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  1. Welcome to Zenyte, @Password! I wonder if anybody has taken the username, 'Username' yet. I shall see you around!
  2. Welcome to Zenyte, @Cheung. Congratulations on your first newborn, I had my first newborn arrive just two weeks ago, it is a blessing. Wishing your family all the best.
  3. Pirate

    New Crowns

    Very appealing, much preferable than the precedent set of crowns, as well as the commonly used set of crowns which most RuneScape Private Servers use on their forum. Belated welcome to Zenyte, @Shark. I am looking forward to seeing more website/forum work from you in the future, best wishes in your new role.
  4. Pirate

    Server Media

    Thank-you for taking the time to share some media with the community, it has certainly incremented our exhilaration for the release of the game. Edgeville looks beautifully designed.
  5. Thanks, everybody! I am looking forward to playing with you all.
  6. Welcome to Zenyte, @Naan! I was also a longtime lurker before I had decided to register an account. I shall see you around.
  7. Welcome to Zenyte, @killa!
  8. Welcome to Zenyte, @Nedim! I am looking forward to playing with you.
  9. Hello Zenyte Community, I am Pirate. I have been an active lurker since the commencement of 2018, and with just a fortnight away of the release, I cerebrated I would take the opportunity to register an account. I have enjoyed watching Zenyte progress throughout the time I began to lurk, and I have seen nothing but potential and success in this project. Round of applause to every developer thus far. I'm very exhilarated for what is to come, the release, as well as meeting new faces, and possibly reuniting with old friends. I shall see you all around!
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