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  1. Should have added that in the beginning. Just edited the post, thanks.
  2. Understand where you're coming from, & I agree with you, but I am also a HCIM.
  3. As a player who enjoys all types of account builds, I find skilling to be one of my top 3 builds. (HCIM POV) With only low level Runecrafting talisman in the shop, and higher tier Runecrafting talisman only obtainable by PVM, I'd like to suggest adding higher level talisman's to the vote shop. Such as Nature Talisman, Law Talisman, Death Talisman, Blood Talisman. Price point around 3-8 vote points. Or if possible, adding Talisman to the random reward system for just Runecrafting. Such as the random reward for other skills, you receive Talisman for Runecrafting, instead of clothing pieces like fishing/thieving. Thank you for reading my suggestion & I look forward to seeing some type of other way to obtain Talisman for skillers.
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