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  1. Hey thanks mate, appreciate it
  2. Name: Jonah Age: 25 Location: US, West Virginia Brief Introduction: Started playing Runescape in 2008 and of course was unable to quit once I started. While looking for an escape from the retail game I stumbled across zenyte in August of 2019, played for roughly a year before I decided to quit playing games all together, then came back midway thru 2021 and here I am. When did you join the Staff Team and what made you chose to join it? Helping players in game is my main drive to join the staff team. I genuinely enjoy being a part of this community and want to help it thrive. What do you enjoy the most about Zenyte? The unique community, good and bad, and the near 1:1 experience we get here that you don't get on most other rsps
  3. It doesn't even work for 07 a lot of the time. Things that should be added aren't because of trolls / irrelevant voters
  4. Piplup

    Fix Zenyte

    I can get behind this. 2019 management didn't put any effort into updates, we have the resources to do so now, i'd like to see some relevant content come into the game
  5. Voted no to everything involving the tokens.. just seems like an odd concept to me and out of place. Never a fan of upgrading tiers personally. Most of this seems to belong in RS3, not an osrs server
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