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  1. I agree on mage arena environment is not rewarding enought.
  2. I was already considerring to check this one at BETA ty for being aware @Big Qanso
  3. Not a bad idea at all, i did like it in the name of variety.
  4. Definately option 1. When you create a HCIM, the goal is obtaining items while protecting your status, if we gonna make ToB safe for HCIM, then might aswell make other places safe for HCIM aswell.. which results of no sense creating hardcore account.
  5. If there are only 3 people who can do TOB, then why does it have 60+ votes huh?
  6. Dear Grant, Thank you very much for your reply and interest. We are honoured to have you in our staff team. As long as our suggestions are taken into account, we will do our best with our ideas to make Zenyte better and better each day. Sincerely, CoX Prodigy
  7. As we all know @Grant is new at head of QA, so my aim to tag him is basicly to make him aware of the situation.
  8. @Gepan @[email protected]@HC [email protected] [email protected] Staff management/developers. It has been 3months since we have such a good suggestion from Qanso, I wonder why the staff team is not on it? It actually indicates that we and our ideas are not valued (it has been already 1 week on my crystal seed suggestion aswell, yes ofcourse i did had positive feedback from the staff team,BUT its still not agreed by management which means it can take 3 months to get in progress) . Either positive or negative the staff team supposed to move suggestions forward to APPROVE or DECLINED suggestions because this makes us as players dissmotivated. I wouldnt suggest anything further if its gonna take 3 months to decide to agree it or decline it. Sincerely CoX Prodigy/Godzilla
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