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  1. Youve done some very Nice progress there. Best of Luck and reach your goals!
  2. Active service pure thc (uim) Wilderness diaries @Pure THC
  3. Active service Psyche - XP mode 5x 89-99 hunter, 91-99 agility western province diary @Psyche
  4. Welcome to zenyte. Jope you enjoy your stay. Ye Ive met you already, Nice go to hang with.
  5. Keep up the videos mate. Nice vid.
  6. @200m1atatimevery Nice story and progress but you should update it tho. Best of Luck to you mate!
  7. Hi Grant. It all depends on game mode, current level and items that someone wants. Tho i Will add some of the prices any time soon.
  8. Skilling services Diary services Collecting herblore secondaries Item services (whip etc.) Can be done with slayer/combat levels. Pets Jewellery All other services just dm me and lets make a deal! also doing all ironman modes too! Players are allowed to offer their services in exchange for Zenyte GP, Items or Bonds. Any currency other than the ones just stated are against the rules. The only service players ARE NOT allowed to offer, is an Inferno service. We want all of our Infernal Capes to be achieved legitimately. Meaning all accounts with one will be earned by the owner of that account and nobody else. Players purchasing the service are doing this entirely at their own risk and are acceptable for any mishaps. Zenyte Staff will not take responsibility for banned accounts or any lost items/accounts. The use of any third party programs to complete any services is against the rules. See Here for more information. You must keep a log of all completed, and active Service Requests you have. I.e
  9. Is it still available? @Itzcnote100 @Matt
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