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  1. 1. Bi weekly should be sufficient for minor things. weekly for larger things that could be further broken down into a different poll the following week. 2. player suggestions could be pooled together and the first of each month could be put into a poll that runs for a week. the top x voted ideas could move to the next round and continuing this process to a finals the last week of the month where the highest voted suggestion gets looked into. 5. yes but i think it should be closer to 50% 6. getting already existing content from osrs caught up to what is available on zenyte 7. same as above 9. group iron main would be neat to see included
  2. Added the pic to my original post. Ty for the advice! Didn't Didn't think to edit and keep it one long post
  3. Hey guys just coming back around to playing rs. Decided I want to strive for a maxed level 3 hcim. So far I've made some decent progress. Will try to keep up to date on any major mile stones. Currently trying to grind out my first 99 which will be either cooking or fm. I didn't think to post why I made this a hcim rather than an Ironman until someone in game chat asked. Deciding to go hcim as well as level 3 means that I have to get creative in my ways of leveling. Looking further into this means I can't use the abyss, I will have to be creative on the places I choose to mine, and most importantly I will have to pay attention to my routes to not be killed while running past a bandit. If I do die I plan to restart back on a new hcim. First milestone achieved. 1 99 in the bag. It only took 2,648 wines from 34 to hit 99 Took advantage of the bxp weekend with some good gains. Grinding out some early rcing with tiaras. Have a little over 100 law tiaras to work on as soon as I hit 54 rcing. After I think im gonna finish up Thieve for the 2nd 99 so i took quite the break from gaming to focus more on my farm and business. now that we are getting into slow season i have started to get back into zenyte. for now just adding a fresh stats update. some serious gains this time around most recent gains
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