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  1. Welcome to Zenyte! Enjoy your stay and see you around!
  2. Hows it going guys? I'm very new to Zenyte, just a few days. (Wife loves it, gets me away!) Been pretty active, may have seen me kicking around in game but if not allow me to introduce my self here! I'm almost 32.. Been playing RS since its release back in 01, I started in October of 01, played till about 05. So I ended up completely missing construction and hunting, so I am 100% a noob in these skills still lol. Attempted to play years ago but just couldn't get into it as I had a busy llife. Tried again just recently and couldn't achieve what I wanted to in game over time with my schedule so I decided to join Zenyte! So far I gotta say I am LOVING the server! I haven't met one bad person yet tbh. I gotta thank Lowkee for coming by and telling me to take my armor off during a slayer task lol, felt like a complete idiot but hey that's what happens when you barely play for 15+ years, and slayer being a task released closer to 2005 I did NOT have time for that back then...lol. Anyways I hope to be a long term member here, just working on doing things that I haven't done before in game so if you see me around, say hey!
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