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  1. YOOO Whats up boys, or men, my names blazedxboss ig.. I GOT TORAGS pl8 legs on KC 4.. WHAT ? FOUR on a HCIM. That is insane RNG, my defense stats are now through as this is the only item along with perhaps a dharoks legs instead as i have a torso. This early stage in the game of 99cmb with 220+ def in each section except mage ofc, is insane in my opinion. I am really enjoying the server and the grind involved with the easily leveling as i am x50 and do not have time to play as much as i would like! also x25 skilling is awesome and perfectly paired with the x50 for combat as well. If you made it this far thanks for reading my post and happy Zenyting! :D Please feel free to add me as i am very friendly and join my clans CC if you are an ironman or just a normal player looking for a good CC. = "Irons cc" Much love, and BEST REGARDS FROM USA, 

    IG; Blazedxboss 


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