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  1. Your name: Matthu Ironman Status: iroman Proof: Would you like this as your primary role?: yes
  2. You didn't have to ask, but the price though... One must really want it.
  3. Love the presentation of the update. Hopefully we will get more quality from You!
  4. Starting off the questionaire is rather random, but let's analyze. 1) No, do not just lower prices, but rather implement new ranks and combine with existing ones for the higher donator levels. Some new perks for QOL (more teleport scroll usages*, free blast furnace, more bird nest drops, lower farming plant death rate, small % bonus xp?, something with thieving [more chaos runes, cash from paladins etc.], more free zahur services, home altar has % to save bones?, lower instance cost, MORE BANK SPACE). Modifying old perks (GWD kc, warriors guild token save, double rewards from crystal chest, farming auto-compost, farming yield, marks of grace, vote pts, extra favourite tps). The better the rewards the higher the price for donator rank, also can not forget the fact that if a player chooses to keep the donated amounts to account it has store credits to use aswell. 2) Yes, makes everything more transparent and safer. Also makes communication, events and everything inbetween more efficient. As a player who never gambled would not know who to trust or how things should go, having a forum section specially for that with people having commends for being honest and trustworthy is a must have. 3) Also a great idea to have a clear overview of the gambling side. 4) Yes, that gives players even more reasons to help server and get special rewards at the same time. Also gives forum users more freedom and creativity for their profiles, which makes everything on here more unique. //EDIT * - more teleport scroll usages as if You had bought the teleport scroll, but gives higher donator rank some teleports for free like barrows one.
  5. In-game username: matthu Medal(s): Donator, All the work, Man's best friend, Game junkie Proof for your Medal(s):
  6. Hi Exel! Seen You ingame aswell, what do You like the most in Zenyte? Also good luck on Your path and a happy new year!
  7. Merry christmas everyone its 24th for me already!
  8. Let me start off by asking You the most important question. Why do You want to sell items that are obtained by playing the game? In my honest opinion, remove everything that is obtained from anything that is not a group minigame [Might have not players all the time for those minigames, which makes the equipment hard to achieve] (Eg. Pest control). What is the point to play the game when You can just buy Your way to the end? Add more cosmetics, teleport scrolls, XP boosters, seed boxes, pretty much anything from the loyalty/vote store, if You want to keep the business going ( TP scrolls should be either 100-200 credits [My suggestion 200]). Keep the ancient shards, crystal keys, herb sack, mystery box, ecumenical keys and sherlock's notes. Everything else that is obtained from actually playing the game, remove (EG. dwarf cannon, rune pouch, gem bag, fighter torso, dragon defender [Just looked up from ironman store, obviously use common sense for everything else]). The donator rewards are sufficient enough for people to keep donating and having a mystery box in there is one form of an items spawner. If You really are after more money, then make different tiers of mystery boxes. I saw someone considering dragon pick for MLM store. Do it! Overall, in my opinion store should be the place You can buy helpful items that increase QOL to a certain point, those small things or getting flex items that help the developers and people that manage the server keep doing what they love. Also as I stated above, what's the point creating new content and fixing old ones, when most people will just buy those items obtained from that content. You can even add more donator perks going even further from the top tier.
  10. OMG OMG is santa actually planning 100$ worth of bond for me? :O:O:O:O
  11. OK santa, Ive been waiting for this moment for a whole month now, pls drop me the present papi and ill be happy boi.
  12. hopefully gonna win this one today, pls santa I NEED IT
  13. What's on Your mind?

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