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  1. Ign: darkasx Combat level: 126
  2. #21 did someone mentioned hot chocolate at cold evening?
  3. #19 remember that on this time we had lots of snow everytime. Now like 5 years in a row no snow. Lets hope this year I will grt some snow!
  4. #18 clementines and watching home alone.. Classic!
  5. #17 this year the most biggest present would be not to use the masks. Lets hope this wish will get at next year at least!
  6. #16 used to celebrate christmas years ago when I was kid. The best was to look for a hidden gift in all home and after founding wait for that day. Ofcourse when got that gift had to pretend that Iam very happy and surprised Now just stopped celebrating Christmas. Not interesed anymore because Im 23
  7. Hello. I would like to offer something on slayer. Would be cool to make better rate for superior monster spawns. I know that u can get from donation 5% but that is nothing. its private server. on 25x until 91 slayer i had only 3-4 superiors. To get them is really grind fest. Next one is to add silverlight to slayer shop. now its buyable for credits.. Item which one should be given after quest for free. So thats it, hope this helps
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