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  1. I get that zenyte is emulating as much as possible from OSRS, but this is one of the things they should not copy. we need proper death timers, not 2-3-4min but longer. This is the last place i want to be stressing about an accidental death
  2. Facts, people have no clue what anyone is selling. it's a guessing game, sadly. you could offer something for 1001gp but someone sells for 1002p.. gf.
  3. Username: SomMC and Iron SomMC What are your goals on Zenyte: Maxing on (x50) normal mode & aiming for top 15 on the overall hiscores Why do you want to join us? Why not another clan: Great community of guys, have been involved with in the past in numerous other RSPS communities, and am excited to continue our relationship Will you join our Discord: (If no, explain why): fuck yeah What is rule #4: Do not join another clan while being with us (Loyalty is Rewarded)
  4. Welcome to the community, Matt! Good luck on those accounts & looking forward to play with ya xo
  5. Welcome, I'm quite the gambler myself so i look forward to come battles xo
  6. Thank you all for the warm welcomes, i look forward to meet you all in-game tomorrow evening
  7. Hey all! I go by the name of SomMC in the World of Runescape. I have played Runescape for well over 10 years now, and RSPSs for over 7 years. Although I no longer play RS3, I enjoy private servers, whether it's the newer 718 or the OSRS type. I have already connected with several old members of previous communities at Zenyte! I have been monitoring the development of Zenyte for only a couple weeks, but I've become very impressed & excited with all aspects of the server and look forward to meeting all the Beta Testers as well as the new members of the server in just 2 days. Looking forward to seeing yall in-game. ~SomMC
  8. Good to see some more details of the server prior to launch. Thanks! Good luck to everyone for the giveaway (hope i win something @Nes )
  9. Nice guide! So only 2 xp modes? 10 and 50?
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