness tasks have their risks and their rewards. You can obtain rare PvP weapons and armor such as Zuriel, Morrigan, Statius etc. You are also able to obtain Mysterious Emblem drops from wilderness slayer tasks, that you can sell to the Emblem Trader beside Krystilia's hut for Bounty Hunter points. Completing a wilderness task with a Mysterious Emblem in your inventory has a chance to upgrade your emblem (anywhere from tier 1 to 10), which will be worth more BH points. TURAEL Next on the list, we have Turael. Located in Burthorpe, Turael is the lowest level, non-wilderness slayer master; requiring 1 slayer level and 3 combat level. Turael offers the easiest tasks in Zenyte, ranging from Banshees or bats, to Cows or Kalphites. You can also reset your task FREE through Turael! To get to Turael, use the portal at home, select Cities and then Burthorpe. MAZCHNA Coming in third, we have the Canifis slayer master, Mazchna. Another lower tier slayer master, Mazchna requires you to have level 1 slayer and level 20 combat level to do tasks from him. To get to Mazchna, use the portal at home, select Cities and then Canifis. VANNAKA In fourth place is the Edgeville Dungeon slayer master, Vannaka. Vannaka offers low-mid tier monsters for his tasks and requires level 1 slayer level and 40 Combat level to get his tasks. To get to Vannaka, go to the portal at home, select Dungeons and then scroll down to Edgeville Dungeon. CHAELDER Our 5th slayer master is the Fairy slayer master, Chaelder. Chaelder (affectionately named Tinkerbitch by Psyche) is located in the fairy city of Zanaris. She can provide players with a lot more of a challenge than her predecessors, as her tasks can include Black Demons, Abyssal Demons and other high level monsters. Chaelder requires 1 slayer level and 70 combat level to receive tasks from her. To get to Zanaris, right click the Spiritual Fairy Tree at home and select "Ring Zanaris". You must be holding a Draman Staff to travel via Fairy Ring/Fairy Tree. Draman Staff can be purchased from the Magic store at home for 4,322 coins. KONAR The 6th slayer master is one of the most common, yet most difficult slayer master to get to; named Konar. Konar is located on Mount Karuulm, north east of the Farming Guild. Requiring 1 slayer level and 75 Combat Level to receive tasks, she is still one of the most sought-after due to her rare Hydra/Alchemical Hydra tasks that she can offer, as well as a chance to get a Brimstone Key from monster drops on her task and can open the Brimstone chest located just behind where she stands on the mountain. The fastest way to get to Mount Karuulm is via the Rada's Blessing teleport (Hard/Elite Kourend & Kebos diary required). If you do not have a Rada's Blessing, you can right click the fairy tree at home and select "Ring Configure" and select C I R as the code. This will teleport you just below the mountain. Once here, if you have the agility level to do so, climb the rocks up the mountain and Konar will be to the left. If you do not have the required agility (28 for lower cliff, 62 for upper cliff), you will have to run around the mountain to get to the top. NEIVE Our 7th slayer master is named Neive, She is located in the Tree Gnome Stronghold, next to the Stronghold Slayer Cave near the magic trees and the southern bank. Neive is the second highest slayer master, requiring 1 slayer level and 85 combat level to receive her tasks. Neive has the ability to offer you very high level monsters such as Wyverns, Rune Dragons or Aviancies. To get to Neive, use the portal at home, select Skilling and scroll down to Tree Gnome Stronghold. Once there, go through the gates and run north west towards the cave entrance to find Neive standing outside it. DURADEL Lastly, the highest level slayer master, Duradel (also referred to as Duradaddy by Archaiic). Duradel requires 50 slayer level and 100 combat level in order to receive his tasks. Duradel is located at Shilo Village, upstairs in the Fishing Store, across the bridge. Duradel offers some excellent tasks and has the highest chance of giving a Boss task after unlocking "Like a Boss" from the Slayer Rewards by right clicking any of the slayer masters. To get to Shilo Village, at the portal at Home, select Cities and scroll down to Shilo Village. Video guide for finding these slayer masters can be found here: For another, more in depth guide to slayer and slayer masters, please check out SilverNova's guide here: This concludes the Slayer Master location guide, Thank you all for taking the time to read! Please contact a staff member if you have any questions or queries regarding Slayer masters. Cheers! -Luci
  4. The race continues! Drucifer has made some mad gains lately, well done bro! Drucifer 14.1.22 Iron Aussie 14.1.22 The gap is closing! 75 to go for me and just 107 for Drucifer!
  5. Crystal Key Guide You can obtain crystal keys through multiple means, with the most viable being Slayer Tasks. You can make a Crystal Key by combining a Loop Half of Key with a Tooth half of Key. These are dropped by any monster in Zenyte that has access to the rare drop table. Whilst on a slayer task by slayer masters like Konar, Neive, Krysellia or Duradel, you will have the chance to receive between 5 to 15 noted crystal keys as a random drop, or a singular unnoted key. Crystal keys can be used on either the Closed Chest (Crystal Chest) located in the achievement hall at home, or the Elven Crystal Chest in Lletya. Possible rewards from the Crystal Chest can be found here in Growls Crystal Key Guide below You can mine, thieve or woodcut crystal shards to purchase a Crystal Key Enchantment Scroll for 100 shards from "Elder Elf Trader" in Lletya. Mining - You can mine Crystal Shards down the rabbit hole north-west of Lletya, and then run south once you are down the hole. (marked by the giant yellow X) (94 mining required) Woodcutting - You can cut Crystal trees North of Tyras Camp (Misc section of the home portal), South of Zulrah or South West of Lletya. (94 woodcutting required) Thieving - You have a chance to steal a small amount of Crystal Shards from some Elves in Lletya. (85 thieving required) Bossing - The following bosses have a chance to drop Crystal Shards upon their death in Zenyte: After purchasing the Crystal Key Enchantment Scroll, from the Elder Elf Trader Use it on your crystal key to create an Enhanced Crystal Key. After creating the Enhanced Crystal Key, go down the rabbit hole in the North-West corner of Lletya and click/tap on the Elven Crystal Chest to use your key and obtain the loot. Possible rewards from the chest can be found below - Please note that the screenshot is the result of hundreds of chests being opened, not just one. Thanks everyone, if you have any issues or queries, please contact a staff member either in game, on the forums or on the discord server! Good luck! -Luci
  6. Someone decided to close the gap a bit while I slept!! Drucifer 13.1.22 Iron Aussie 13.1.22
  7. Updated stats Drucifer 12.1.22 Iron Aussie 12.1.22
  8. Things have slowed right down for both of us at the moment! Drucifer stats 10.1.22 Iron Aussie stats 10.1.22
  9. UPDATED STATS Drucifer 9.1.22 Iron Aussie 9.1.22 Still anyones game! Good luck Druci!
  10. Iron vs Iron Ruby vs Diamond Drucifer vs Lucifer! Hi everyone! Today I made a wager against Drucifer that I could get Max before he does, he has agreed and thus the race to max has begun! Currently, Drucifer is sitting on 1907 total and I am sitting on 1970 total, but it's anyones game for now! Updates will be posted daily to show progress of both of us, the winner will receive a $50 bond from the loser Stay tuned! Drucifer Stats 8.1.22 Iron Aussie Stats 8.1.22
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