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  1. Hi everyone! I know that this suggestion is a well sought out one just by looking at other projects and it seems no one either wants to take the time needed to complete it or they just don't see any potential in it. Today I am suggesting 200m capes similar to the RS3 "120 Capes". Everyone loves those bright colours with trails under the cape! Combat 200m capes will obviously have no perks and will be strictly cosmetic due to the simple fact that players could hold an unfair advantage over others. However, I believe that having these capes as a skiller could come in handy if you give them some perks with the capes. I believe that giving players this opportunity to grind for a very nice looking cosmetic with some skilling perks would be fantastic and keep players grinding and grinding toward 200m in their favourite skills. Just a suggestion and one I would personally love to see implemented in-game. I'm sure others would as well, so why not?
  2. I enjoy the contribution and thank you for it, however, I do believe a bit more information could have been provided. Thank you for this though!
  3. and application development
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    Holy heck, this is some amazing content. I never thought I'd be this... stimulated looking through a media thread unless I were looking at porn.
  5. Hi everyone! I guess I'm supposed to introduce myself here so let's do it. I go by Sapphira or Ruby, but I'm sure if people remember me then they'd remember me as Ruby the most. I just graduated university recently with my Bachelor's degree in Information Security. (the degree people who can't do math but love technology get, cause screw CompSci right?) I currently work for a small government building as an information analyst and I've been doing this for a couple of months now. I enjoy my job but my hobbies are what really turn me on. My current hobbies are simple. I'm a website developer and application developer on the side. I'm fluent in many different web languages and even languages having to do with Android development. There's nothing I love more than writing code, aside from eating. I never like to divulge too deep into myself and reveal too much about me but these are the basics. I really hope we can all enjoy our time together on Zenyte.
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