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  1. 1. Herb sack - Make it so you can choose which herbs to take out. OSRS doesn't have this, so there is no proper interface, but even chatbox dialogue would suffice. This is extremely helpful, especially for UIM who cannot just deposit all into a bank. Currently we have to empty, drop, and repeat - until we get to the herb we want. 2. Daily Skill Challenges - On each challenges interface add a "time remaining" since they eventually disappear. This would be helpful to keep track when players have multiple challenges and do them out of order of when they were assigned. Thanks for reading
  2. Yeah, the only reason I didn't suggest it dropping Ice gloves is because I didn't know how that would effect the current system of obtaining them.
  3. It would be nice to be able to mine this object (needing 50 mining & a pick axe) to be able to access killing these ice warriors. It's a very small update but would have a huge impact on my Burthorpe area locked UIM. Additionally, if you added the entirety of Ice Queen's Lair (going down the ladder) that would be nice. It would have more Ice warriors, Ice spiders, and you could maybe add the Ice Queen as a demi boss with interesting drops. Though, on OSRS she only drops Ice gloves, so making her drop table different than that could be up for debate. I'm not suggesting anything crazy though, maybe a similar drop table to Ice Warriors/Ice Giants, with better drop rates of certain items. Ice Queen's Lair wiki: https://oldschoolrunescape.fandom.com/wiki/Ice_Queen%27s_lair
  4. A few suggestions about Burthorpe area that would be very easy to implement and make it more of a 1:1 to OSRS. Also, since I'm a Burthorpe locked UIM account, these updates seem small but are very critical to my account. So I'd appreciate them being added! 1. Add Helemos' Shop to the Heroes Guild (https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Helemos) 2. According to Wiki, the level 47 agility shortcut on Trollheim is supposed to give 8xp. I don't know if this is true since none of the other shortcuts on Trollheim give experience. But if it's true, please consider adding this! That's all I've found or can think of for now
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