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  1. Congrats @Passionyou were the first person to help me out with some issues when I came back to Zenyte, you’re very friendly ; definitely deserved, but sad to see some people go.
  2. Amazing guide, so detailed and planned out. A+!
  3. This is so nice. Brings some nostalgia, I remember having these signatures as a kid from that one site and it would look up your RS account. Very clean!
  4. Hello everyone, I go by Kharyrll ; I played Zenyte quite a while back and loved it, so I figured why not come back? I was looking for a good reason to resign from my staff position and join a better community, and this was the icing on the cake I was looking for, a better, more planned out server with a much better community (from what I can tell so far) I don't mind the banter and whatnot, but the constant arguing and talking to each other like dogs gets old after awhile. My main hobbies include skilling, while PVM is fun I always find myself enjoying the game more as as killer, I've tried every account build there is and I always find myself back on a level 3 skiller. So if you're a skiller in-game, let me know! Of course I'm always open to meet friends that aren't skillers as well. I hope to see you all in-game, and can't wait to meet you all. Thanks for stopping by my post!
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