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  1. I decided to make a post outlining my unique account build within Zenyte and gauge interest on a video series. So this account is, as shown above, Wilderness region locked on the Hardcore Ironman mode. The only exceptions to the rule include: Getting a Wilderness Slayer task/ Using the Slayer shop Using the Emblem shop Using the Vote shop/Donator claim Using the Home portal to teleport to the Edgeville Dungeon Wilderness area (as it would be inaccessible otherwise) The account's only bank location and safe area within the wilderness is Mage Bank. Areas WITHIN the wilderness such as KBD/Mage Bank/Abyss are allowed. The wilderness diary steps that required me to teleport from outside the wilderness were an exception as well. The account is able to use anything from the Vote, Donation, Slayer, and Emblem shops, but nothing else from outside of the Wilderness. This means that everything else on the account would be obtained from the Wilderness only. The goal for the account? SURVIVE. The biggest thing for this account is to survive, as it is a HCIM (I would greatly appreciate you not PKing me as this is a big enough challenge, the wilderness lacks A LOT of skill content and has tons of equipment gaps). As for actual goals, it is to build up my gear so I can do actual boss/high tier PVM content within the Wilderness, and raise my skills where possible/needed. The last thing I would like to touch on, which I will have a poll attached for, is are you interested in a video series? I would be making a YouTube channel and posting videos I make about adventures on the account. If you're interested or have any ideas, please respond to the poll and/or let me know
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