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  1. Good luck with your journey & stay safe!
  2. Are you looking for a partner at raids or maybe multiple partners, perhaps you're wondering if anyone can teach you how to raid? You also might be a solo raider or simply wanting to learn more about raiding via gear setups & other useful information? There's a chance you just might want to see how the raiding community is doing and want to follow their progress & achievements? If that is the case then you've come to the right place! You may feel free to join right now & invite your friends that are interested in raiding: Pm me for discord link (anyone can join) After you've joined please change your username to your in-game name & contact Discord staff for the correct rank you deserve to have. If you have any further questions & need more information please feel free to contact me (CIA) & JLane on Discord or in-game! Happy Raiding!
  3. Zenyte $5000: 10% points boost = 0,714% higher chance for purple (deathless solo raid with active Xeric's wisdom) Onyx $2500: 7% points boost = 0,5% higher chance Dragonstone $1000: 5% points boost = 0,357% higher chance Diamond $500: 3.5% points boost = 0,250% higher chance Ruby $200: 2.5% points boost = 0,175% higher chance Emerald $50: 1.75% points boost = 0,125% higher chance Sapphire $10: 1% points boost = 0,0714% higher chance Hope my numbers are correct but they should be about right but yeah if they are as small difference as I am saying then you might be asking: Why bother? It would still be something for COX & Donators (Definitely better than nothing) but of course you could make the boosts 2-3x higher than I'm suggesting.
  4. I know I had similar suggestions on my previous suggestion list but I want to get specifically & only into the COX part on this thread so it may receive the attention,discussion & perhaps some of you may have some of your own ideas you may want to share below by commenting? This server has full COX which is absolutely amazing but in order to complete one raid it takes a certain amount of gear,skill,knowledge & (TIME) and the drop rates are simply too hard. Obviously it's good that the drops are hard & rare to obtain since it currently is basically the end game content on Zenyte but it's just too hard & rare which is the main reason why most people don't bother going there seeing that people sometimes have difficulties in finding a duo/trio and the fact that it takes so many raids & time for you to actually receive a purple which is extremely demotivating. I don't mean that yell & Disc broadcast should be flooded with COX drops but most people just rather choose other kind of PVM seeing that it's much less effort/focus,gear requirement way lower,drop rates are 25% easier for almost everything else even shamans 50% easier so it really isn't worth to do COX right now. How can we fix this & motivate people to do more raids? The first thing that comes to my mind is fixing another issue at the same time by adding new donator perks seeing that there hardly are any especially useful ones (two birds with one stone) Eternal donator rank $10,000: 12% or 15% points boost (If you decide to add this) Zenyte $5000: 10% points boost Onyx $2500: 7% points boost Dragonstone $1000: 5% points boost Diamond $500: 3.5% points boost Ruby $200: 2.5% points boost Emerald $50: 1.75% points boost Sapphire $10: 1% points boost Before anyone says or thinks that this is overpowered just think about this fact first because I may have been unclear last time & people may have misunderstood the numbers: This is a POINTS % boost not a DROP RATE % boost which means this: If you have a Xeric's Wisdom Scroll activated (25% points boost) and you happen to do a successful solo raid without a single death you'll most likely get around 45-55k points and if you're Zenyte $5000 rank you'll receive 10% boost to that meaning around: 50-60k points = 5k more points on average and how will this have impact on your chance in getting a purple chest? Every 7k points = 1% chance. So what this means is that your chance to get a purple chest with $5000 donator rank IS NOT EVEN 1% bigger. The last time I suggested 8% points boost for Zenyte most people probably thought it was (drop rate boost) which it wasn't because that would mean 8X7000 more points = 56k (2x current max solo raid points) Seeing that the max donator rank wouldn't even get one percentage higher chance for purple I'd be open to increase the points % for all ranks but the main priority is to get any boost at all in the first place. Also @Kris & rest of the owners you could implement this idea & closely track to COX activity & drops in case it does have a negative impact on the game which I highly doubt though seeing that it's not even 1% higher chance for purple even if you're Zenyte rank but either way the boost could always be removed if you find it necessary. Anyway, few more things that may motivate people to do more raids: 1) Twisted Horns that could be obtained by: (A) 100 raids KC & 10m coins payment to a NPC (flex+money sink) OR (B) Put it on the drop table @ 5.8% chance (same as Buckler & DHCB) 2) People that have completed a minimum of 300/500/1000 COX will receive the green Twisted League logo next to their username in-game & forums (If this even is possible) Those kill count milestones are just examples of how many you would need for it but obviously you can choose 250 or a complete different number you see most fit for the logo. The logo could be obtained by anyone with the required kill count OR if you want people to rush & compete you could only offer it for example to the first 10 people to obtain the required COX KC but then I'm hoping you make it at least 1000 KC Thank you for reading & please do post below your thoughts & ideas about it so we can get a constructive discussion on this matter. -CIA
  5. CIA


    As if I'm the only person donating to the server..? Anyway, no, you don't need to be worried about the future of Zenyte but I would assume that you were trolling anyway. The issue was taken care of (soon) according to me so I'm open to continue donating but as of right now I don't see the need or reason for it anyway seeing that the donation store doesn't offer anything special & there isn't a new donator rank either. Perhaps if they add Pet booster scroll (20% boost for 5 hours) & $10,000 rank (Eternal/Twisted rank) or maybe GIM update then I would most likely consider donating something sooner than later
  6. I'm not staff nor was I part of the discussion when this new rule was created, however I do feel fairly confident to answer your question with common sense that certain people seem to be lacking on this server. This rule is to protect people from being constantly hit by people that are using 1 item & risking nothing (Not even trying to get kills, simply just to block other people from getting kills & to annoy people) Your HCIM account isn't protected from ACTUAL pkers that are in GEAR & ACTUALLY RISKING MONEY in ORDER to make more MONEY. The only thing your HCIM/any Iron or normie in-game are protected from are people using 1 item & bringing 0 risk into the wilderness. Anyone trying to act stupid & twisting words may blame themselves if they get into trouble with staff for not reading & using common sense.
