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  1. Got my 3rd one. 3.2k KC 1.6k DRY broken. Now on to 4th or bludgeon.
  2. Did another 600 KC off and on. Got a Bludgeon claw and an Elite scroll Atleast its something. Also adding my prayer XP Overall KC
  3. Hey Seeing as DEAD HC had a good run on getting his whip and my RNG seems to be lacking latetly, i thought i would keep you posted on my goal. I have had so far 2 whip drops. Had a blessing from the lord himself to get me a whip i could use the tentacle on really quick and then it started drying up. First whip KC 230 Second whip KC 1690 After getting the second whip i took a long break from abbys and demolished my Tentacle agaisnt cerb for countless hours. Now currently sitting at Im back at it again. The bludgeon update was after i got 1.7k kills. Soo soon to be 1k dry of any drop at all from abbys.
  4. Nice and clean guide for people to get started at Wintertodt. GJ!
  5. Boosted RNG? Good job man, you can skip black demon tasks now
  6. I suggest the pets not being a priority. Jakey should focus on some more important content
  7. Your name: H0ax Ironman Status: Regular Ironman Would you like this as your primary role?: Yes
  8. Good luck man, going to be hell of a grind.
  9. The stews would be a great idea to add. We still have alot of starting 5x and 10x accounts that could use the boost for specific skills.
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