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  1. i like mostly the fact that it is still a grind. and has no "custom" items. thank you to the rest of you guys! im glad to be apart of this amazing community
  2. hey guys! this is probably well and truly over due but i thought i would see if this server offers me what i need before officially posting but here it is. just call me exel, been playing runescape since a kid and pretty consistently on osrs up until about 2 years ago. im 25 yo now and i enjoy grinding on zenyte more these day's as i am quite busy irl and this server offers everything osrs does but with a little more of a relaxed style. i currently have 9d and 2hours gameplay time on 50/25 and am max total. i am australian so you's will most likely catch me on late at night feel free to message me for any help, i am not the best person in the world at rs but i do know some vast stuff as having played many different variants, ect, zerkers, pures, ironmen. look forward to seeing you all in game!
  3. wildy bosses for the new pvp armour! will make the wilderness active and risky and might bring in more players! cant wait for the road ahead
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