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  1. Kalphite Queen - DEAD CONTENT 100 crystal shards 1/15 Dragon pickaxe 1/150 Dragon harpoon 1/150 Smouldering stone 1/150 Blood shard 1/180 Lightbearer ring 1/300 (add a ring with similar effect = x2 faster spec recharge when worn) Zaryte vambraces 1/400 (add some sort of vambraces with similar stats) Grotesque Guardians - DEAD CONTENT Double Granite dust (guaranteed) 100 crystal shards 1/15 Blood shard 1/150 Inquisitor's great helm Inquisitor's hauberk Inquisitor's plateskirt Inquisitor's mace Corporeal Beast - Could be a more fun, rewarding & popular boss for mass event (permanent or exclusive to weekly corp mass only) Nightmare staff Eldritch orb Volatile orb Harmonised orb Combat Achievements We need more rewards for CA in order to motivate more people to complete the tasks, which is why the cosmetic helms need a small buff: 1) Hard reward: Keris dagger [give same stats & effect as Keris partisan from OSRS] 2) Elite reward: (jad slayer helm): 17.5% melee & 16% range+mage 3) Master reward: (Vampyric salyer helm) 18.5% melee & 17% range+mage 4) GM reward: (Zuk slayer helm) 20% melee & 18% range+mage (Normal slayer helm is 16.67% melee & 15% mage+15% range) Other changes: Change the basilisk jaw drop rate to 1/2000-2500 Change the thieving rate for blood shard to 1/2000-2500 Buff the larran's chest & wildy rogue castle thieving chests Block PVP arm from being used inside COX (at least vesta & statius) in order to give a bigger use for inquisitor set Inquisitor set or set+mace could be CM drop table instead. Same with all orbs or only harmonised orb just as long as we finally get it in-game. Removing PVP arm from wilderness wouldn't be a bad idea until you figure out what will be done about it so that more don't enter the game. Another idea could be a KQ boss with increased hp (255+255 regular) but the stronger one could have 1200+1200 & drop zaryte vambs, lightbearer ring, inq stuff & maybe orbs? idk Thank you for reading and please comment below if there's something you really like / really dislike or if you have any questions. If you have an idea how to improve some of my suggestions please feel free to help by commenting below.
  2. Jad slayer helm should only be wearable after completing elite CA tasks. However I do agree with what Splasher is suggesting. If possible we could have a yellow jad slayer helm (like the 360 mager from wave 62) which, you can get from fight caves. (You should only be able to make the yellow version if you've completed elite CA for the original jad helm) So they both require elite CA but the yellow one also needs the imbue scroll from fight caves.
  3. Thanks for stopping by #KingFawk <3!
  4. Completed/in middle of challenge/not started Subdue the Wintertodt 10 times. Kill Hespori 5 times. Kill Bryophyta 5 times. Kill Obor 5 times. Kill Skotizo 5 times. Open the Barrows chest 25 times. Kill the Giant Mole 25 times. Kill the King Black Dragon 25 times. Kill the Chaos Fanatic 25 times. Kill the Crazy Archeologist 25 times. Kill Chaos Elemental 25 times. Kill Scorpia 25 times. Kill Dagannoth Prime 25 times. Kill Dagannoth Rex 25 times. Kill Dagannoth Supreme 25 times. Kill Callisto 20 times. Kill Vet'ion 20 times. Kill Venenatis 20 times. Kill the Kraken 20 times. Kill the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil 20 times. Kill the Corporeal Beast 50 times. Kill the Grotesque Guardians 50 times. Kill the Kalphite Queen 50 times. Kill General Graardor 100 times. Kill K'ril Tsutsaroth 100 times. Kill Kree'arra 100 times. Kill Commander Zilyana 100 times. Kill Vorkath 100 times. Kill Zulrah 150 times. Kill Cerberus 150 times. Kill the Alchemical Hydra 150 times. Complete the Fight Caves 5 times. Complete the Inferno 5 times. Complete the Fight Caves in less than 20:30 minutes. Complete the inferno in less than 65 minutes. (47:57 pb so far) Complete Chambers Of Xerics 150 times. Complete Chambers Of Xerics Challenge Mode 25 times. Kill Zulrah in less than 54 seconds, without a slayer task. Kill Vorkath in less than 54 seconds. Kill the Hespori in less than 36 seconds. Kill the Grotesque Guardians in less than 1 minute 20 seconds. Kill the Alchemical Hydra in less than 1 minute 20 seconds. 259/265 tasks completed. 7/9/2022
