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  1. O shiiiiiit lets goooo (not that I can even do it most likely lmao)
  2. Great ideas! None of these I see causing any issues with the eco or being game breaking. The lower rates definitely deserve some sort of benefit. As a side note I also support the lower ranks getting some form of special icon beside their names.
  3. Zenyte In-game name: Aaron Discord user name: Collector#2472 Timezone (UTC): UTC-5 Time Played In-game (Provide screenshot): *screenshot below* The team you would like to join: Skilling (Would join the PVM team once I get a few more of the required items) Reason for applying: Looking for a group of skilled players to chill and pvm with. Brief over view of experience: I've played zenyte since release and am really familiar with the game as well as osrs. Do you accept the rules: Yes
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