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  1. Your name: GrowlsIronman Status: Ultimate IronmanProof: Would you like this as your primary role?: Yes
  2. Growls

    100 Mystery Boxes

    That eternal glory tho
  3. Welcome to Zenyte, hope you continue to enjoy it here.
  4. Check out the extensive Zenyte Price Guide! Official Price Guide - Golden Guides - Zenyte

  5. Crystal Key Guide Some of you may not know, but the Crystal Key chest has some different items added that are not a part of the OSRS Chest. First off, you'll be needing to know how to use/obtain Crystal Keys. You can make a Crystal Key by combining a Loop Half of Key with a Tooth half of Key. These are dropped by any monster in Zenyte that has access to the rare drop table, you can view that list here. To use your Crystal Key visit the Closed Chest in the Achievement Hall at the North end of Home. (Or, for a diary achievement, use the key on the chest in Taverly) The items that can be obtained from the Crystal Key Chest are: Uncut Dragonstone / Chance: Always x1 Spinach Roll / Chance: 1/3.765 2000 coins / Chance: 1/3.765 x50 Air, Body, Earth, Fire, Mind, or Water Runes / Chance: 1/10.67 x10 Death, Cosmic, Nature, Law, or Chaos Runes / Chance: 1/10.67 x2 Ruby / Chance: 1/10.67 x2 Diamond / Chance: 1/10.67 x3 Rune Bar / Chance: 1/10.67 750 Coins / Chance: 1/12.8 x150 (Noted) Iron ore / Chance: 1/12.8 x100 (Noted) Coal / Chance: 1/12.8 x5 Raw Swordfish / Chance: 1/16 1000 Coins / Chance: 1/16 x1 Adamant Sq. Shield / Chance: 1/64 x1 Rune Platelegs / Chance: 1/128 x1 Rune Plateskirt / Chance: 1/128 Nothing / Chance: 1/7.529 Tooth half of key / Chance: 1/25.6 Loop half of key / Chance: 1/25.6 x1 Infinity Gloves / Chance: 1/1000 x1 Infinity Hat / Chance: 1/1000 x1 Infinity Top / Chance: 1/1000 x1 Infinity Bottoms / Chance: 1/1000 x1 Infinity Boots / Chance: 1/1000 x1 Beginner Wand / Chance: 1/1000 x1 Apprentice Wand / Chance: 1/1000 X1 Teacher Wand / Chance: 1/1000 x1 Master Wand / Chance: 1/1000 x1 Mage's Book / Chance: 1/1000
  6. #23 - waking up and having christmas cookies on xmas day
  7. #22 I'm running out of things to say about Christmas. But having off 2 extra days this week is nice.
  8. #20 - opening gift from my wife early because we're impatient.
  9. Used to be a huge Overwatch player but it just turned into a toxic fest, seems like its either huge sweats or terrible players who can't play roles right.
  10. #17 - putting in earplugs when I want a hippopotamus for Christmas comes on the work radio.
  11. For people like me I just care about getting the items, and I feel A LOT of people would disagree that making clues easier to finish devalues clues. I mean have you seen how little third age is in the game? It's not even easy to find someone selling (g) armor. It helps with the small scale of the game to actually get these items in circulation. It's not like hundreds of thousands of people are doing clues. It's like tens of people. As I stated, I can understand increasing the cost of them, but you can't buy items if they aren't available on the market lol. (also ironmen can't buy from players. we have to do clues ourselves for them)
  12. I totally agree with the last point you made, I really enjoyed that. It gets too grindy after you hit Tier 5 imo.
  13. #15 - coming home every day and not winning a prize.
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