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  1. Username of current donator: 10x Kal33m1 Username to transfer donator to: Kam1 Amount: $50
  2. Hi Exel! Happy to see you're liking the server, I wish you all the best luck with your adventures on Zenyte, and remember, staff team is always here for you if you need any help!
  3. One of the favourite things about Christmas is this warm drink called "Glögi". It always reminds me of winter and Christmas. And sometimes it's nice to mix some rum in it, just to warm you up a bit better
  4. Snow, it's the snow as a "northern" person. Christmases without snow are dull tbh.
  5. Well this is a nice little event! Name: 10x Kal33m1 Mode: 10x Regular Number: 33
  6. https://youtu.be/dGWQqRyO8gA I've been listening to this song since when it was released and it's still a "banger", I really love it!
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