  5. I'm hoping we could see some of this in the next server update: (Mostly looking for Zuk helm, bofa/saeldor recolor, youngllef pet) Donator store / Vote shop changes: 1) Either remove Xeric's wisdom from vote store or increase the cost from 25 vote points to around 50-75 vote points. It's currently far too cheap considering it's 100 credits in donator shop (25-35m value) in donator shop vs 10-13m value in vote shop. More people will need to vote to get one & this motivates people to buy them from donator shop as well. 2) Remove ALL partyhats from donator store or replace them with christmas cracker, which would be 1000 credits each. Remove partyhat set or increase the price to 5000 credits. 3) Add inferno skip scroll to donator store for 50 credits each & lower the price in vote shop to 30 credits from 45. 4) Lower ALL boss teleport scrolls in donator store to 30-50 credits each & lower all of them in vote shop to 40 points. 5) Add 40x Slayer Task Skip Scroll package to donator store (100 credits). Currently you can buy 8 X for 25 (32=100) bigger package = better discount (same as xeric + crystal key) Elven Crystal Chest & Elder Elf Trader changes: 1) Add the youngllef (gauntlet) pet to the Elven Crystal Chest 1/1000 2) Add Crystal scroll to the Elven Crystal Chest 1/300, which you can take to the Elder Elf Trader in Lletya and use it to buy a color upgrade for your bofa/saeldor. The Elder Elf Trader will sell the following color upgrades: A) Crystal of Meilyr (grey, no donator rank required, costs 1m coins) + 1x Crystal scroll B) Crystal of Amlodd (blue, must be +sapphire donator, costs 1m coins) + 1x Crystal scroll C) Crystal of Cadarn (green, must be +emerald donator, costs 2m coins) + 1x Crystal scroll D) Crystal of Hefin (red, must be +ruby donator, costs 3m coins) + 1x Crystal scroll E) Crystal of Ithell (white, must be +diamond donator, purchase for 5m coins) + 1x Crystal scroll F) Crystal of Trahaearn (purple, must be +dragonstone donator, purchase for 10m coins) + 1x Crystal scroll G) Crystal of Iorwerth (black, must be +onyx donator, purchase for 15m coins) + 1x Crystal scroll H) Crystal of Crwys (yellow/gold, must be +zenyte donator, purchase for 20m coins) + 1x Crystal scroll In case it's too much effort to do this way you could simply put the Crystals inside the Elven Crystal Chest at 1/800 making it 1/100 to roll one of them since there's 8x at 1/800. Can also ignore the coins requirement or make it same for every Crystal in case it makes your job easier @Cresinkel When you get one Crystal you simply use it on the bofa/saeldor and it turns into that color. What matters the most, is that we get the color upgrades in the first place Other changes: 1) Change the TzTok-Jad drop rate to 1/100 & TzTok-Jad slayer helmet drop rate to 1/110. (You should get 2 keys from jad if you complete it below 22 minutes if it can be coded) 2) Change the TzKal-Zuk pet drop rate to 1/60 off slayer task & 1/50 on slayer task & same for cape gamble. 3) Add Zuk key drop & infernal chest, which will give you 1/90 chance for the zuk slayer helm (per chest open). You should get ONE key per zuk, TWO if you finish below 90 minutes and a THIRD key if you finish below 70 minutes. If it's too difficult & too much effort to code the zuk key system I suggested, then I'd recommend just doing 1 key per zuk kill but making the helm drop rate from chest 1/60 instead of 1/90. + I'd also like to see inferno skip scrolls added inside the infernal chest as a 1/6 reward. Thank you for taking your time to read this! Oh and the Tekton boss would still be nice to have if possible!
