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  1. $10 bond = names change that way it gives staff an incentive to do it
  2. Group ironmeme! who wants to make one with me?
  3. Nostalgia warriors, instead of high alching all that rune armor grab your shiniest set and join me in slaying of Zenyte bosses. The only requirement is that you be in rune armor, plate, legs, helm and shield/or rune defender. All open slots you can wear whatever just remember the only armor you can bring is rune. You can bring the necessary weapons/protective shields to kill dragons/tribrid dks but you must stay in rune armor. Inventory may be whatever you want to bring. The only catch to this event is that you have been blessed, or rather cursed, with the blessing of big high war god and are unable to flee at any point. The only ways out are to die or if everyone runs out of supplies. (so remember guys share your supplies) We will change bosses every 1 hour or if there is no one left in a room to keep the challenge going! Boss list (in order) The Giant Mole The King Black Dragon The Dagannoth Kings General Graardor K'ril Tsutsaroth All drops are keeps, if you are lucky enough to get a drop you may use it for the rest of the event to showoff to the brothers and sisters who weren't blessed by high war god. Pvm Class will be the host cc for said event Event starts on January 14th at 19:00 GMT server time RVSP IN THE COMMENTS OF THIS THREAD TODAY! *In-Game Username: *Discord Username:
  4. I am a spoopy dragon! thanks for the awesome event guys
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