  7. Isn't all of this just common sense though? Which side would you pick if you were owner/staff? 50 people that actually play Zenyte & donate or support in other ways are complaining and yelling about raggers ruining the game or you pick the side of 10 raggers that purposely ruin the game, don't play to do anything else and do literally nothing useful for the game? Very hard decision to be made. I hope you'll never become the president of whatever country that you're from because you wouldn't be able to make any easy decisions let alone hard & tough ones. God bless you sir Edit: Not sure why it came twice Sure maybe other people complained before but it has been taken care of now at least so why complain? Put a smile on that face!
  8. Probably because those unfortunate events didn't occur 24/7 unlike the rag/multi bots @ 35s which many different people see as ruining the game. Not sure why you're so upset when staff are actually dealing with this now.
  9. My amount of donation has nothing to do with what's wrong & right. I was right and my money had no impact on the decision whatsoever that was made by the Staff team which happened to agree with me & many other people that were in favor for this bullshit to end. I have 0 power over what the staff decides to do, they make the decisions not me. The only thing I did was bring this issue to their attention along with many other people that were on the same page. After that the staff team had a discussion and they agreed. Simple as that
  10. Thank you Kris,Life & rest of the staff team for taking action on this issue that was troubling a fair amount of people. I would also like to apologize to the staff that had to deal with ::yell being filled over this issue but it seemed like nothing was happening so the people of Zenyte had to take their own action in order to get Staff to pay more attention on the subject. I'm sorry if we made your job more difficult,challenging & annoying today but hopefully you can understand. Also thank you to everyone that stepped up to show support, especially those brave people that were willing to put Zenyte RSPS above their personal beef with me. This only demonstrates that Zenyte RSPS has a bright future ahead of itself. -CIA
  11. CIA

    Staff Feedback

    I've pmed several staff on Discord so next time have your facts checked before opening your mouth, thanks.
  12. I can't begin without firstly thanking Kris & Kingredarrow for always being extremely helpful & always available not to mention most of the other staff on this game, generally speaking are doing a great job & possibly the best staff team I've come across RSPS during my +10 years of RSPS. However, there's one thing that I must complain about & the shit falls on majority of the staff team (not everyone though) I understand that the main focus on Zenyte has and probably will always be about PVM which is totally fine but when there's literally 50 people telling you that there are people rag botting and the best possible answer you get is: We're aware of the situation / we're looking into it / We will come up with a solution. At that point things are getting REALLY BAD & out of hand when staff are purposely avoiding to do their job which is punishing people that break certain in-game rules which botting is the last time I checked (Perhaps you've got some orders from the higher ranks to stand down for the time being and your hands are tied for the moment & not wanting to risk losing your staff position by going against your instructions well okay that's somewhat understandable still) but what I can't see to justify is IF these higher ranked staff are telling lower staff ranks to stand down instead of doing their job for god knows what reason??? That's a complete disgrace to Zenyte RSPS which should not be acceptable under any circumstances UNLESS there's some information that I'm not aware of but I honestly can't think of anything that would be an excuse for this. There shouldn't have to be any kind of discussion or "trying to come up with a solution" when you're aware of people purposely breaking the rules even if it is in the wilderness which you don't seem to care about at all. Extremely disappointing. People breaking the rules whether it's in the wilderness or outside should obviously be punished. Oh and this was just the best reply you might get from staff on this subject but in the worst case they will threaten to mute people that refuse to be quiet about something that is wrong and isn't actually being dealt with? How are you going to justify threatening players that are pointing out something that is wrong? Is that really the path you want to be taking when you're obviously expecting & hoping Zenyte to continue growing now and in the future? That seems a little ridiculous to me. I'm not pointing out my finger on any specific staff member but the ones that knows themselves that they're aware of the situation & purposely aren't doing anything to resolve the issue are the ones that should be thinking if being in the staff team is what they actually want because the crown/logo next to your name doesn't come alone, it comes together with responsibility & duty. You're here to enjoy the game yourselves but you're here also to help,support & assist the normal players of Zenyte in order for them to have a good time on your game and obviously that isn't always the easiest thing in the world but for once you have a situation that is very simple to deal with so why not just do something about it? They're bots with actual human beings near computer ready to type if you ask them something or accuse them, just saying since you still haven't been able to figure that out. If this is the direction Zenyte is taking in 2020 I couldn't be anything but disappointed, hopefully this will be dealt with as soon as possible because there are many people including myself that are running out of patience. Just fix it without delays,discussions & excuses because it's nothing else but very simple, do justice to your crown & do your job like you have done so far. Thanks