  6. One with most recently added sales. Maybe a list of top 20-50 most recent ones would be nice @HC Tuoppi
  7. Big thank you to Cresinkel for doing this & to Matt for allowing this <3!
  8. CIA

    "New" Boss

    Good and reasonable question but... 1) When do you actually think Nightmare would come if we don't even have TOB/Con after so many years? 2) Nightmare could still drop the orbs/staff (if we do get this Tekton boss without them) 3) Tekton boss could be removed and replaced with Nightmare or maybe no Nightmare boss at all. Those are the options I guess Edit: About point 1) I'm not trying to be negative but instead give you the truth. I personally don't want to wait 2-5 years for Nightmare boss and the drops. Of course I'd choose Nightmare boss over Tekton boss if we could do that soon but that won't happen. Tekton won't be the same but it would still be a nice boss that could be enjoyable & we could have some mass bossing events there + finally get inquisitor set & mace in-game from a boss that would be enjoyable. It seems that the community feels the same way about it so I hope the management will take this into serious consideration.
  9. Add the Youngllef (gauntlet) pet to the elven crystal chest!
  10. CIA

    "New" Boss

    Desert for example West of Nardah could be another option where this Tekton boss could be located
  11. Ok so basically here's the idea: Nightmare boss is far away and I'm sure many people would want not only new content but also new items (inquisitor armour + mace) The tekton boss wouldn't be 100% similar to COX version because it would have boosted HP & it would be a multi combat zone area meaning multiple people can kill it at the same time. This would also be dangerous for HCIM. So why would it be a good idea to replace nightmare with Tekton boss? 1) Both are dangerous for HCIM (you can't play safe like in COX which was suggested before for inq arm+mace) 2) Crush weapons are BIS for Nightmare & Tekton so they would have that in common. 3) I'm aware that there's already some sort of plan to introduce inq arm into the game and it's not a bad idea but I think people would prefer an actual boss instead and who doesn't like to kill tekton? We could have Tekton events, who could say no to that :)?! At the same time we would be making crush weapons more useful because at this moment they aren't too useful. 4) We could also add some other cool and useful drops to Tekton drop table and maybe even nightmare pet? 5) It also costs supplies (brews,restores,sup cb,anglerfish etc) to kill Tekton. I thought desert area could be decent but David thought Lova area would be even better and I can't disagree with that. Now if this can be done there's only one question remaining: Should the nightmare staff & orbs we added here as well or maybe to CM cox drop table or completely somewhere else? That's something to think about..
  12. Where and when did I flame the server/Matt & Grant? I'd really love to see any kind of evidence backing up what you're claiming. What situation has been explained? What are you even talking about? I'm not a mind reader. What makes what worse? Lolwhat? Constantly pushed,asked and not to let finish the job in peace? What are we even talking about here? Why make me guess? If you're referring to Grant or Matt working on updates and you think it's too stressful because players ask about updates & progress then I tell you this: Welcome to a game & welcome to a private server. That's what people do and if you're not up for the job (which clearly Grant wasn't) then you shouldn't be doing it. People will always ask about things because if they're not being kept in the loop they can't know and being curious is part of human nature. That's how it is on every other private server and I don't see their staff making a big fuss about it? Neither is Jagex. I have no grudge for Grant for leaving, I understand it wasn't easy and he did the right thing by leaving since he couldn't handle the pressure and whatever. So are you really going to blame the players of Zenyte? Nice one, way to go sir Admin. Just go ahead and piss in the eye of the remaining players. Not only is that ridiculous but also quite a childish comment.
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