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  1. October - Last Man Standing Event! Event Schedule date/time: Saturday, October 24th 18:00 GMT (SERVER TIME) Event Location You will meet with the Event Coordinators (Events Team) at Clan Wars near the altar. They will then add your name to the current attendees for the event and hand you the gear and supplies that you will be allowed to utilize during round 1. You can access this area by using the portal at home. Here is the location on the map of Clan Wars: How will the event work? The Last Man Standing Event will be separated into two rounds both having unique equipment and inventory setup. Once you have traded the Event Coordinator and gathered the gear for round one you will then enter the white "Free for All" portal and head north to the middle of the lava swamp. Once you arrive you will see another Events Team member who will be wearing something different than the event gear. He or She will then instruct the players when the LMS is about to start. Once the 1 minute countdown begins you will be allowed to run throughout the "Free for all" map. You will fight to the death with whoever crosses your path, trying to hide, team up or refusing to fight will not end in your favour. Note: The Server Moderators and Administrators want your heart to be racing during this event so they will be randomly teleporting to the participants and if you are found to be "hiding" or avoiding to fight an opponent they will be allowed to kill you. Event Rules 1.) If you die you are not allowed to re-enter until round two. If a player tries to disrupt the event by any means it will result in the player being temporarily banned until the event is over. 2.) You are only allowed to bring the gear and supplies that is given to you by the Event Coordinator. Round 1: The following items will be allowed in round 1: Helm of neitiznot Amulet of Glory Rune Platebody Rune Platelegs Rune Kiteshield Dragon Scimitar Dragon dagger Rune boots Barrows Gloves Team-16-cape Round 2: The following items will be allowed in round 2: Rune Full Helm Rune Platebody Amulet of strength Rune Platelegs Rune Scimitar Rune 2h sword Leather Boots Leather gloves Team-16-cape Winners The following player has won the first round and will be rewarded 500 store credits: Name: The following player has won the second round and will be rewarded 500 store credits: Name:
  2. Welcome back to Zenyte! Good luck on the hcim and it will be interesting to see how far you can go without losing that precious red helm.
  3. Love seeing these clue reward collections! That's some nice fashionscape you got right there.
  4. Welcome to Zenyte @Umbrella Hope you're having a good time and if you need anything feel free to shoot me a message in game.
  5. Happy birthday you caveman! 🎉

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      Ooga booga, thanks!

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    Both accounts has been unbanned.
  7. Amazing updates! The storage box is by far my favourite. A big thank you to the devs and QA team for the work you put in for these updates!
  8. It's been one hell of a journey, a huge congratulations on the achievement of maxing on 5x!
  9. Another banger from splasher! satisfying watching these videos.
  10. reason: Me and my friend binched this song when studying for my first ever university exam, i remember how damn nervous i was that very first time but i absolutely nailed that exam, and listening to this song now reminds that i'm capable of doing whatever needs to be done, it really helps with the nervosity i have sometimes working as a nurse.
  11. Hmm interesting so monkfish is actually faster than lobster, nice work!
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