  13. Well that certainly does make sense & something I may agree with but AGAIN those small % boosts hardly do anything in reality though. It's just something in return for your rank upgrading. Besides Xeric's wisdom is 25% boost and that's pretty much pay to win too in a way since it's available at the donator store. Again, I 100% understand your point but those boosts won't really do much in the end of the day. I mean you could compare it with say a nice burger that has one onion ring on the top which is nice but doesn't really do much of a difference in the end of the day. Small boosts that will get more people willing to buy bonds with in-game cash & even IRL cash will definitely benefit the server more compared to the negative effect from those very small boosts. Anyway, I don't exactly disagree with you because I can relate to that but my point being if you can perhaps relate to me as well
  14. Thanks for the quick read & reply but the other donator ranks are fairly cheap & therefore shouldn't be too rewarding either. (I do see where you're coming from though) No, not everyone has contributed though because bonds may be purchased with in-game money as well. I've personally spent a fair amount of money (Not that I expected to get anything insane for it but I personally think those small COX & Inferno boosts are reasonable) I also obviously chose to donate the money without anyone forcing me & it was because I wanted to support the server because I see Zenyte having great potential. Also upgrading your donator rank with in-game cash is fairly cheap for example: $10 upgrade will cost you around 10-12m & you can purchase two mystery boxes that you can dump in the g/e for around 4-5m each meaning it'll cost you 0-4m per $10 upgrade which isn't really that expensive.
  15. I personally think that it's great generally speaking & for the sake of the economy (long term) that the donator perks aren't overpowered, however I do think they're slightly too useless & weak considering the fact that certain ranks are fairly expensive. We don't have enough people doing COX & certainly not enough items from that area is coming into the game which is obviously good but most people go insane amount of KC dry and therefore don't bother with it. We did get the xeric's wisdom which was great but I think we could also have this: Certain donator ranks could provide a small % boost towards COX points for example: Zenyte ($5000): 8% COX boost (Normally you'd get for example 30k points but with this boost it would be 32.4k) which is hardly a difference but still something Onyx ($2500): 5% COX boost Dragonstone ($1000): 3% COX boost Diamond: ($500): 2% COX boost Ruby: ($200): 1% COX boost This will hardly have an impact on the game but it would after all still be something which is definitely better than nothing seeing that raids do take time & good gear and it's already very rare for drops. There's not much you can really buy from the donator store which is why I would like to suggest adding a pet scroll slightly similar to xeric's wisdom meaning the scroll is worth a $10 bond and it will last for 5 hours giving you 20% higher chance in obtaining either a skilling pet or a bossing pet (seeing that pet drop rates are about as rare as on RS) This will not harm the economy either. Twisted horns from the Twisted League could be obtained in various ways so that we may get a new slayer helm: 1) Must have a minimum of 100 kill count at COX & bring 10m coins to a NPC to purchase the horns (Reasonable money sink too) = Untradable 2) Even a bigger money sink (100m coins to purchase them from a NPC) = Untradable 3) Add them to the COX drop table at same rarity as Buckler & DHCB (5.80%) & having them tradable 4) 10,000 loyalty points / 500 vote points (Only either of those, not both) Untradable In case you approve this idea and have a hard time to decide how to add them into the game then perhaps the community could be able to vote for it? I personally would prefer in this order: 1,3,2,4 but I don't mind as long as they do get added What about Zenyte rank starting at wave 20 inferno? 15 for onyx? 10 for dragonstone? 5 for diamond? I also think that the Xeric's wisdom scroll being in the vote shop isn't the best idea since that's about the only useful thing in donator store as of right now which devalues bonds. Perhaps it could be removed from there? Maybe the vote version could only last for 2 hours or maybe it'll last for 5 hours but the voting points cost will be twice as much as of now? What about adding a new donator rank? Eternal rank / Twisted rank worth $10,000? I also think that the amount of Dragon Warhammers that has been coming into the game lately is a sign of it being slightly too common seeing that you hardly face any requirements,gear,kill count or skill in order to kill shamans which is why I propose that the drop rate would go from 1/2500 to 1/3750 just like majority of the item drop rates are (25% easier than OSRS) $5000 Zenyte rank could get a custom orange ish Zenyte looking skin color (Kris said this can & most likely will be added after revision upgrade unless he has changed his mind) in case ya'll wanna go hunt for that Zenyte donator rank. Hopefully this will be added Anyway, thank you for taking your time to read this and hopefully you'll also leave feedback down below & perhaps even explain why you think a certain suggestion is either a good or a bad idea from your point of view. - CIA
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