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  1. Still no arclight buff for cerberus
  2. Q: best set to kill lizardman shamans? A: shayzien Q: level 470 bear that you can find in wilderness A: callisto Q: what key you need to skip gwd kill count? A: ecumenical Q: place to access altars A: abyss Q: fish that you can trade for sharks A: minnows Q: strongest blue dragon variant A: vorkath Q: impling that you need 99 hunter to catch it barehanded A: lucky imp Q: which defender goes after steel? A: black Q: ogre that can teach you how to catch chompy birds. A: rantz Q: what type of ammunition you need to load ballista? A: javelin
  3. Q: dragon slayer 2 last boss? A: galvek Q: how many protection prayers old school have? A: 3 Q: potion that boost your stats but damages you for 50 hp A: overload Q: potion that bost range level and defence A: bastion Q: City that has highest agility level requiring course? A: ardougne Q: most healing fish? A: anglerfish Q: how many runes you get from rune pack? A: 100 Q: slayer boss that you can kill while on hellhounds task? A: cerberus Q: Elven city? A: lletya Q:what you need to protect in smoke Dungeon? A: facemask
  4. Q: how many different rune altars is in old school? A: 13 Q: What herb you need to make saradomin brew? A: toadflax Q: highest tier clue scroll? A: master Q: name of the imp that appears in surprise exam random event? A: dunce Q:what kind of book you get when you find all 4 guthix pages? A: balance Q:how many different blessed d hide sets are in the game? A: 6 Q: ring that charms different npcs to say different things? A: charos Q:fish that you can cook in 2 different ways? A: karambwan Q: pet that you can receive when thieving? A: rocky Q: Black statuettes that you can get in wildy A: emblem
  5. Q: fish that can stack in one inventory place? A: karambwanji Q: how many skills you can max in zenyte? A: 22 Q: How calls ghostly version of some creatures? A: revenants Q: what you can do 3 times, twice a day? A: vote Q: how else king Black dragon is called? A: kbd Q: what comes after mm2 in nieve place? A: steve Q: tree that requires 75 wc to be cut? A: Magic (or magic tree) Q: what you need to combine with zenyte shard to make uncut zenyte? A: onyx Q: if you want to teleport to ape atoll you need runes and? A: banana Q: what level you need to craft wrath runes? A: 95
  6. This is literally taking too long. Maybe just pick someone who is nearest..
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