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  1. Welcome to Zenyte mate! Being an aircraft mechanic sounds super cool, if you don't mind me asking what planes do you usually work on?
  2. Welcome to Zenyte, Conor! Looking forward to seeing you on the server mate!
  3. Insane layout man. Looking forward to seeing your progress!
  4. Loved this idea when I saw it on the osrs reddit, and I think it resolves alot of the problems where PvM'ing would devalue skilling in terms of gathering resources.
  5. Welcome to Zenyte mate! No idea how you managed to max two times, and you're going for a third one on OSRS?! Crazy dedication.
  6. Looking forward to it aswell, welcome to Zenyte mate!
  7. Welcome to Zenyte mate! See you on the server!
  8. Welcome to Zenyte mate! Looking forward to seeing you on the server!
  9. Welcome aboard mate! No idea how you can live with not having a bank, but regardless goodluck on the race!
  10. Welcome to Zenyte mate! Looking forward to seeing you on the server!
  11. Welcome to Zenyte mate! If you're ever wondering about some of the newer content, feel free to ask me
  12. Awesome video, even though I got abit dizzy at the start. Entered the competition, gl everyone!
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