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  1. Welcome to Zenyte fellow UIM! I decided to go with x5 UIM Skiller, i'm a skiller by heart and its the one thing I enjoy most. I didn't really set goals for myself, this was more like a side project whilst I was working on my normal skiller. However I grew to love the grind and the challenge as a UIM skiller. I might have started with the wrong skills since inventory space is verry limited, but I've managed to gather quite the skills and progression over time. My current goals though are: - 99 Agility - 99 Herblore - Agility and Farming pet. (May the RNG gods be with me!) Here are my current stats, inventory and looting bag: And ofcourse, what I look like in-game, cus nothing goes above some fashionscape. Keep on scaping!
  2. As I don't have much choice as a UIM Skiller, this is the best I can come up with atm. A bit of fashion in a green theme. Unfortunately the gnome scarf can't be green and the only green bow is a magic short bow, so this will have to do.
  3. I have opted for a moderate GE NPC owned and moderated by staff. This NPC can stock up the GE and it won't be spawned/giving away items. The items this NPC will stock the GE with are just your average items from Bowstrings to Iron Knives to well, you get the point. This way the GE will be stocked and GP will be going towards the moderated NPC. This will still keep the economy healthy and players will still have to do their own fair share to get gold themselves.
  4. Make a screenshot like the ones above if you can please. However, I do confirm you got the drop as I was in-game when you got it. @Mut
  5. Mining pet, already own one, hence why I dont have it following me sadly. Thought it was possible to get multiple.
  6. Stats and invent right before the rollback. Fletching was 400k into 98. so 806k away from 99. wc was at 30m xp @Life
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