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  1. Can you invite me to disc pls? Ossacip#7270

    1. Fe Felix

      Fe Felix

      you can get an invite to the discord by typing ::discord in game, or by clicking the big "join our discord" button at the top of the forums

    2. Ossacip


      I got it  tyvm

  2. So my story I became a player a little while back since I have started playing I asked questions. Once those where answered, I would pass the knowledge on. I started playing RuneScape back when I was I kid. Use to play various private servers too. Went by Arise Yoda. Anakin's dad I love this community and wanted to do everything I could to help everyone since I started playing staff spot isn't something I looked for when joining. I was just wanting to play and enjoy my time here eventually I grew loving spending every moment I could online with yaw. Heard their was Jr mod spot available over the announcements so I applied for it. My plans as a Jr mod is to learn everything I can to better our community strengthen us and help us grow. I am always available for you guys to help you with game issues or even irl if you want to talk. I know sometimes we all have ideas for the game I have ADHD so alot of them I am going to be sharing with the events teams and developing team. I just want yaw to know I am here to help the community and I appreciate yaw for believing in me and giving me this opportunity. I will not let you down. ( Personal information) I am a giving guy my name is Timothy I am 24 may 10th is my birthday. I have two kids work a job and play only RuneScape lmao use to do YouTube with arise gow for gears of war. I love star wars. Discord: Goblinosrs#6040 Feel free to message me anytime with any issues or just to talk I am here for you guys 24/7
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